• Announcement- Please Read The Importance of Having Your Email With Us!

    Posted on December 27, 2015 by in Cargo to Nigeria News, Resouces Page

    CTN and the entire Cargonaija team would like to use this opportunity to send season greetings to all our old and potential customers.  Merry Christmas and Happy new year to you all.

    Season Greetings


    Importance of Registering with Us

    I have received scores of complains from many people criticizing why there are email forms all over our sites. Some said it’s a way of gathering sensitive information about them. Excuse me, “gathering sensitive information”?  I just want to make this clear now that the email form we are asking our customers to complete has nothing to do with the above criticism at all. The essence of the email form  is  for customers who feel comfortable  doing so, besides, completing this form has the following benefits:

    1.  In case of contacting you anywhere you’re in the world.  Some customers who are based outside London always say that they prefer to send us their collection and delivery address via sms text messages rather than sending it by email. While there is no issue with this right of choice but the only downside to this is that it could be of huge consequences especially when technology fails. An instance of what happened to our work phone most recently. Our work mobile phone was backing up and we couldn’t repair it, consequently led to loss of all customers contact telephone number and text messages on the phone. This happened at that time when our cargo had just arrived in Nigeria and we needed to deliver cargo to the customers having consignments for that week.  That it was easy reaching customers whom we don’t have their email addresses was an understatement. It was indeed stressful! Right as I am writing this message some customers are still unreachable as the only means of contacting them is by phone.
    2.  Those customers who subscribed to our newsletters via email do not only benefit from our occasional promos but also have unrestricted access to our huge in house resources. The ones on our website is only tip of the ice berg, it’s is nothing compare to what is to come. Honestly, I am not kidding at all.  The in- house resources have tremendous benefits, part of which we will be unveiling very soon.

    I could go on and on about the significance of customers registering with us. To shed more light on the question of gathering customers sensitive information. We believe our own email soliciting is optional but recommended. Upon completing the form, customers or potential subscribers are still given the time and the opportunity to think twice before  providing their email addresses , that is why we are using the service of world number one email marketing company. Their software allows customers or subscribers to confirm that they are actually permitting us to be sending them emails.

    We do not only respect our customers privacy we safeguard them.

    As a reassurance to all our customers and subscribers, please don’t fright as to whether your personal details could be  sold to some companies that would then use them for marketing purposes which is the non sense that some

    Privacy Respected

    organization indulge in .Please be rest assured that CTN and Cargonaija do not sell or trade our customers personal information. We have a very strict spam emails policy that is the more reason why we don’t spam our customers inbox with hundred of emails per month. Each of our email is worth the value in gold!

    On a concluding note, our year would not have been so resounding without all of your patronage. You our customers are our strength and we appreciate your patronage. We cannot thank you enough for standing by us even when it seems as though we are derailing from our promises both here in the UK and in Nigeria . Una Thank You! Ese! Daalu! Nagode!




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  1. chibaby says:

    I am expecting goods from UK, how do I know if it have reached your company here in Nigeria.

  2. mark okoye says:

    Will soon be sending a parcel through you. Do you have a warehousing facility in Heathrow or Gatwick airports?

  3. Lucky Amblessed says:

    Please really want to know the cost of shipping a laptop from USA to Nigeria.

  4. Ejeme says:

    I would like to ship stuff from London to Nigeria from time to time.

  5. Bello Ibrahim Olamilekan says:

    I need to cargo 25kg bag to nigeria from fujairah uae, what is the cost