• Understanding Volumetric Weight and Actual Weight

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    Volumetric weight or dimensional weight and actual weight  are two conflicting and confusing terminologies as far as freighting is concerned. Seasoned shippers understand what they mean and when to apply them to customers cargoes. Shippers and customers who do not understand when to apply them could find themselves in heavy financial consequences. Shippers who took the issue of actual weight and volumetric weight with a pinch of salt would have to learn to understand them the hard way anyhow. The hard lessons could be learned in terms of payment of astronomical amount of money on cargo or through loss of integrity from loyal customers.

    The Difference Between Volumetric Weight  and Actual Weight in Cargo and Shipping  Explained

    Volumetric weight in the freighting world is basically taking into consideration the amount of space a given item of shipment will  take when put on the plane. While the actual weight is the measurable amount of weight an item of shipment weighs in  Pounds, Grams or in Kilograms. The standard measurement of a volumetric weight varies with  countries. In  some countries  cargo carriers measure volumetric weight as LxBxH (CM) Divided by 5000 while some countries measure it as LxBxH (CM) divided by 6000.

    Volumetric Weight

    Volumetric Weight

    In a simple and clearer terms however, an actual weight is the weight of a cargo when placed on a measuring scale.

    How Volumetric or Dimensional Weight could Determine How Much You Pay on Cargo Shipment to Nigeria.

    Many customers often think that they are being penalized by their Nigerian shippers when asked to pay for volumetric weight on their stuff. Customers need to understand that  it is not just their Nigerian Shippers who  apply volumetric weight on some certain cargoes, no . As explained earlier on, that the number of space your cargo takes on an airline determines how much you will need to pay.  Always bear this in mind that the heavier your cargo is, the better.  The lighter your cargo weighs the more money you will pay.  Let’s consider this two analogies. In some hypothetical situations a 24 inches box full of cotton bud which weighs 7kg might be costlier to ship to Nigeria than an 8 inches boxes which actual weight is 15kg.

    The following items will be shipped applying volumetric weight:

    Picture Frames


    Most stuff bought on amazon

    Toy cars

    Flat screen TVS

    Boxed plastic cups and plates

    Corn flakes and Cereals

    Vehicle wind screen

    Electric Piano

    Flip flop shoes

    Single Shirt and boxers

    Single hand bag

    Ladies Wig


    And so on. In short all items that are light in weight but occupies considerable amount of space.

    If you are going to be sending any of the listed items via air cargo at all, it is advisable to wait until you have stuff that are heavy enough this will reduce the volume in those less heavy items.

    See what we do at CTN to help you reduce the volumetric weight  cost

     As part of our mission and commitment to help you save money, we always implore our customers to speak to us before embarking on buying anything they aimed at sending to their loved ones or may be to sell in Nigeria. This is a step which could serve as a check towards misspending.

    As part of our speak to us first before you buy strategy. We  have not only saved handful numbers of our customers from rushing into buying decision but also saved them from cutting back on in frugal spending. We have seen in the recent past  some awful situation when certain people buy stuff only for them not able to send those stuff  due to exorbitant freight cost.

    Always send  light-weight but huge cargo by sea shipping.  Although the sea shipping option might sound ridiculous in consideration to the length of time it takes to get them to Nigeria. However slow it might seems be , the benefit in it is awesome. Averagely it takes Four to Five weeks for goods to arrive in Nigeria but I think it is worth the wait especially when the item(s) to be shipped are  light  but has a huge dimension.

    Speak to  friends, colleagues or relatives. Don’t hesitate to ask if they have ever shipped item similar to the one you’re intending to send. You never can tell someone might have an idea of the freight cost or the hidden cost which might be brought about as a result of volumetric weight.

    As far as integrity is concerned we have in its totality that is why we want to be your chosen shipper. The ones you have tried before disappointed you ? Try us because we believe when you try our shipping services just once, no doubt you will always use us again and again.

    Our shipping services is monthly. Visit our shipping page regularly in other for you to know when is our next shipping to Nigeria. Although  occasionally our shipping date could be changed, please this not due to us but  this is usually determined by the shipping line we do business with.


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