• Labelling Your Cargo Part 2

    Posted on February 10, 2019 by in Air Cargo to Nigeria, Miscellaneous

    I have written about this couple of years ago and since the issue of labelling is still persisting, I believe it’s of utmost necessity to write about this again.

    Why do I have to write about this though ? I am pin pointing on the issue of labelling cargo, not particularly for customers using our freight services but for everyone travelling with both accompanied and unaccompanied luggage. The controversies brought about by unlabelled bags is enormous. This is a mistake from cargo owners which indeed turns a once upon a time “GOOD SHIPPER” to suddenly becomes a BAD SHIPPER !! .

    An incident occured recently where one of our customers sending stuff from Portsmouth to Nigeria had her bag missing. But before you put the blame on us please see the video below and see how far we go to prevent problem of unlabelled bags.

    In the video, I wrote the customer’s name with the marker pen I was holding just in case you are wondering that one of the bags in this illustration video had name written on it!

    Warning : Labelling Your Cargo is Very Important !!!

    This is our typical experience with customers who fail to comply with simple instruction of putting their names on their bags or boxes.

    We at cargotonigeria(CTN) did everything within our reach to look for customers bag but the customer in question didn’t help in the situation. If you ask why ? When we discovered some sets of unmark bags , I personally took some random pictures of the customers bag and asked the customer to identify if one of the unlabelled bags is hers . I asked her the simple question that ” Is this your bag, because it has no name written on it ” She replied with a resounding “Yes gave a bag like that” As we’re running behind schedule to meet up for that week’s flight I quickly presumed that the bag was hers. A few days later after the bag in question arrived in Abuja Nigeria which is the final destination. I got a call from the customer saying the bag sent was not hers. All attempt to find this bag after severally effort proved futile. Now the controversial hear say about where is my bag is what we would have to deal with . An ugly scenario which would have been averted from the outset has now become an issue to contend with.

    While it is our duty to inform customer to label their bags , yes it is also customers responsibility to follow simple instruction by doing their own part too.

    We are still in the business of getting your freight to Nigeria either by air or by sea shipping. Whether it is car you want to ship to Nigeria , we’re only an email or a phone call away. We now do air and ocean shipping from China to Nigeria as well Air cargo from Dubai to Nigeria , we do it all.

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  1. Olanrewaju says:

    Do you cargo car from London?
    I have bwm 2003 model.
    how much can it cost me both clearing?


    I want to send phone to abuja by door to door service how much is the fair

  3. Olorunfunmi Tejumola ilori says:

    Do u ship from dubai to lagos and how much for goods of 30kg

  4. Gracious uche says:

    I have clothes for shipping from Dubai to Nigeria and the kg is 50kg what is the price