Excess Baggage

Don’t get caught out as such with your excess baggage when traveling to Nigeria. Give us a call on 07939599370 or 07947475593 or email us at  info@cargotonigeria. You can also visit cargonaija.com which is the main website of cargotonigeria.com. We will arrange for your item to be picked up for you and we will freight it for you to Nigeria.  As a reliable cargo company in the UK, you’re sure of us helping you taking the heavy load off your chest. Cargotonigeria.com sister company of  cargonaija is number one cargo company in the UK. We take immense pride ourselves in providing a top notch excess baggage solution to individual or companies with their excess baggage requirement to Lagos, Abuja, Ibadan, Kaduna, Ondo, Kwara and other parts of Nigeria.

What item do you want to cargo to Lagos? Speak to cargonaija, we will meet up with your request.  We do not only assist with your excess baggage requirement to Nigeria, we also  provide cargo services for bulky item such as:

TVS to Nigeria

Pallets to Nigeria

Art work  for Air or sea freight to Nigeria

Computer Equipment such as Router whether for air or sea freight we will meet your expectations .

Even if your items are industrial good ranging from machinery or heavy goods to freight to Nigeria, we got you covered. We are specialist in freighting commercial items to Lagos, Abuja and other parts of Nigeria.

24 Responses so far.

  1. Ebi says:

    Hi how much would it cost to freight 60kg from birmingham to portharcourt, door to door delivery. in large suitcases. student discount

    • cargotonigeria says:

      Hi Ebi,

      Your item from Birmingham UK to Port Harcourt Nigeria will cost you £4.50 per kg x 60kg including £20 handling charge. Total £290, no extra charges except if your item is to be delivered to your home address in Port Harcourt. For further clarification see our price list here

  2. Elizabeth olowo says:

    Hello I’m trying to start a new business and I want to shrimp from America to Nigeria. If we want to send cloths and boxes. How much will it cost us

  3. Bola says:

    I have been trying to get in touch with you on phone but you was unavailable. I want to know how much will air freight cost per kilo to Lagos from Newbury Park, Essex.

  4. toyin says:

    hello, how much will it cost me to cargo 2 25kg boxes to abuja

  5. Uc says:

    Pls I want to know how much it will cost to send 9bags which is a total of 180kg to Lagos Nigeria latest by 1st week of December

    • cargotonigeria says:


      It depends on how you will like to send it. Is it by air or by sea? Whichever option you choose to go with make sure you don’t leave it till too late to avoid Christmas rush and unexpected delays.

  6. Uc says:

    Okay, which is cheaper and more reliable for that period. I will send it by middle of November to Lagos.

    • cargotonigeria says:

      It all depends on how soon you want it in Nigeria. Air cargo 5 to 7 days to Lagos. Sea shipping, 5 to 6 weeks to Lagos.

  7. KIKE says:


    how much per kilo to lagos and Abuja, from manchester.

    would have over 60kg for each destination.
    is this free collection?

    how long does it takes to arrive

    also the per kilo for sea

  8. akudo says:

    How much to cargo 80kg from London to portharcourt. I want to send it this week


  9. Ucheoma says:

    Hello, Please when is your next shipping date, I just got update my items have been dispatched to you but I’ve missed the 23 March date.

  10. Fadeke says:


    Could you please confirm if you ship barrel to Lagos?


  11. Michelle says:

    Hi I would like to send a relatively small package to lagos from Dubai, what are the prices like and how long will it take to get there. Also is it door to door, if so how soon can pickup be done

  12. Hy says:

    Please I would like to know if your payment can be done in naira

  13. Ben. says:

    How much will cost to 3 luggages, of 25kg each from Abuja to California USA?

  14. Ebere says:

    How much is 30kg luggage personal items to Lagos from Dallas

  15. patricia says:

    I am leaving for nigeria on the 29th of December, i have got excess of about 35-40kgs. Can you do a pick up at barking and How much would it cost to be delivered in surulere lagos?