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Cargonaija.com is a site operated by Sure man Ventures Ltd (“We”); we are a COMPANY registered in England and Wales under registration number 06484353. Our registered office is 5 Keats Court, Byron Road, Wembley, Ha0 3NZ.  We have a standard size warehouse in Unit 1/15, Wembley Commercial Centre, East Ln, Wembley HA9 7UR



The website cargonigeria.com is owned and operated by the CEO of Sure man Ventures Ltd. The director has the vision to take the freight services to Nigeria , which is renown to be slow and traditional into a more vibrant and promising one in the area of fast delivery of customers items to their respective destination. The CEO has a flair and knowledge and expertise in the field of freighting by using  digital technology to drive his business passion.

17 Responses so far.

  1. wisdom says:

    Hi, merry Christmas to you please tell on how to go about in shipping some goods to Lagos Nigeria, since am living in East Looe Cornwall UK, and is not listed in your site here as where you can go and collect things to send..I have a power bike , treadmill gym,and like 5 to 6 cartons of female belts and wrist watches,please let me know if it is possible and how much it will cost me, meanwhile am looking out for container groupage…07741913250
    many thanks

    • cargotonigeria says:

      Merry Christmas to you too Wisdom. Thanks . Yes we cover Cornwall but we have closed for the year. We are resuming back 6th of January 2015.

  2. Winifred says:

    I have a bag of 12kg which I wish to cargo to Lagos, Nigeria. I live in Plymouth, Devon , United Kingdom. How can I get the cargo to you for shipment and how long will it take to arrive Nigeria.

    Await your reply.

  3. Babajide says:


    Do you do door to door cargo shipping from Scotland??

  4. Dorothy says:


    I wanted to enquire if you cargo from Nigeria to the UK.

  5. Dorothy says:


    I wanted to enquire if you cargo from lagos to the UK.

  6. kenny says:

    if someone send me phone from Edinburgh Scotland to Nigeria how mush is going to cost me to collect it

  7. Johan says:

    Can you give me price for sending 3 Ghana must go bags to Ibadan (by ship).
    Delivery of bags would be in your office in UK

    What is next shipping date in june?

  8. Taiye says:

    Good afternoon do you do shipping from Plymouth to Abuja

  9. kizituu says:

    Hello. Please do you ship goods from Nigeria to Bremen in Germany or from Bremen in Germany to edit state Nigeria. If you do what are the prices. Get back to me on this.


  10. Margaret Bertie says:

    I would like to send probably once a month a bag of 20 – 30kg from Telford to Abuja, can you give me a cost and maximum size of bag?


  11. Anthony Okewole says:


    I want to send 5 ghana-must-go bags to Abuja, and a tube of paintings. Dimensions and weights are below:

    The combined weight of all the bags is 101.2kg. I have attached the exact dimensions of all the bags so you can confirm the final quote.

    In total, there are 5 bags and 1 set of rolled up paintings.

    Bag 1:
    H: 64cm L: 50cm D: 40cm
    Weight: 18.5kg

    Bag 2:
    H: 35cm L: 82cm D: 47cm
    Weight: 22kg

    Bag 3:
    H: 24cm L: 57cm D: 57cm
    Weight: 16kg

    Bag 4:
    H: 48cm L: 72cm D: 52cm
    Weight: 21kg

    Bag 5:
    H: 43cm L: 80cm D: 50cm
    Weight: 19.1kg

    Painting tubes:
    H: 140cm W: 19cm D: 18cm
    Weight: 4.6kg

    Please email your response: anthony.okewole@ocabuja.com