Air Freight to Nigeria

Air freight services to Nigeria from UK with cargotonigeria is at affordable rate. This  is our promise to all our customers. In relation to price, we don’t just equal any quote we surpass them.  Of all the cargo shipping company here in the UK, we stand out. Having network of oversea agent in Nigeria making sure our customers delivery in Nigeria is as quick as we have promised. We operate our own cargo shipping services in a unique way hence the reason why we  are better and stronger than our competition by a mile.

Our door to door air freight  cargo delivery services to Nigeria is not only extended to London UK alone. We cover all UK mainland and midland. We can collect item from Northampton, Cardiff, Belfast, Manchester,  Norwich,Birmingham, Leeds, Newcastle , Milton Keynes, Harrow, North London, Barking, Southampton,  Bradford, Shefield, and Derby.

If you live in any of these list location, we can collect your items  and cargo or ship it to Nigeria for you. You could benefit from our free up country pick if your item is up to 100kg and above. Contact us for a quote if you have cars, truck, or machinery to ship to Nigeria.

Please collection from  possible if you want us to collect from Northampton, Cardiff, Belfast, Manchester,  Norwich,Birmingham, Leeds, Newcastle , Milton Keynes, Harrow, North London, Barking, Southampton,  Bradford, Shefield, and Derby etc is Monday to Wednesday between 9:00 and 3:30 PM.


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  1. Roberts says:

    Hello Ola, what’s your cost for air freight to logos Nigeria. Please include cost of customs clearance as well.

  2. vivian says:

    i want to ship an item from wisbech, uk. i dont know the exact weight of the item. its a knitting machine. how much is your cost lets say the item extimatedly weighs 40 kg. thank you.
    btw, great way responding to customers question, keep it up

    • cargotonigeria says:

      Good morning
      Yes, we can ship from Wisbech, UK to Nigeria. Check our price list on this website, give us a call or request a call back.


  3. Benjamin says:

    Can you ship from USA to Nigeria and whats the cost if you do?

  4. kemi says:

    Do you ship to other part of Nigeria? I would like to know if I can have items delivery from London uk, to Ibadan Nigeria and how long does it takes? be shipping stuff that come to around 95-100kg generators, converter, pump and paints
    let me know thanks

  5. kemi says:

    “referencing my first post by kemi”
    will be interest in cost range and if you have a collecting centre…in Ibadan that I can just go and collect them when I arrive there

  6. williams says:

    how much will it cost me to ship car from u.k to nigeria. let say wolverhampton

  7. Stephen says:

    Hello Ola, Please could you give me a quote for a door to door in Ibadan, Nigeria from London, shipping 1000kilo, and when will get there, I realise that the prices do change.

    How long is the duration to get to Nigeria, and when is the next Ship going?

    Thank you


  8. Anthony Obi says:

    Please do you do pick-up from Stockport Cheshire. Thanks

  9. Joan says:

    Good evening
    I will like to know how much it will cost to air freight my items from Southampton to Lagos (Lekki). I am estimating 30-40kg as I am yet to even place the order.

    Alternatively what will it cost if i want to order the items and have them delivered directly to your address and you package and air freight to Lagos?

    Please get in touch as soon as you can as this will decide how and when to place the orders.

    Thank you

    • cargotonigeria says:

      Good Evening,
      We charge £3.70 per kg plus £20 handling charge.To collect from Southampton, we charge £15 regardless of the weight even if it is 1000kg but package should not exceed 30 to 35kg per box or bag for health, safety and easy transporting reason both from the UK and in Nigeria.

      If items get delivered to our warehouse you won’t have to pay the £15 pick up charges however the £20 handling charge is still applicable on top of the £3.70/KG rate.
      Thank you.

  10. folashade says:

    i would like you to order a shoe from and a clutch from much would that be and how soon can i get them in lagos

  11. Charity says:

    Hi Ola,
    Is it allowed to airfreight fire extinguishers, 50kg to Port Harcourt? Are there items not suitable for Airfreight? Also, do you have contact in USA.

  12. Dotun says:

    Hello, please do air freight goods from Lagos to London and if so how long does it take and how much does it cost.

  13. precious says:

    Hello ola, I have goods that needs to be picked up @ 4 FOREST BUSINESS PARK, OSWIN ROAD,LEICESTER LE3 1HR. It’s 17.6kg box. I need it by aircargo to lagos as fast as possible. How much will it cost me.for everything.

  14. Ayodele Simpson says:

    Hello Ola,

    I want to know if you ship from Istanbul – Turkey to Nigeria?


  15. Annie says:

    Hi, am loving this already. Whats the time duration of shipped goods as well as air freight.


  16. La Esperanza says:

    When you mentioned handling charge as £20,is it per kg? If it is, are you saying to send a kg of load of goods to Nigeria is £23.50? I intend sending goods of about 400kg. Can I get a quote?

    • cargotonigeria says:

      The £20 handling charge is a one off fee to pay on the entire cargo regardless of the weight. Give us a call for a quote on your 400kg goods. Thanks

  17. erus says:

    how much all together would a large box cost to ship to nigeria delta state warri . and as well how big is a large box

  18. Egena says:


    How much will it cost to send a 55-inch flat screen TV (Approximately 20kg) by air freight from Manchester to Makurdi/Abuja?


  19. Alexandra says:

    All this quotation I see here, is it door to office pickup? Or one has to bring the goods to your London office, let’s say I want to send a box to Nigeria.

  20. Victoria says:


    I would like to have 1 or 2 package sent to Ibadan can you pick up in Worcester?

  21. Austine says:


    How much will it cost to send a 60-inch flat screen TV (Approximately 25kg) by air freight from Birmingham to Lagos?


  22. Casey D. says:

    Good Day Ola
    Can I send 2 bottles of wellness product bought from a UK shop to your company for shipping to me in Abuja Nigeria?

  23. Joy says:

    Hello Ola, pls I have some items(shoes and bags a friend in the UK bought for me and I want her to send them to me to portharcourt (woji), Nigeria . My questions regarding this are: how can she get dem across to you? 2.can I get a door to door service 3. What is total cost of everything that’s to be payed 4. Am I expected to send her money to pay whatever charges on my behalf or can I pay all that I have to pay when I receive the package here in PH?.. I look forward to receiving your reply. U can kindly email me if possible please, Thanks a lot!

    • cargotonigeria says:

      Hi Joy,
      We can collect from your friend anywhere in the UK. We do not take payment on delivery but we give you the flexibility to make payment into our Nigerian bank account. Please be aware that payment is dependent on the exchange rate for the period. I hope this answers your question?

  24. Ezinne says:

    I have items weighing about 90kg to ship to Port Harcourt, ASAP.How much will this cost, customs duty inclusive?

  25. yomi says:

    how much is air cargo of personal effect to lagos and can i get box from you?

  26. kaycee says:

    hello ola,

    I just wanted to ask if you ship or air cargo from turkey to Abuja? if so what is the price range per Kilo

  27. sammy says:

    do you ship from malaysia to nigeria

  28. oprem says:

    I was send a laptop from my brother from USA in north carolina the clearance sent to me is written as this easy parcel & cargo am unable to track the done sir mr ola…. Due to my finding here on this site in thing he send it through this shipment service…. Any reply sir

  29. Hello Ola,
    kindly assist me with air freight rate from london to lagos and shipping rate for same.

    Also can you render shipping services at UK in case i have goods that need to be consolidated and air cargo to lagos at a cheap rate.

    thanks as i await your reply via mail.

  30. James says:

    I’m looking to ship some goods,
    How many weeks is the sea fright?
    How many days is the Air shipping,?
    What would 200KG cost?

  31. imieye robert says:

    Hi, i’ll like to get a quote for shipping a desktop computer and 24inch monitor both weighing about 12kg from Manchester u.k to asaba delta state nigeria

  32. Ekom says:

    I want to ship a TV 59″, 12.8kg, and 2 luggage weighing 25kg each to portharcourt, how much will that cost me?

  33. stephen says:

    One of my friend from uk as Already send me load, an i don’t know how KG is it, an i give him my full adress to send it to…Ibadan Nigeria, where am i going to colete it an Claim it…sir

  34. Henry says:

    do you air freight from nigeria to the uk and deliver door to door. My products are agricultural produce.

  35. Lo says:

    A ghana must go bag with microwave and other items max 40 kg…how much please

  36. Peter says:


    I wonder about the Nigerian customs. Do I pay them through you? Do you know what rates apply? I want to send a 38kg electric keyboard, not to sell but for personal use.

    Thanks in advance,


    • cargotonigeria says:

      Hi Peter,
      The money you pay here is all inclusive, including duties payable to Nigerian customs. The only extra which you need to pay is £20 handling fee, which is fixed regardless of the number of stuff you have. Many thanks

  37. could i use your head office as a billing address?how do u charge and where is your collecton address in lagos

  38. Miriam says:

    Please I need a direct contact here in Nigeria I need to ship a parcel from London to Port harcourt and I need a quote

  39. okechukwu says:

    i want to know how it will cost to deliver a sumsung s7 phone edge and a mini ipad air to Abuja Nigeria

  40. Omotunde says:

    You have on your price list that minimum weight to lagos is 20 kg. Can i pack this in a Ghana Bag for pick up at my door orit has to be in a carton? what are the collection time on weekdays and weekends from Brixton?

  41. Trishna says:

    Can u let me know the cost of brining 25 kgs from Dubai to Lagos all inclusive.

    Pls let me know what’s the procedure and how do I go about it..


  42. Bimbola says:

    Good day, is it possible i order items from a UK store and have them delivered to you, then you ship them down to me in Nigeria? And pls what are your charges for air freight and how long does it take to get my items?

    • cargotonigeria says:

      Hi Bimbola,
      Yes you can, please contact us before you send anything to us, as there is a code you need to be given. Air freight is 5 to 7 days to Lagos and 10 days to outside Lagos.


  43. Alexander says:


    I had like to know how much it will entail to send one MIFI from UK to Nigeria.

  44. Uwa Idele says:


    We would like to airfreight bags of firecrete weighing 2000kg. Delivered to us in Lagos, NIGERIA.

    What is the charge and how-long will it take to reach us here.



    I will have to like a quote for the Air Freight of ABB VARIABLE FREQUENCY DRIVES to Nigeria from Quantum Controls in Nothumberland, UK.
    Here are the details of the consignment

    a. 7.2kg x 500mm (L) x 340mm (B) x 585mm (H)
    b. 9.7kg x 520mm (L) x 400mm (B) x 645mm (H)
    c. 9.52kg x 500mm (L) x 340mm (B) x 685mm (H)
    d. 11.34kg x 535mm (L) x 400mm (B) x 745mm (H)
    e. 9.52kg x 500mm (L) x 340mm (B) x 685mm (H)
    f. 11.34kg x 535mm (L) x 400mm (B) x 745mm (H)


    I will have to like a quote for the Air Freight of ABB VARIABLE FREQUENCY DRIVES to Nigeria from Quantum Controls in Nothumberland, UK.
    Here are the details of the consignment

    a. 7.2kg x 500mm (L) x 340mm (B) x 585mm (H)
    b. 9.7kg x 520mm (L) x 400mm (B) x 645mm (H)
    c. 9.52kg x 500mm (L) x 340mm (B) x 685mm (H)
    d. 11.34kg x 535mm (L) x 400mm (B) x 745mm (H)
    e. 9.52kg x 500mm (L) x 340mm (B) x 685mm (H)
    f. 11.34kg x 535mm (L) x 400mm (B) x 745mm (H

  47. abubakar says:


    Please how long does it take to ship by sea to nigeria? is there any specific timing which is favourable for sea shipping?

    Thank you

  48. ADE FAMORIYO says:

    Can you collect from Jersey, Channel Islands? If so, what would you quote for 100kg of freight to Apapa in Lagos? How long would it take? If no collection from Jersey, where would be the nearest point of collection?
    Thanks for your anticipated response


  49. Celestine says:

    What is the cost from Turkey to Nigeria
    Diameter 60
    Width 100 mm
    Kg 15

  50. Shaba says:


    Please, I will like to ship a 2 boxes weighing about 30kg each to Port Harcourt Nigeria. Please, how much will this cost and do door to door delivery from Preston, UK to PH, Nigeria.

    Thank you very much.

  51. Khunmi says:


    I will like to know if you can transport laptop, camera and phone from Uk to Nigeria. And do you also operate in China as well?

    Thank you.

  52. Patricia says:

    Hi, Please how much to cargo to abeokuta and can you collect from blackheath, London. Do you charge for collection.


From: Ola (C.E.O)



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