Packing List

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For the purpose of mutual understanding and further reassurance, we advise all customers to send us a full packing list.  It does not matter whether you are doing sea freight or air freight, a Packing List is very essential. Why this? This is to avoid any argument of all sorts. Although airlines cargo providers all have sophisticated equipment that will reveal the entire content of a cargo at a push of a button, even with this, the need for submitting a packing list shouldn’t be skipped at all.

Download a Packing List, Scan and Email it to us

When you are ready                                         Download a Packing List Here.      You can download as many copies of the packing list as you want, in case you have a long list of item to freight. Once you are done with listing everything in your cargo on the parking list, scan it and email it to us at You can as well hand it over to any of our drivers or better still attach it to your luggage.

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