Air Freight

We provide excellent service in the area of collecting cargo and delivering of your consignment  to Nigeria in timely fashion.  Our range of services include door to door cargo and freight to Lagos, Abuja and other parts of Nigeria.

All your items are well looked after, we don’t stake on any item you give to us and we ensure safe delivery of your consignment, plus our website is easy to use.

Any price we quote is the  price you will pay, we will not charge you any hidden fee. Above all we offer free pick up from any location. Whether you live in Manchester, Reading , Dagenham in London, our door to door cargo services to Nigeria is extended to you.

Are you based in Nigeria  and you’ve been wondering how you could send item from London, UK to Nigeria while you stay in Nigeria? our procurement service could be for you. What this meant to you is that you could source for any item you want to buy online, or you could request for Top UK wholesaler magazine which we will made available to you on request. You choose any item(s) you would like to buy and we will then cargo it to you anywhere you are in Nigeria. Or alternatively our procurement expert will assist you with buying the item at a charge of a small fee and we cargo it to you in Nigeria.


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    • cargotonigeria says:

      Many thanks for your inquiries. Just to let you know that we have acknowledged your registration on our sister site.

      All that I explained to your over the phone is the way we operate. You can still contact us if you still have further queries .


  1. Dami says:

    Dear Ola,
    Can I pay in Naira for whatever shipment to Lagos I want to make?

    Also what time do your phone lines open?

    • cargotonigeria says:

      Hi Dami,
      Yes you can pay in Naira. Our phone line is open from 9 to 6pm, Monday to Saturday. Thanks

  2. jerome says:

    please need a price on a 120×80 pallet to lagos by air, it is 200kg

    • cargotonigeria says:

      Hello Jerome,
      Our air cargo rate is per kg not by pallet. We can do Sea freight in pallet.

  3. JJ says:

    what is the price of air freight per kilo and the minimium kg to Abuja.

    Do you do door to door delivery??

  4. precious says:

    I bought some makeup products from AURORA COSMETICS 4 FOREST BUSINESS PARK, OSWIN ROAD,LEICESTER LE3 1HR UK. I need to cargo by air to nigeria. It should be abt 10kg. How do you get my goods and ship for me and what will be the cost?

  5. Oluwaseun says:

    Hello sir. I would like to ship a laptop to Lagos.
    weight of 5kg.

    measurment 45cm by 30cm by 7 cm box.

    what will the price be and what sort of lead time are we looking at?

    I am also in the process of sorting a company that will involve shipping parcels like this regularly.

    Are you able to help. Please email me as soon as you can.

    Best Regards

  6. john says:

    How much per kg for 530 kg 3 PCs roadmac equipment from Belgium to Lagos airport not door to door

  7. Biodun says:

    can you pick up from Belgium to various parts oF Nigeria? How much would it cost and how long would door to door deliveries take all over Nigeria

  8. damola says:

    hello do you freight from germany to lagos?

  9. Abby says:


    I have a Truck and some personal belongings for shipping to Ibadan, Nigeria, do you collect from Manchester and what are the charges, including clearing with the customs. Thanks

  10. laura denmar says:

    I need an air freight forwarder of agents in London who specialize in taking freight of personal effects from London to Lagos. Pick up from Ruislip and delivery in Lagos Nigeria. We have some personal effects to take to Lagos consisting of bedding, sheets and towels mainly and we want them sent by air freight on a door to door service.
    Right now i’m looking for quotes so need to compare companies for the best price.

  11. Ade says:

    I need an air freight forwarder of agents in Nigeria who specialize in taking freight of Food Stuffs sending down to Malaysia , i want them sent bu Air Freight. I need a Company with a best price of sending things easily down here.

    • cargotonigeria says:

      Hi Ade,
      We can only help your company send food stuff from Nigeria to the UK. We do not send from Nigeria to Malaysia. Thanks.

  12. Tunji says:


    Please I want to buy some items from gumtree, but the sellers are in different parts of the UK and they want cash on collection. Would your procurement specialist be able to assist with this transaction?

    Please let me know asap.


  13. odion says:

    i want to post a box to edo benin city i hae packed the boxes already how much is the price and how long will it take to get there from Greven Germany 48268

  14. Babalola Richard says:

    I would like to know the best freight cost for an airshipment of a painting of 130 cm x 190 cm from Belgium to Lagos.

    Thank you !

    Best Regards,
    Richard Babalola

  15. Mark Rhima says:

    I ve a tv and a window blind in Leicester that I want to air freight from Leicester to Lagos, plz kindly quote me for the weight below
    Height 117cm
    Width 37cm
    Length 103cm
    Weight 72KG

    Wall bracket
    Height 23cm
    Width 23cm
    Length 117cm

  16. wale says:

    have a dishwasher i need to ship to lagos. the dimensions are

    Height of the packed product 870 mm
    Width of the packed product 650 mm
    Depth of the packed product 680 mm

    and gross weight is 35 kg. can be ordered and sent to your address. please provide quote?


  17. Paul Wilson says:

    Please provide a quote for the shipment of 300 boxes of books, weight 6000 kg, from the UK to Kano. Can I pack the books myself into the boxes, or are you required to do this?

    Can you provide suitable boxes, and at what price?

    Best wishes,

    Paul Wilson

  18. kingsley says:

    how much to ship 55 inches tv air freight to be deliver in songo tedo lagos nigeria

    • cargotonigeria says:

      Hello Kingsley,

      We don’t take TV by weight. Please ring our office line for clarification. Thanks

  19. ebi egbe says:

    Please i have some personal effect to be air freighted to lagos on a door to door service, please give us a quote per kilo.


  20. Joseph Adeshina says:

    I have some items I want to airfreight to ibadan Oyo state Nigeria

  21. cargotonigeria says:

    Yes we do

  22. Titi says:

    Hello, I have some foodstuffs I want to send from Lagos to London. Please what would be the cost.

  23. Olugbue rocky says:

    We have a 15kg Cisco Reiter to collect from London and ship to lagos. How much is per kg and time duration it will take…