• New Upcountry Customers Please Read This

    Posted on August 23, 2015 by in Freight Forwarder, Resouces Page

    Trust is this company’s watchword. Our past and present customers can testify to this. Please if anyone has used our service in the past and you believed you’ve been ripped off maybe in the aspect of check weight etc, kindly let us know. Please don’t keep it to yourself, we welcome customers views and complaints.

    We are strong believer in the fact that distance trading and business can be done successfully anywhere in the world without a recourse for any iota of doubt and skepticism. CTN , Cargonaija live on the core principle day by day. That, our customers are our most valued asset and none of our customer has ever been ripped off since the inception of our business operation. Our customers trust us for this and we promise not to never ever deviate from this virtue of honesty and integrity.

    Are you a new customer who stumbled on this website and you’re doubtful of the service, maybe nobody actually recommended this company to you and you said to yourself “Can this be real? Yes it is real. We do not only provide you a cheap and trust worthy service but a speedy service too.

    —–Hum mm, What about Accurate Check Weight?

    scale images

    This is the most critical aspect and a rather challenging one indeed especially if we are new to this customer involved. I wrote a blog on this few months back please Click here to read more about check weight.

    CTN is not only the cheapest cargo shipping  provider to and from Nigeria in the UK,  our customers said that our speedy service is incredible from what they used to experience from their former shippers! You too can experience the same great experience. We have some huge list of  Manufacturers, Suppliers and Wholesalers which you too can benefit from, please see our resources page by clicking here. Thank you.