Shipping to Nigeria

Sea Shipping  services to Nigeria from UK with cargotonigeria is at affordable rate. This  is our promise to all our customers. In relation to price, we don’t just equal any quote we surpass them.  Of all the cargo shipping company here in the UK, we stand out. Having network of oversea agent in Nigeria making sure our customers delivery in Nigeria is as quick as we have promised. We operate our own cargo shipping services in a unique way hence the reason why we  are better and stronger than our competition by a mile.

Our door to door  cargo and shipping  delivery to Nigeria is not only extended to London UK alone. We cover all UK mainland and midland. We can collect item from Northampton, Cardiff, Belfast, Manchester,  Norwich,Birmingham, Leeds, Newcastle , Milton Keynes, Harrow, North London, Barking, Southampton,  Bradford, Shefield, and Derby. Boxes can be provided at your request but be aware that we collect £10 upfront  deposit for any shipping booking made with us. We also do container and car shipping to Nigeria .

See our Sea Shipping Price List to Nigeria Below. The price quote below is for door to office shipping and Clearance to Lagos Nigeria only, additional charges applies to Transporting to outside Lagos. E.g Abuja, Port Harcourt, Benin, Ibadan and other state in Nigeria

Less than 50KG____________________________£1.70 PER KG (Office collection in Lagos only)  Shipping to other states in Nigeria is considerably higher.

100    KG___________________________ 1.50  PER KG (Office collection in Lagos) Shipping to other states in Nigeria is considerably higher.

1000KG________________________________________£1.00 PER KG (Office collection only) Shipping to other states in Nigeria is considerably higher.

42 Inches  Cartoon Box, Or Jumbo size Ghana must go bag  put as much as you want_________£80

Large  Box or 2 Jumbo size Ghana must go bag  put as much as you want ————————    £ 150

Pallet Shipping Rate       ——————————————–£650( Put as much as you like onto the pallet) Pallet Dimension : 100CM Length  by 120CM Breadth by 160CM Height. Pallet can be supplied on customers request. However customers are to make £20 deposit for pallet to be supplied this £20 to be refunded from your £650.

We can Also Ship Appliances  to Nigeria, See our Price List Below:

Small Gas and Electric Cooker_________________________£70

Medium Gas and Electric Cooker————————————–£120

Large Gas and Electric Cooker—————————————–£140

American Deep Freezer —————————————— £280

# Furniture and Sofa Plus complete oversea relocation shipping to Nigeria  please contact us for a quote  or call us on 07939599370 0r 07947475593.

Special Discount available  for student !!!

If you live in any of these list location, we can collect your items  and cargo or ship it to Nigeria for you. You could benefit from our free up country pick if your item is up to 100kg and above. Contact us for a quote if you have cars, truck, or machinery to ship to Nigeria.

Please collection from  possible if you want us to collect from Northampton, Cardiff, Belfast, Manchester,  Norwich,Birmingham, Leeds, Newcastle , Milton Keynes, Harrow, North London, Barking, Southampton,  Bradford, Shefield, and Derby etc is Monday to Wednesday between 9:00 and 3:30 PM.

Important Note:

Please door to door shipping to Lagos is £1.99 from 30kg to 99kg.

Are you looking for international Manufacturers, Suppliers and Wholesaler? Visit our useful resources page. 

Vast list of resources you can use for your business. If you’re abroad and you’re looking into exporting  wholesale goods from the UK, the resources will take care of this. Maybe you’re here and finding the right suppliers, manufacturer or wholesaler seems awkward for you, the resources will answer your question.

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  1. Abi Alayo says:

    I have 4 bags that weigh approximately 15kg each. Kindly give me a quote on how much shipping to Lagos would cost.

    • cargotonigeria says:

      Hi Abi,

      Our price is £3.50 per kg including £20 handling charge.If I will understand you, your 4 bags weighed 60kg right? That means you will pay (60x£3.50+£20) Total £230. That is from anywhere from the UK apart from Scotland and Wales to your door step in Lagos Nigeria. Additional charges will be added if your item is to be sent to Ikorodu, Epe, Badagry and Arepo area.

      I hope this answers your question?


  2. Jackie says:

    How much will it cost to ship things in a container like home appliances eg bed, couch,fridge,cooker and a whole house stuff? What size of container do I need and how much is prices for the conTainers according to size?

  3. Dipo says:


    How much will you ship a mercedes Sprinter van, long wheel base to Lagos. You mentioned a pallet for £600, what is dimensional size of the pallet, floor area and how high can the height be, containing goods.

  4. Ijay says:

    Please i have some boxes that i want to send to nigeria, enugu to be precise. And they weigh around 30kg each, and also a treadmill, i will like to know if you offer door to door collection and what the price will be?

    • cargotonigeria says:



      Each of your 30kg box/bag will cost you £4.50 per kg including £20 Handling charge.


  5. Emuvoke says:

    Hi there,

    I live in Southampton and would like to know how much it will cost to send some personal items for my family to Lagos Island and how long it will take to get there.


    • cargotonigeria says:


      Thanks for your message. We charge £3.50 per kg Plus £20 handling charge, that is door to door to Lagos.
      Scroll through our website to see our price list and see our rate for other destination.

  6. olufunke says:

    i want to bring in a cake mixer from uk with the weight of 12kg how much will it cost from gloucester

    • cargotonigeria says:

      Hi Olufunke,

      Yes we can help you with bringing your cake mixer to Nigeria. The cost is £3.50 x12 per kg including £20 handling charge. I hope this answers your question? We are looking forward to your patronage.
      Many thanks,

  7. Mariam says:

    Hi, jst to know about ya services, I want to know d duration of d sea shipping, and also about d excess baggage,

    • cargotonigeria says:

      Hello Mariam,
      Thanks for your inquiry.Regarding our sea freight services to Nigeria, that takes 3 weeks of transit time. This is excluding of the loading time, this could be another 3 weeks. In total you’re looking at 6 to 8 weeks from loading, transit to delivery.

      Our excess baggage is not different from our air freight services. However, we do offer express excess baggage services which takes 3 to 4 days of arrival to Lagos, Nigeria. Let us know if you need such service. Our price list on this website is a handy page to have a glimpse of how much we charge to respective destinations.

  8. sly bubu says:

    Hi..I just got your contact which I was told your company is one of the best..firstly,I will like to know if you will re-package my items when I bring them to your office because I don’t have canton to package them and im sending my items to lagos…Secondly,please I will like to know how many days it will take to deliver the items to lagos..The items base on children clothes and shoes.

    • cargotonigeria says:


      Thanks for the commendation. Customers are to package their items themselves. If you don’t have a carton to put your item you can put them in a bag or a Ghana-must-Go bag . All we do is to black wrap all customers items together unto a pallet as seen in the picture below.

      If it is air cargo, it takes 5 to 7 working days. Sea shipping could take up 6 to 8 weeks from loading to transit. I hope this answered your question?

      Goods wrapped on pallet

  9. Sylvanus says:

    Good morning, you have agent in Ireland Dublin.

    • cargotonigeria says:

      We don’t have agent in Dublin but we provide freight services from Dublin to Nigeria too. To find out more give us a call or send us an email.


  10. Imeh says:

    Hello Ola,
    A friend recommended your services to me and also insisted that i patronise your service with no other option. You are obviously that good at your job sir. Kudos
    I have two boxes weighting approximately 35kg each. I would like to know the estimated duration and cost of air freight and home delivery to Garki, Abuja precisely. Contents of the boxes are personal items including Childrens clothes.

    Thank you

    • cargotonigeria says:

      Hi Imeh,
      Appreciate . The two boxes weighed 70kg right? To Abuja it’s £4.50 per kg plus £20 handling charge, if it is air cargo. Our delivery to Abuja takes 10 working days.

  11. Damilola says:

    Pls how much would it take to get a 20kg carton containing clothes and shoes to ogbomoso nigeria?LAUTECH university to be precise from london

  12. Anna says:

    Hi. Pls wen u come and pick up here in London. Do u accept card. For at least up to 50 kg.

  13. laid says:

    How do I register to ur site, and what is d cost of shipping a box of 20kg through sea to Nigeria

  14. Terry says:

    Hi there,

    We are based in Kent uk can you recommend anyone in southeast England To provide this service or do you cover to this area ?

    • cargotonigeria says:


      We cover SouthEast England. In other words, we provide shipping and cargo services from Kent,UK to Nigeria


  15. Beefer says:

    Please could you give me your best air cargo and sea cargo rates for 1,500 kg books being shipped from London to Lagos? Thanks

    • cargotonigeria says:

      Hi Beefer,

      For your books weighing up to 1500kg we will charge you £1.40 per kg from London to Lagos. Please be aware, that is not on door to door basis. That is to our office at Surulere. We will charge you 3000 Naira extra to deliver the books to your desired address in Lagos.

      I hope the rate is ok by you?

      Best regards,

  16. chinelo duran says:

    Please I have about 1600 kg of clothes(approx. 80 bags and around 35 bales). Would these fit in a pallet? If yes what would be the cost to Lagos, Onitsha and Port- Harcourt. Thanks

    • cargotonigeria says:


      If you live in the UK please give us a call. You can request for a call back if you live in Nigeria. So we will be able to discuss and possibly work out a good deal for you.



  17. yemisi says:

    Please i live in manmchester, I want to send some clothes and shoes to logos nigeria, but you wrote on yr price list below 50kg is £1.70 and above 50kg is £1.40 there of,but I notice on the post you have been calculating with £3.50,is £3.50 for air freight charge and £1.70 for sea freight,thanks

    • cargotonigeria says:

      Hi Yemisi,
      Yes. The £3.50 is for Air freight,Which is goods we send by air while the former is sea freight. That is freight through sea.

      I hope this is clear enough?

  18. Jadesola says:

    Hi there, just a few questions please.

    *Do you pick up from Southeast London?
    *What day of the week do you pick up?
    *I will be sending some clothes and shoes and personal gadgets such as mobile phones and a laptop, do I need to pay extra for these?

    *Are the goods re-packaged, or once you’ve picked it up and I’ve sealed it at my premises,that would be it?
    *What payment method do you accept?

    You website might benefit from a FAQ page

    • cargotonigeria says:

      Hi Jadesola,

      First of all your suggestion is much appreciated.
      Now to answer your questions. Yes, we pick up for free from South East London. We collect all day except Friday. No, we take by weight. We do not repack for customers since we have scanning machine that will reveal the contents of the goods. We accept payment by bank transfer.


  19. Acholonu Ifeoma Queen says:

    Hi, I have 180kg of clothes to ship to Lagos Nigeria, how much would you charge to ship them by air and by sea let me compare both, how long to arrive by air and by sea. Can you give contact so I can call . Hope to hear from you

    • cargotonigeria says:

      Hi Ifeoma,
      Your 180kg goods is £3.50 per kg plus £20 handling charge (Air freight) By Sea freight £1.99 per kg plus £20 handling charge. You can contact us on 07939599370 or 07947475593. Thanks

  20. Bashir says:

    I have 30 rolls of Agfa films twitch total weigh of 169kg from kent, door to door to Lagos Island by sea,how much by sea and air? And what is the timeline?


    • cargotonigeria says:

      Hello Bashir,
      Our door to door Sea freight to Lagos is £1.99. While air freight door to door from Kent is £3.50 plus free collection and £20 handling charge.


  21. Acholonu Ifeoma Queen says:

    Hi, when are you loading and how long before it gets to Nigeria by sea

    • cargotonigeria says:

      We load every month. We are currently loading for end of this month. It takes 21 working days, precisely 3 weeks to get to Nigeria by sea shipping.


  22. Chi says:

    Hi, I would like to enquire about shipping cost from UK to IMO state/ Abuja Nigeria. I have a total of 100kg (4boxes). I apologise if you already answered this question in the trend above. I just wanted to be sure.

    P.s. I am a student as well (as per the discount 🙂 listed above).


    • cargotonigeria says:

      Hi Chi,
      Do you mean air cargo or sea shipping? If it is the former, to Imo state, it is £4.50 per kg if to Abuja Nigeria it is also £4.50 per kg by air I mean. By Sea shipping the price is £1.99 to Lagos all inclusive. I.e including clearing. To Imo state or to Abuja from Lagos, we charge in Naira. You will then pay 250 Naira per kg weight of your cargo. As you have specified above that your goods weighed 100kg, to Imo state or Abuja Nigeria we will charge you additional 25,000 Naira. In British Pounds that works out as £92 or thereabout. This will be added to the shipping cost. As a student we will work you a better deal. Please call us or request for a call back. Note though that all shipment is subject to handling fee.

  23. John says:

    Hi! I got your contact online, going by the comment I’ve read it sounds that your company is good. This is my first time of sending items to Abuja Nigeria, pls I will like to know how much it will cost to ship 10kg box containing mobile phones, And two box 20kg each containing new shoes.thanks

    • cargotonigeria says:

      How are you doing John? Thanks for your interest in our service. I understand that your cargo is 30kg in total, isn’t ? We have two services to Abuja. We do door to door or office collection in Abuja. Door to door service cost £4.80 per kg plus £20 handling charge if you reside in London. While we charge £30 handling fee if you reside outside London. Collection from office in Abuja is £4.50 per kg;handling charge also applies to this. If your item is up to 30kg we will collect for free! Feel free to ring us if you’re still not clear on this.

  24. Joseph says:

    Hello Mr Ola….
    How much will you charge to ship 24 Bales of compressed Ghana Must Go bags of 55kg each to ship to Lagos? My goods are ready & I live in Sunderland; can u collect? If your price & service
    is good, I will be shipping about 2,000 kilos
    every month… Cheers

  25. Enna says:

    I need to send 30kg worth of clothing items to Port Harcourt. I have them in a suitcase, is this safe or do I need to repackage them in cartons? Can you also pick it up as I live in Bristol?

    • cargotonigeria says:

      The shipment for November is done. Our next shipment is 25th of November. 3 Weeks of transit time to Lagos including clearing.

  26. Tina says:

    I live in Belfast and I want to send some goods 90kgs in total to Lagos. Kindly let me know how much is the cost and how if you can collect the goods from Belfast.


    • cargotonigeria says:

      Our service is nationwide. We can collect goods from Belfast but we charge collection fee, call us to discuss this.

  27. Benefit says:

    I have about 5 bags and 10 boxes that weigh about 20kg each. I will like to ship them by air to Abuja, using your home delivery services, how much will it cost me. I am currently in Pontypridd, Wales, UK

  28. Taiwo says:

    How much is the air cargo and sea cargo and the collection time to Ibadan for 50kg box from Dublin to ibadan.

  29. Omo Naija says:

    Do you pick from Wolverhampton?

    • cargotonigeria says:

      Yes we do. Let us have your address and we will be right there to collect. You may give us a ring or email us .

  30. Elizabeth says:

    I want to make an enquiry. is it possible to send some items to nigeria before 24th of December 2014.

  31. Dan says:

    I want to know the quote for shipping a 34kg bodymax spinning bike from Mainland UK to Garki Abuja, Nigeria

  32. Dolly says:

    Hi, good day, please do you send single items such as one bag, one laptop one phone etc. how much will it cost to pick up from Newcastle upon tyne

  33. Leke says:

    Hi Ola
    Do you help to cargo/ship items that are breakable, e.g ceramics to Lagos or any part of Nigeria? If so. Will it incurr extra charges?

  34. jane says:

    Hello , happy new yr … plus I hv up to 60kg worth of goods to be shipped to abuja pls can u give me a quote … Thank u

  35. Linda says:

    Saw ur site online and from d luk of pples review,seems u guys r gud.
    i’m a bit confused as i do have some goods of abt 10kg(must it be in a box or carton?) much is d sea and air shipping and how long does it take to reach lagos?
    Also u made mention of £20 handling fee which i’m confused on wat its for and wld there be free pick up in southeast london or do i have to pay?..thanks

  36. Femi says:


    I’m ordering some clothes from the UK, all of which I think would fit into a 42 inch carton box as you described above. Can I get a quote covering all charges and also what’s the delivery timeline?


  37. Femi says:

    I ommitted this from my question, pick up location is London and delivery is to Lagos.


  38. jumoke says:

    Hello I need to clarify some things with you. I have some stuff it weights about 1000kg all together but they are packed in separate boxes how much do I have to pay for them all together.
    also if decide to take a pallet can I put in my printer, tv and tape, washing machine and fridge or do Is there any time in this list that I have to get a quote for separately thanks.

  39. Betty says:

    Hello, please call you confirm how much it will cost to send 40 – 50kg of various items, including including baby products, to Abuja (door to door). please confirm how long it takes.

  40. Gene says:

    I would like to find out the cost of a 20ft container to nigeria calabar pls . thank you the items are in luton

  41. Fumbi says:

    i want to send a luggage weighing about 10kg,but i want to know how long it takes for it to get to lagos

  42. Wendy says:

    I’m so happy I stumbled on your website while looking for ways to ship to lagos and I M impressed with your feed backs. Please do you ship household items like, furniture and kitchen appliances like freezers and fridge? If so am I going to need a container or I can send them individually.? Do you pick up from Essex?
    Moving in a few moths and I want to know how to go about it. Thanks.

    • cargotonigeria says:

      Yes we ship furniture, freezers and fridges to Lagos and we do pick up from Essex. Contact us when you’re ready

  43. Olanipekun says:

    How much will cost me to ship a 20 ft container to nigeria containing spare parts

  44. Aggoe says:

    If i want to ship 2 big bags of crayfish from nigeria to norwich what will it cost me and i want it delivered to my house in norwich and how many days please.reply asap pls

  45. Manny says:

    do you ship to Port Harcourt? Furnitures and kitchen equipment/utensils in a 20-40 cubit container, from Newcastle?


    • cargotonigeria says:

      Hello Manny,

      Your question,”Do you ship to Port Harcourt? Furnitures and kitchen equipment/utensils in a 20-40 cubit container, from Newcastle?”

      Yes we do.

  46. Iphy says:

    please I’d like to know how much and how long it will cost me to ship a 30kg parcel from London to Port-Harcourt.

    • cargotonigeria says:

      Our door to door price to Port-Harcourt Nigeria is £4.80 per kg plus £20 handling charge. Office collection is £4.50 Plus £20 handling charge.

  47. Chinedu says:


    I would like to know how much it would cost to ship desks and complete office furniture to Enugu city, Enugu?


    • cargotonigeria says:

      Hi Chinedu,
      It all depends on the size and volume of furniture. Give us a call to discuss this more.

  48. Michael says:

    I want to ship 2 big barrels to lagos, but I don’t know what they weigh, I do I know how much you’re going to charge me?

    Also I keep reading your replies to queries that you charge £3.50 per kg while your website says £1.70, £1.50 or £1.00, please explain that to me.

    • cargotonigeria says:

      Hi Michael,
      Yes we do barrel offer to Nigeria, that is by sea freight. See our shipping page for more information. The £3.50 is air cargo price to Lagos and that has increased now to £3.70 . Thanks

  49. Osehi Akhaine says:

    Hello Ola,

    Please I have a shipment of 2 units of suits, do u pick and what the’s less than 5kg.from deliver date when can it arrive Nigeria.


  50. juliet says:

    I have 30kg bag i want to send to nigeria. Not door to door delivery. I will pick it up from your Lagos ofice. Whats the cost.

  51. Ben says:

    Plz do you shipping cars to Nigeria? If yes, what is the cost and procedures like volkwagon passat from london to Nigeria. Will they pick up?

    • cargotonigeria says:

      Yes we do. Our shipping rate is dependent on whether we would be do the clearing or just the shipping only. Also which method of shipping you want, whether Roll on Roll off method (RORO). Roro method means the car will be driven unto the vessel and driven off the vessel in Nigeria. The second option is to put the car in our container with other people consignments which may not necessary be cars.And yes we can collect the car from London if the car is drivable or you would have to pay £70 for recovering it. You can read more about car shipping to Nigeria by clicking here. Please feel free to contact us if you still have further question. Thank you.

  52. Ronald Terry says:

    Hello Ola,

    How much will you charge for 7,000 Kg Sea freight to Lagos and Transported to my office in Kano. Including Clearing and all associated charges Etc.

    Please contact me directly on my Email.

    Kind Regards.

    Ron Terry –

  53. uche says:

    Please I want to ship a barrel to Nigeria and a box to Nigeria. How much will it cost, the box(suitcase) will be 30kg . If the suitcase is by air. What will be the cost and if is by ship what will be the cost? As for the barrel how much do you charge by sea and by air.

    • cargotonigeria says:

      Check our price list for the 30kg box by air or by sea. See our shipping page for the price of barrel shipping to Nigeria.

  54. Dami says:

    Good evening,

    Further to the above posts, I have several appliances I would like to air freight to London to Lagos and I do not have any packaging… I was under the assumption that the company will collect goods, package and freight all goods collected. Are you saying your company cannot package goods at all or you can if required.

    Also,what is the cost if I want my goods within 3 days?

    • cargotonigeria says:

      Hi Dami,
      Our responsibility is wrapping individual customers goods. It is expected of customers to package their cargoes themselves whether in suitcases, boxes or in a Ghana must go bags. All we do is to wrap the package with a black wrap to keep the cargo away from dirt and rainfall damage. If your cargo requires extra packaging, especially if they’re fragile ones we will advise you to use bubble wraps or crates. We sell bubble wraps and crates if you request for it..

  55. onyem says:


    Please I would like to send two wheelchairs from Newcastle upon Tyne to Lagos Nigeria. One chair is an electric power wheelchair ( about 85kg) and the other is manual wheelchair. Both weight approximately 120kg. I am able to disconnect the battery of the electric chair and change it to manual mode for shipping purposes. Since these are quite large and require specific packaging and pickup, I am at a loss as to what to do. Please could you kindly direct me on how to proceed with shipping them and also can I get a quote on cost and shipping documents and delivery time.

    Thank you
    Newcastle upon Tyne

  56. Ugonna says:

    Hi we need to send living sofa to Nigeria from Dartford Kent. How do we go about it

  57. Humash says:

    I want to ship freezer to Nigeria Ilorin (Tall Freezer and short freezer). I want by sea how much will it cost me.

  58. chidindu says:

    I want collect my electronic like laptop amd iphone from bristish embassy to imo state help me plz

  59. akin says:

    please how much will it cost to ship a 45 pounds box from illinois to abeokuta nigeria and how many days will it takes

  60. kayode says:

    I have a 48 inches flat screen tv weighing about 12kg and I need to send it to lagos,Nigeria.please send me your contact number as I am not in the uk.

  61. Keepingitcutebybee Bolaji Oyediran says:

    Hey. Please I want to send a box which weight is 10.2kg from Durham. Please how much does this cost and how do I know I’m not going to be duped?

  62. Alex says:

    Hello Ola,

    Can you kindly provide the cost to ship a projector screen door-to-door Milton Keynes(UK) to Ikeja (off Obafemi Awolowo way) Lagos

    See Dimensions below:
    80″ 163cm(w) X 122cm(h) x 12cm (d) screen APPROX 185CM WIDTH WITH CASING.

    A prompt response will be appreciated..

  63. temmy says:

    Hi, I will like go for that 42inchs box full of items. How soon can you come for it. I live in Chester. Thank you

  64. joanne says:

    Hello can i ask if you ship van?If yes can i ask how much it will cost me to ship a 2008 58 VAUXHALL MOVANO 3300 2.5 CDTi to lagos nigeria..

    • cargotonigeria says:

      Yes we ship van . Are we doing the clearing or you want it done by Roro, that is to put it on the ship? Please let us know.

  65. samantha says:

    HI, i want to send to suitcases to port harcourt. they both weigh 30kg each and i would like door to door service.

    • cargotonigeria says:

      Hi Samantha,
      Our current door to door price to Port Harcourt is £4.80 plus E20 handling charge. Free collection if you live in London and your item is up to 30kg. There is £15 collection charge if we are to collect outside London including Kent. Please feel free to contact us if you,re still not clear about anything else.

  66. Kike says:


    I have good weighing 25kg in total however they are fragile. To go to Lagos from Manchester. What would be the cost roughly.

  67. Dipo Davies says:

    How much will it cost for freight by air ofmagazines weighing 1500kg from london to lagos door to door? How long will it take to get to Lagos?

    • cargotonigeria says:


      Please see our price list. You could be eligible to some discount based on the weight of the cargo.

  68. lalaurabeautyma says:

    I have my goods with rayburn trading Manchester.
    How long does your shipping takes to lagos.

    your swift response will be highly appreciated

    thank you

    • cargotonigeria says:


      Our shipping takes 4 weeks including clearing to Lagos. Other states is 5 weeks. Air cargo is 5 to 7 working days to Lagos, Ogun state, Oyo state, Kwara state and Ekiti State. Other states is 10 working days.

  69. mike says:

    i want to ship two small parcel weighing about 1Kg each coming to Lagos , do i have to pay £20 for handling charges? and can i purchase from an online vendor and have them send it to your office for onward shippment to nigeria

  70. Olalekan Ogundapo says:

    Hi Mr Ola,

    Please how much will it cost to ship two cars? A Golf 3 and a Nissan Almera Tino.

    Also, kindly let me know the duration.

    You can please inbox me on “

    Thank You

  71. Yemi says:


    I’ll like to ship my mum’s things from Norwich to Lagos, they are about 2 boxes worth of items, 23kg eack (I guess that makes 64kg).

    How much will that cost and how long will it take?

    Also can I have a number to reach you on?


    • cargotonigeria says:

      The rate by air to Lagos is £3.70 per kg plus £20 handling charge. £15 standard collection fee is also chargeable from Norwich.

  72. Modupe Onile-Ere says:

    I would like to know the cost of a 20foot container to ship student going back home stuff. the price should include the clearing of the storage from London. Please give me the details of your contact in Lagos. Thank you.

  73. Olanike says:

    Hello Ola,
    Hope you are good sir.
    I will like to know if you collect items from Sheffield, UK (or any other place close) or I will need to bring it to London. I have about 30kg items I want to send to Nigeria, OAU Ile-Ife precisely. Would you please tell me how to go about it and what it will cost me to get it there. Thank you.

  74. Ade says:

    Please do you cheap from Nigeria to UK
    and whats your quotation if so
    many thanks,

  75. Ade says:

    ship i meant not cheap lol

  76. Rich says:

    I have two 24-inch display screens I would like a door delivery to Port Harcourt. I’m not exactly sure what their weight is but their dimensions are approximately 57cm by 46cm by 20cm each. How much would it cost me?

    Also i would need to send a box along with them of probably between 30KG to 40KG in weight. I see you offer student discount. I’m just a returning student.

    Awaiting a response ASAP.


  77. prachi39 says:

    The first step should always be to check the reputation of the car shipping business when you are considering using the services of vehicle shipping. Thanks for sharing.

  78. Kemi says:

    Do you ship form Ireland please and what is the rate

  79. Kemi says:

    Mr Ola,

    Do you also ship to Ireland from Lagos and what is the rate for that

  80. Deeman says:

    Please, what is the minimum weight you can ship to Lagos because I am just trying to buy a small toy for my son. Less than 2kg? Can I buy from Amazon to your address?

    best regards

  81. Obireh says:

    Do you ship from And how much does it cost to ship a ps4 (48.2 x 34 x 11 cm; 4.3 Kg)?

  82. Precious says:

    Good evening,

    I have 3 bags weighing 75kg I would like to know if the handling fee would be 20 pounds for all or for each, I would like to know the current rate by air to pick up at your Lagos office. Lastly I would like to know how payment would be made. Please I need to cargo this asap. Thanks

    • cargotonigeria says:

      The current rate for air cargo is £3.70 per kg. The £20 handling charge covers the 3 bags. We accept payment by bank transfer or by paypal. Thanks

  83. inem says:

    Hi, pls i want to ship(by sea) an 11kg item from Manchester to lagos.wats the cost for door to door and office pick up.tnx

  84. bokuidus says:

    I live in London and I wanted to no the price for shipping a xbox360 pro game console with the accessories to Nigeria by air

  85. ihsan says:

    Hi.Please how much is collection from Nottingham? For 50kg items?
    Thank you very much.

  86. Ugochukwu Nkwocha says:

    I have 20 packs of Rockwool to ship to Port Harcourt, Nigeria. Each bag weighs 17.28kg, so total weight is 345.6Kg. Items will be delivered to you by the supplier. Please give a quote for sea freight from UK to Port Harcourt

  87. Taiwo says:

    I want to send an iphone to lagos how much will you charge and can you offer express service for the item am in dalston.

  88. Bee says:


    Please i would like to know if you can pick a package up from gravesend to Lagos Nigeria

  89. Abs says:


    I would like to send some personal items to Nigeria most likely a 20ft container full. can you give me an idea of what the costs involved would be for landing in Lagos and separately cost of delivery to Abuja if you offer these service. Thanks

    • cargotonigeria says:

      The cost of sending a container to Nigeria all depends on the following:
      1) The loading point. Are we to bring a container over to your place? Or the container is already loaded? If we are to bring the container to your place, the cost will be considerably higher. If we bring the container to your location, the cost will also still depends on where? The cost of bringing it to an address in London is something in the region of £600 for the container alone apart from haulaging and shipping the container. To bring a container to outside London relatively higher, which is dependent on where to bring it to.

      Please also note that the container can only be at your choice of loading location for only 3 days. Manpower needed to load the container also has a cost element to it, which is added to the charge. Six people are needed to load a 40ft container.

      The price you will pay for the container is also depending on the content of the container.

      Please let us know all this option, you can email us or send us your number so that we can discuss this more.


  90. Rossi says:

    Hi, i wish to know when you are loading and how long it takes you to send a shipment to Nigeria because i have had a bad experience with two different shippers. I have two cartons i wish to ship to Lagos and they contain personal items and cosmetics.


    • cargotonigeria says:

      Our next loading is 17th of September. This is not the cut off date though, you can bring your cargo to us anytime from now to actually meet up with the shipping date. The earlier we have the cargo, the better as space is allocated on first come, first serve basis.

      Sorry to hear about the awful experience with those two previous shippers. Try our service we are indeed the game changer, you will see the difference in shippers, we have the quality factor as far as shipping and cargo to Nigeria is concerned.

  91. Hi, I’ve been going through your site and reading comments… I’m really impressed!

    Please, when is the next shipment leaving, after the one scheduled for the 17th of September?

    Pls kindly confirm the shipping cost of 50kg from London to Festac, Lagos.

    How many days notice period do you require in order to come pick up from my address in NW

    Pls kindly confirm that it does take 3 weeks for shipped items to arrive at their destination ( Lagos)?

    Most importantly, is there any sort of insurance in place that guarantees the safety of our (custoners’) goods.

    And lastly, are there any prohibited items?

    Thank you.

    • cargotonigeria says:

      Hi Ebele,
      See the shipping date on this website. We require a 24 hour notice to arrange cargo collection . Shipping takes an average of 4 to 5 weeks to arrive destination from the shipping date. See our terms and conditions regarding your goods insurance. Click here for quick access to our terms and condition. Thanks for your inquiries.

  92. Chike says:

    I need a total breakdown of all your prices from London to Nigeria (all states) by sea and air.
    All container size prices and pallet prices (approx). I need to know how much weight is limit, how much i start getting discounted on, everything.
    Also can you move cars? ro-ro prices and container prices please.
    Basically, your whole price structure.
    I might indeed begin using yourselves as my main shipping source for my business so please be accurate with your prices and include them all. Please e-mail the price list to me asap.

  93. Peter says:

    Hello I will like to know the price for shipping 18 bales of ousted clothes to nigeria to be picked up from Birmingham.

  94. Damilola Balogun says:

    The service was really great. Wonderful reception from the staffs. My luggages got to me in good condition, everything was intact. Thank you.

  95. Daniel says:

    Does your pick-up service extend to Aberystwyth mid Wales? I plan to ship house contents but not entirely. I am not sure what size of container will be required, a 20ft container would be too big, is there a smaller container that one can use?

    • cargotonigeria says:

      Hi ,
      Yes our pick up is extended to Wales but we do charge to collect from Wales. Regrading your shipping request, we can allocate a space for you in our container that will accommodate all your stuff. Kindly give us a call to discuss this further.


  96. Emeka says:

    Please, how much will it cost to ship a 30kg valve from 9, The Galloway ctr, Newbury, Berks, RG14 5TL to Portharcourt Nigeria?

  97. Bee says:

    I used your service sometime last month and i must say i got an eagle speed delivery. It was from Manchester to lagos Nigeria. It took exactly 5 days. I think i already gave a review about that.

    I tried again with that enthusiasm but im somewhat disappointed this time as i gathered it will take another week for my stuffs to arrive. I however commend the fact that you called to apologise for the delay. Im however hoping that the delivery will arrive in Nigeria this week as promised as i am in dire need of them

    • cargotonigeria says:

      Thanks Bee for your honest reviews of our service.

      The slight delay which we had concerning your last freight was owing to the delay caused by the carrier. Such delays which we clearly spelt in our terms and conditions are occasionally inevitable as a lot of factors could hinder airline from flying as scheduled, such factor was the cause of the 4 extra days delay in getting your freight to its destination. We sincerely apologize for that. Please see this except from our T&C
      T and C

      • bee says:

        My items were delivered today . Pls keep up the good work and the excellent customer service. I was actually expecting the delivery of the items on saturday. You have one really impressed customer here. Pls keep up the good work.

  98. Doyin says:

    Hello, I need help with getting a box weighing 14kg delivered to Lagos. The box is currently with my former shipping agent located in Liverpool central.
    Is pickup possible and at what cost please?

  99. Chris says:

    I want to bring in furniture from Uk. It comes as package to be assempled. 2 packages, one 14..5kg and the other 27.5kg. Kindly provide your sea freight delivery cost for this. thanks

  100. Olayemi Awoniyi says:

    Hello, pls i want to cargo to nigeria from basildon in uk but its about 20kg i want to knw if u wld pick up from Basildon,d total price for dat n also can i pay from nigeria n ur location in Nigeria.Thanx

  101. Yakub says:

    Please do you collect from Cambridge?

  102. Taiwo says:

    Hello Ola,

    I would like to ship a luggage from NW London to Lagos
    15Kg what is the charge per kilo? And how many days does it take to arrive Lagos?
    Hope to hear from you soon.

  103. Remi says:

    How much will it cost for shipping 2x 50 inch TVs.

  104. Ajonibode Damilola says:

    i want to ship to abuja nigeria, i was wondering if you have an office there for collection or you only provide door to door delivery for abuja? i also dont know the weight of my goods so, do you measure it before we pay? if you do have an office, how much does it cost for abuja collection?

  105. Joey says:

    Please I would like to k ow how much and how long it will take to send some of my items to Abuja, some of these will be ordered and sent straight to any of your offices here in uk to make things easier, while the rest will be brought to your office in Newcastle.
    I would like to send a bed-side fridge weighing 14kg, a narrow speaker weighing 6.2kg, and few car parts(exhaust and manifold) of weights i dont know yet but cant be more than 30kg for both. So lets say we looking at a total weight of about 65kg at the end of the day. Thanks.

  106. Jerome says:

    How much will it cost to send 40inches LG tv to warri delta state Nigeria. Thanks .

  107. abbey says:


    I want to send 2 Nissan micra which it’s head and all doors removed and put into container, how much will this cost me please.

  108. Dammy says:

    After 21st of November when are you shipping next and how soon you can collect from Manchester

  109. Grace Ejemai says:

    Good Day Sir,
    please how much will cost to send this product from Stirling, Scotland to Lagos,Nigeria.

    Below are the details

    BRATT PAN,FALCON,F524378,8.82kW,400V 1Qty
    Type:BRATT PAN
    Model: E2994
    Capacity, oil – 21 l
    Power rating -8.82 kW
    Voltage rating – 230 Vac
    400 Vac
    Current rating: 12.8 A (PER PHASE)
    Weight : 165 kg
    Depth (mm):770
    Height (mm):870
    Width (mm):900

  110. Moses says:

    I have one parcel to send to Lagos from South East London. Its 30cm by 20cm by 20cm and weighs approximately 4.5kgs.

    How much will it cost and will you collect?

    Also how long would it take?


  111. Clara says:

    I want to airfreight some load to lagos and i want it delivered at an office in lagos island. How do you charge.

  112. Tee says:

    I would like to ship 80kg from Brighton to Lagos. Do you pick up from there and when is the next departure date.

    • cargotonigeria says:

      Do you want it by air or by sea?

      By air is a week to Lagos. By sea is 6 weeks to Lagos

      Please check or price list. We charge £15 to collect from Brighton and £20 handling charge


  113. seye says:

    I am looking at shipping used fridge-freezer and used sofa set (3seater+2seater+1seater) to Lagos or Ilorin.
    Pls advise on the cheapest option?

  114. Ann says:

    I am wanting to buy and ship kitchen cabinets. Is this possible? From SE London to Enugu.

    Can they be shipped as they arrove from supplier. Also can I jave supplier send direct to you for shipping?

  115. Babycakes says:

    Please do you ship from turkey to lagos?

  116. Chiago says:

    Hi, Do you collect from Wolverhampton. also is sea freight price difference from air freight?

  117. Doris says:

    Hi pls my parcel are in two places Hornsey and Andrew road london I don’t if it’s possible to pick up and secondly do u guys move everyday

  118. Chi says:

    Please I live in south west UK (Exeter, Devon) it seems you don’t pick up from here . Please kindly confirm how you can help me ship stuff to Abuja. Thanks

  119. ayodeji says:

    Please my wife wants to send me some cloths that will wath 50kg from US to lagos how much will it cost please for her and am I to pay to collect it when is here in lagos?

  120. Cate says:


    Do you pick up from Luton?
    How much will shipping cost from UK to Warri, Delta State by air freight?

  121. Ezekiel says:

    I am just wondering if you can pick up items from Preston. How much would it cost to send items to Makurdi by Air or Ship.

  122. Reggie says:

    I really dont have the idea of the weights, so could u please estimate how much it would cost me to freight a set of complete leather made furniture, a 32-inch TV, and 5 KG washing machine to Lagos, Apapa. Thanks

  123. Nike says:

    Hi. I just wanted to confirm if you still ship from wolverhampton and if there is any additional fee. Thank you.

  124. Nike says:

    Hi. I just saw u still ship from wolverhampton but please confirm if there is any additional fee. Thank you.

  125. Lisa says:


    Please could you tell me the price to ship a corner sofa!
    A 3 and 2 seater sofa
    King size bed
    Gas cooker
    American style fridge freezer

    To Lagos (festac)

    Please could you give me individual prices and also a price for all

  126. Melunwa says:

    Hi.Do you have any office in Glasgow or do you pick up from Glasgow.I want to send some clothes from there down to Nigeria
    please can i know the total price of delivering the clothes to Onitsha in Nigeria by air or sea.Thank you

    • cargotonigeria says:

      Yes we can collect from Glasgow. To deliver to Onitsha by sea, we charge £2.99 for door to door and £2.70/kg if your goods is less than 50kg, £2.50 for 50kg upward. Remember, the more you ship, the cheaper it is. Please note that the above quote is for sea shipping . The price for air freight is higher. Please see our price list for price quote to respective destination.

  127. Mr Kalu says:

    I am relocating back to nigeria and I want to the cost of shipping a 20ft container loaded with my personal effects including furnitures and appliances to abia state. door to door

  128. Obembe Music says:

    I have bales of total 100kg used clothes to ship form UK to Nigeria. How long will it take to post by your sea fright?

  129. Tolu says:

    I wanted to find out if you collect from Sutton Surrey to deliver to Ibadan?? How much will it be as well.

  130. Fidel says:

    What is the quote to send an American Style fridge freezer to Lagos, door to door

  131. ade says:

    Kindly get back to me on my email on how I can ship an American fridge-freezer from Ireland to Lagos with your company. Thanks.

  132. Patrick says:

    I would like to know if your flight could book two set of LED televisions of 50″ long each with my luggage to Nigeria. if possible, I would like to know the condition attached to this particular situation.

    Best Wishes

  133. ishmael says:

    I’ve got a windows Tablet to ship from JHB to Nigeria. How much can it cost?


  134. kayode says:

    Hi,please I want to know how much will it cost me to shipp a sallon peugot 407 from UK to Lagos Nigeria, pls assap

  135. james says:

    How much to ship door to door to kano and how long does it takes ?

  136. Bayode Joseph Olosunde says:

    Good day I will like to ship 10 bale of clothes to Lagos and Abuja each. Each bale is 55kg.
    1. To Abuja
    2. To Lagos

    550* 2.

    Cost of clearing?

    How much will it cost me

    • cargotonigeria says:

      The cost of shipping to Clearing is £70 per bale based on the quantity you have. This however is subject to further reduction if more than 10 bales. Thank you.

  137. Saleh says:

    I will like to know how much it costs to ship 50 kg goods door to door to minna and when is the date of shipment for this month and the estimated weeks to arrive. In addition, I am a student.

  138. Obiora Ezeasor says:

    I want a quote to carry a vehicle to Lagos, Audi Estate A6 2003 and a mercedes ML320 2001. I am in Birmingham UK

  139. Akin says:

    Hi I want to ship a washing machine to Nigeria. Please, I would want to know how much it will cost and how long it will take. Also, I will want to know if there are any addition costs for customs or your fees will include delivery to the person’s doorstep.

  140. Akin says:

    And, I am shipping from England.

  141. Oaenny says:

    do u collect from Wolverhampton pls.
    And wats the cost for shipping 50kg

  142. Oaenny says:

    do u collect from Wolverhampton pls.
    And wats the cost for shipping 50kg to lagos

  143. Oladipo Bammeke says:

    How much could you ship a Honda Civic from Worthing to Lagos Nigeria

  144. Abigail says:

    I want to buy and ship Instant Pot Duo. The weight is 5kg. Destination Portharcort. What is the cost, please

  145. Buka says:

    Hi there,

    I have couple of books packaged into 2 boxes, 30kg each. I would like to be taken to Kaduna. How much will this cost and the condition attached? I live in Colchester, Essex.


  146. Ben says:

    How much for 3 x 15kg to Abuja from Birmingham?

  147. Chika Reuben says:

    Do you ship barrel to port Harcourt ? How much does it cost. And will you pick it up from south east london

    • cargotonigeria says:

      Hi Reuben,
      We can do. The barrel price on the website is to Lagos. To PortHarcourt, we will charge extra £1 per kg on whatever the weight of the barrel is. That is on top of the standard barrel charge to Lagos, we will still charge you another £1 to PortHarcourt based on the weight. For example, if your barrel weighs 90kg, you will pay £150 which is the standard barrel shipping cost to Lagos plus 90kg x £1 , which is £90. The total amount to pay to send the barrel to PortHarcourt will then be £150+£90+£20 handling charge. Total amount to pay is £260. You can still give us a call if this not too clear . Thanks

  148. George says:

    Hi…I got a friend who wanna send some items from Scotland… Can you please help me with the process

  149. Prince says:

    Hello do you also have store in USA or you on receive package and goods in UK only cos i will like an item to be shipped from USA to nigeria can your company do that?

  150. idowu says:

    Hello, someone referred me to you and said your services are reliable. I want to shop from Nigeria on an online website, can I send them (clothes and baby stuff) to your address and you will package and ship to Nigeria by sea. How much will 20kg of goods shipped to Lagos by sea cost me? Thanks

  151. banji fajo says:

    how much to cargo about 5 items to nigeria. total of 70kg. address in nigeria is ige agemo road. ikotun, lagos.

    • cargotonigeria says:


      We can deliver to Ikotun Egbe. Check our price list and multiply the weight by the price per kg and add the handling charge. Thanks

  152. Ademola Balogun etti says:

    I like to send bales of second hand cloths to Lagos.each weight 55kg.n pick up from Northampton. They are 10 in much in total pls. N how long will it take.

  153. Judith says:

    do you send perfumes, clothings, shoes and bags pls? how much does it cost for up to 50kg pls?would there be a pick up from the house or drop off at a local depot?

    hope to hear from you soon.


  154. Judith says:

    edinburgh to nigeria pls

  155. Mike says:


    I will like to send one adult bicycle to Nigeria.

    Please, what would it cost to do that?


  156. Ogechi Izuchukwu says:

    I would like to cargo my belongings to Abuja, I am sending 2 bags or 3 bags to Nigeria….how much would it cost me?

  157. Musti B says:

    Do you pick up cargo from BH20 area?, Bovington Dorset that is

  158. Kay says:


    I am planning on shipping a few boxes to Port Harcourt from Swansea. And i was wondering if i could discuss the details of the shipping with you and how much it would all cost.

  159. Vicky says:

    I would like to send some items to LAGOS NIGERIA. Are bolt seals required on containers going to LAGOS. I was told that we need to put BOLT SEALS containersl

  160. Babatunde Ademola Moses says:

    Pls am here to make an enquiry about whether i can use your london address as my contact address to buy 55 inches tv, laptops and mobile phones which all weight 35kg on the 15th of this month from argos online shopping and how much will it cost me to carry these items to ibadan. And can i be rest assure that all my goods will get to me without any injury(ies)?. pls ur anticipation is needed quickly. tnks

  161. Gabriel says:

    How much would it cost to ship a genset from London to Lagos. details below

    * Overall dimensions (LxWxH): 910 x 520 x 740mm
    * Gross weight: 170kg

  162. How is I phone 4 if wanna collect it as home delivery In Lagos state. Abule egba Lagos

  163. famous says:

    GOod day a friend got me a phone and the person is in london can you help me pick up the phone and ship it to me here in abuja will pay for the serive

  164. oloruntoba foyeke says:

    I want to get somethings from eBay and they don’t ship to Nigeria, I want to verify if you can help out.

  165. Woelinam Dziewornu-Norvor says:


    I hope this finds you well. I am currently looking for a shipping company that can transport about 3 tonnes of slightly used medical equipment straight to Nigeria without going all the way to its hub.I believe a 20ft will be able to take the items.

    Kindly let me know your rates and any other information that needs to be factored into costs.

  166. Adekunle says:

    need an empty container in nigeria can you help arrange it over their

    • cargotonigeria says:

      Hi Adekunle,
      Did you mean you want to purchase an empty container here in the UK and then have it shipped to Nigeria ? If that is what you mean, you would be better off buy this in Nigeria.

  167. Dami says:


    Can u ship shock absorbers (pair) of a car to Nigeria? Collection at ur office. Either brand new or used? The shocks may still have the springs on it

  168. Ekene says:

    How long would intake you to ship it down here to nigeria

  169. Adekunle says:

    i meant to get the container in nigeria not ship an empty one . and what cost

  170. Kelechi says:

    Hi, I have a box of my personal belongings which I want to be sent to lagos. The box weighs about 10kg. Where in the UK is your office located or do you pick up from Preston (UK)?

  171. Terry Batty says:

    About 40 kgs of engineers personal tools and other personal effects from Lagos to a UK address, Am in Ajao so I can deliver to your office.

  172. Temitayo says:

    Please how does the jumbo Ghana must go work? Is £80 the standard price for one? Or are there additional charges? Thank you

    • cargotonigeria says:

      Jumbo bag is put as much as you like but not more than 50kg for safety transportation of the content of your cargo. The £80 is to Lagos, outside Lagos will attract further charges. Thanks

  173. Chioma says:

    I have a suitcase of about 25kg I need door to door service from Kent uk to lagos Nigeria how much will that be?

  174. Ben says:

    I want to ship MERCEDES VITO 2003 van in Harrow UK to Nigeria. Can you please give me your cost of services as I am current out of the UK now

  175. Julius says:

    Hello. I have a box loaded with watch straps weight about 200kg. How much delivery to Lagos? And I have a 55 inches plasma Tv that I want to send to UK. Do you have a service for export and do you export by sea? Thanks . Julius.

  176. CHIDINMA says:

    Can you ship flat packed furniture from ikea to nigeria for me

  177. Grace says:

    I want to ship handbags to Nigeria from an wholesales store in London, do you do that and at what cost?

  178. CHIDINMA says:

    Hello,please can you pick up from store? NW10 or N18 postcode

    • cargotonigeria says:

      Yes we can . Please email us all necessary details such as name of the store, contact person name, the store address and postcode and if there is any reference number.Thanks

  179. Tosin says:

    I have an item to pick up from an office in Uk and need it to be shipped via air. How do I proceed??

  180. ROTIMI says:

    I’m shipping polycarbonate roofing sheets and aluminium roof supports and a few domestic items to OPIC estate Agbara to reach Nigeria by end of october latest.
    Total estimate by weight is about 250kg.
    Kindly advise on.
    The cost of door to door shipment.

    Best estimated shipment date.

    3.Any useful advise will be appeciated.

  181. rose mugisha says:

    Please I would like to know how much it will cost me to ship a cargo bag of 20kg to ondo state Akure Nigeria.

  182. Chinyere says:


    I need to ship a 30kg parcel from Bolton Manchester to Lagos Mainland Nigeria.

    What would it cost me?


    • cargotonigeria says:

      As at this Month of August 2015,it cost E3.70 per kg plus £20 handling charge and £15 for pick up from Bolton. However, this charges are subject to charge.

  183. Chinyere says:

    Please don’t forget to mention how many days it will take, from Bolton Manchester to Lagos Mainland Nigeria.

  184. Osas Iyekekpolor says:

    Pls I’m looking to buy a 100kva generator weighing about 500kg so what will be the shipping cost for this to Edo state in Nigeria thanks

    • cargotonigeria says:

      Hi Osas,

      We believed we have discussed this over the phone. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have further question, thanks.

  185. Hello
    I want to ship door to door from UK to katsina Nigeria my box is 30kgs do you pick up from Plymouth? How much is the charges for all the process please? And how long will it take by sea and by air?

    Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

    • cargotonigeria says:

      Yes we do. To Kastina we charge £5 per kg plus £20 handling charge . For 30kg weight we charge £15 to collect from your place. Therefore for 30kg you will pay £185.


  186. Abbey says:

    Hi, I just want to know maybe you also cargo from lagos to London?

  187. Anonymous says:

    Hi I want to do door to door service from uk to nigeria lagos my box is about 20 kg in total how much would it cost and in how many days will it reach there?
    Can I pack it in a suit case or does it have to be in a box and would you be opening the packaging to check the goods or would they stay how they are?

    • cargotonigeria says:


      Please see our price list for what we charge currently to Lagos. Air cargo takes 1 week . You can pack them in suit case of your choice. Thanks

  188. Chichi says:

    Hi. What is ur rate to air cargo 77kg from Birmingham to lagos and how many days does it take to arrive. I need door to door rate in lagos or self pick up option rate from ur office in lagos.

    • cargotonigeria says:

      Hello Chichi,
      Cargo takes 1 week to Lagos. Our current rate for door to door is £3.70 per kg and office pick option is £3.40 per kg plus £20 handling charge with any option you decide to go for. Please be aware that this prices are subject to charge at any time. Thanks

  189. imieye robert says:

    Hi, i’ll like to get a quote for shipping a desktop computer and 24inch monitor both weighing about 12kg from Manchester u.k to asaba delta state nigeria

  190. Uzoamaka says:

    Pls how much will it cost to ship clothing items wrighing about30kg to Lagos,

  191. Pat says:

    Could you please confirm the cost of shipping 15kg door to door from UK to Lagos.

    Thank you.

  192. Pearl says:

    Hi, I have 2 jumb Ghana must go bags to air freight. How much would it cout? And can you pick up from Harrow? Thanks

    • cargotonigeria says:

      Hi Pearl,
      Two Jumbo bags will cost you £150 to Lagos.Cost to other destination in Nigeria differs. Yes we can collect from Harrow, thanks

  193. Tea Planet says:

    Hello Sir,.
    Please I need your Watts App number, or your skype.

    I hope to read from you soon.


    Tea Planet

  194. Hello
    I want to book a collection from Plymouth Devon for my personal belongies with some jewellery how do I proceed. I want cargo my parcel to abuja it’s a large jumbo bag how much do I need to pay for the services please.

  195. Aisha Lawan says:

    Please i want to book for a collection with air freight I’ve 1large Ghana must go to abuja how much do I need to pay and do I proceed for that? This is my first time please I need a reply ASAP

  196. yemi aborowa says:

    I have 5kg to Lagos please how can I get it across I live in Milton Keynes


  197. Furo says:


    I’d like to air freight 2 kid’s bicycles from London to Lagos. The items are in boxes and weigh about 15kg each. Can you advise on cost please and when pick up is possible. please email me details asap.

  198. ebipere says:

    Happy Independence Day

    I would like to ship various items from London to Abuja to arrive in Abuja for 1st to 5th of November.

    Children’s items, Sporting equipment, and potentially solar batteries and inverter

    Could you tell me latest shipping date (or shipping times) to send by air and by sea.

    • cargotonigeria says:

      Our air freight is weekly while our shipping date is always posted on the “shipping date” section on our website. Thanks

  199. Helena McDonough says:

    How much to send a 10kg bag of items to Enugu. from leicester. UK? I can bring to London if the transport charges are more than £20.

  200. Ej. O. says:

    Good day, I was referred to you by a friend of the family. I’d like to ship a medium sized suitcase weighing 37kg containing books and personal effects from Birmingham UK to Port Harcourt, Nigeria. Can I please have a price estimate? What is the ETA?


    Hi, how much to deliver a box of 30kg from Newcastle to Lagos Nigeria?
    Can you pickup from the address in Newcastle UK?
    How long from the date of pickup will it take for it to arrive in Lagos?


    Good Morning CargotoNigeria,
    i would like to make the following enquiries:

    1. is it possible for you guys to pick up luggage from Tamworth, Newcastle, UK?
    2. how much do you charge to cargo a 35kg luggage (shoes and books) to Lagos, Nigeria?
    3. how long will it take to arrive Nigeria from the date of pickup?
    4. can i pay in the Naira equivalent at your office here in Nigeria, when i go to pick up the luggage?

    thank you for your understanding

    • cargotonigeria says:

      Hi Onyebuchi,
      Thanks for your enquiries. Our office pick up rate is £3.4 as at the date you’re making this enquiries. Your 35kg luggage will cost you £3.4 per kg plus £20 handling charge and £15 to collect from Newcastle. It takes 5 to 7 days for the cargo to get to get to Lagos. Yes you can pay in Nigeria but the payment has to be made into our Naira account.

      Best Regard

  203. San Yus says:

    Please how much does it cost to ship a Van to Nigeria?

  204. cecil says:

    Hello Ola
    I would like to know the price of shipping a car to lagos please.

  205. J Tony Edehomo says:

    I have things to ship to Lagos from Derby. Please let me know if you can do it (door to door).

  206. Maryam says:

    I would like to ship (sea) some package furniture boxes to Kano, Nigeria from Newcastle. How much will this cost me? including pick up from Newcastle and delivered door to door in Nigeria. Let me know the different prices and offers you have got depending on the weights.

  207. Maryam says:

    Can you please give me a call back 07448308775. This is all I want to send: 2 Bed frame each L:202cm, W:25cm, H:6cm, W:11kg, 2 bed base each L:90cm, W:19cm, H:5cm, W:6kg and 2 chest of drawers L:76cm, W:61cm, H:7cm, W:13kg. Altogether I have 60kg in 6 sealed cartons. I want to send via sea and delivered door to door to Kano, Nigeria. Let me know how much it will cost altogether and how long it will take?

  208. Ama Agye says:

    Is it only to Nigeria, do you deliver to Ghana ? if not can you recommends and company for me. in Stirling, Scotland

  209. Dele says:

    I have 300kg printer to ship to Nigeria. What will it cost?

  210. nura says:

    Do you offer pick up ať hasting, how much is it for 30kg

  211. yemi says:

    pls when is your next shipping by sea to Lagos and what is the best way of packaging household items

  212. Mike Og says:

    hello, i’m trying to ship a macbook to nigeria, do you collect and then proceed to ship to nigeria?

    • Mike Og says:

      it will be delivered to you by ebay or amazon

    • cargotonigeria says:

      Yes we collect. Please note though that if you’re using our service for the first time, you agree to send us the following :
      A proof of address of where you live in Nigeria with your telephone number.
      A copy of your international passport or a driving licence.

      A copy of these document to be email to :

      Please do not send anything to our warehouse until you have submitted all the requirement.


  213. SHINA says:

    Please i want to ship to nigeria from uk what do i need to do and can irequest for pick up

  214. Mark says:

    Do you do collection from Newcastle and its environs??

  215. Ojay says:

    Hi mate. Just curious. Is your office in Singapore?

  216. Lo says:

    I have a microwave new boxed, plus kettle, toaster etc to go from Gillingham Kent to Maryland Lagos, how long will it take and how much…

  217. Adio Azeez says:

    I want to ship and iPhone 6 from London to Nigeria. I will pick it up at your office. Please let me know how much it will cost me.

  218. Oluwakemi says:

    Hi.i want to ship a baby cot ( 18kg), a baby dresser (27kg) and a bed (30kg). How much is it going to cost,and how do I proceed or go about it.Also can I deliver it to you guys direct from Amazon.thanks

  219. Mazi says:

    I want to send books from UK to Lagos via sea. 30kg. How much will it cost? How long will it take to arrive and be available for pickup?


  220. JB says:


    My stuff is not up to 10kg; how do you charge now?

  221. Deji says:

    I am planning a house move (about 1000kg personal items- furnitures, beddings, kitchen items, etc.) from Plymouth to Lagos, could you please give me an idea of the cost.
    Is it possible to pick up from Plymouth to your office?

    Thank you,


    • cargotonigeria says:


      Yes we can collect from Plymouth. However we are closed for the year now. Please send us your number and we will contact you by first week in January on how to go about this. Thanks and Merry Christmas to you.

  222. YKAY says:

    i would like to know the rate, i want to cargo my clothes and some foodstuffs from Lagos to Doha Qatar

  223. Rotimi Ogunsina says:

    Just want to say thank you to cargotonigeria for a prompt and safe door to door delivery of my goods from london to lagos. Very impressed by your professionalism and trustworthiness.

    • cargotonigeria says:

      Hi Rotimi,
      Thanks very much for coming back to share honest reviews of the service we provide, most appreciated.

  224. Joy says:

    Please my fiance wants to send a single phone from Hatfield UK to lagos Nigeria to me. What’s the fee? Kindly respond like ASAP.

  225. Peter says:

    When a parcel arrives Nigeria,do you need to pay for door to door delivery here again in Nigeria? and how much is it? just laptop and phone…

    • cargotonigeria says:

      You don’t have to make any other payment in Nigeria. What you pay here in the UK is all that you will need to pay. Thanks

  226. Lilian says:

    hello, i need to send a suitcase of 23 kg, from Newcastle to lagos containing my clothes and shoes, please how much is it going to cost?.

    • cargotonigeria says:

      As at today we charge £3.5 per kg plus £20 handling charge and £15 to collect a box from Newcastle. Thanks

  227. Bos says:

    Can you ship an equipment from UK to Nigeria for me. The equipment is around 100kg. How much would it cost?

  228. tokunbo says:

    hi am considering shipping a small oil truck to lagos, its L 1020 W2500H3600, WEIGHTING 18 tonne, how much is the shipping cost.

  229. jennifer says:

    i am in Aberdeen just now and would like to send about 30 kg to lagos. kindly estimate how much this costs

  230. Reuben says:

    Hello, i have a Sony 48 inch tv to send to abuja. 16 kg weight can you give me a quote please. Than you.

  231. Adetutu says:

    pls how much would you charge if you are to pick up from Gravesend?

  232. Ebuka says:

    Hi, I want to send a parcel to Lagos from Newcastle using the air freight service. But I don’t think the weight will be up to the minimum 20Kg limit. What happens then?

  233. Adedayo says:

    I want to ship a Hover Board for children from London to Lagos. I could not bring it along during my trip because the airline would not accept it onboard. It weights about 15kg, please provide a quotation,shipment duration and pick up point.

  234. Lucky Amblessed says:

    Please do you have Agent in USA (Texas)

  235. Jay says:

    Please I would like to ship in from South east London to Lagos, Nigeria. The item is about 20kg. Please how much would that cost and do u offer pick up services from London?

  236. ADE KUNLE says:

    need to send a container to lagos, do you deliver the container with its content or just its content

  237. Nad says:

    Collection from coventry required for 5 big cartons elliptical bike, other exercise equipment, furniture etc
    Weighing over 500kg.
    Is door to door service available for abuja?

  238. Nad says:

    Collection from coventry required for 5 big cartons elliptical bike, other exercise equipment, furniture etc
    Weighing over 500kg.
    Is door to door service available for abuja and how much will it cost for the sea freight.
    How long will it take?

    • cargotonigeria says:

      Hi Nad,

      The recommended option for the type of shipment you have is sea shipping. Yes door to door service to Abuja is available. The average time to that destination is between 6 to 8 weeks.Thanks

  239. Temmy says:

    Please I want to know how much your air freight is and how long does it take. If I’m shipping goods weighing between 5kg to 10kg how much will it be?

  240. Maduka C Ogwueleka says:

    I want to ship, not cargo 3 air conditioners. Each weighing about 10 kg to Port Harcourt from Chatham, Kent, UK. How much will it cost me?

    • cargotonigeria says:

      Hello, do you want to do it by air or by sea freight? By air please see our price list for Port Harcourt. Thanks

  241. Oluwaleye says:

    Please I need to send 2 band of clothes and books to Nigeria by sea, how much per kilo and can you pick up between tomorrow and Saturday

  242. Femi says:

    I have 2 furniture sets to sent to Nigeria, how much will it cost, door to door service please?
    Are there any hidden charges for clearing please?


  243. Kate Okorafor says:

    I want to order items from some UK stores. They are mostly appliances like oven, coffee maker etc. Do you accept delivery to your company & you deliver to Lagos. Thx kate

    • cargotonigeria says:

      Yes you can order from UK stores and deliver to our warehouse .But before you take any further step towards this please see our terms and conditions, this explains all the criteria that must be met. Thanks

  244. Afolabi Odesanya says:

    I have 6 complete sets of desktop to send to Lagos. what will be the cost of shipping and are there any hidden costs/ charges


  245. Francisca says:

    Dear Sir, I would like to send a package from Kuala Lumpur to Nigeria, Abua. Total weight is around 6 KG. The package is inclouds 6 Pcs Perfumes, Mobile Speaker, 2 Pcs Power Bank and some small stuff dry food. Would you please give me more information about rate per Kg? Best Regards,

  246. Timothy says:

    hello how much will it cost to white Apple Macbook Pro laptop and I phone 6 to Nigeria, and also delivered directly in abuja?

  247. Isioma Oriahi says:

    How much would it cost me to ship a nissan murano from scotland to nigeria please?

  248. omilade segun says:

    pls my sister wants to send Samsung Galaxy s6 edge to me from the u.k to lagos and the phone weighs 130g…and this is the only option I know, but it seems it is below the weight your company would freight, pls is there any thing that can be done ….pls

  249. Opus says:

    Please i want to cargo a 55 inch tv from Glasgow to Port Harcourt, how much will it cost?

  250. Barakat says:

    Pls how can I ship two small bags that contains kids clothes from Canada Toronto to Nigeria

  251. Bilkisu Bappah says:

    Hello, I want some goods (cosmetics, clothings, jewellery, e.t.c) shipped to me from Aberdeen, UK to Bauchi town in Nigeria. The goods are about 20kg. Please how much will everything cost, I want it delivered to my door.

    Also, I will like to know how my goods will be delivered to me in Bauchi and what assurances do I have that it will be delivered to my door and intact because, I have had bad experiences with other shipping companies e.g.I paid for door to door delivery but it was sent through bus from Lagos, eventually I had to go to the bus company’s office to claim my goods. At the office, I was made to pay again and I found out later that a lot of my goods were missing.

    • cargotonigeria says:

      Hi Bilikisu,
      Yes we ship these listed items. Unfortunately , the minimum we can do is 30kg. Your goods will be delivered safe to the destination, just as we have been delivering other people stuff safely, yours won’t be an exception.Thanks

  252. adagba emmyprince says:

    I want to chip Toyota c-hr through your cargo to Nigeria precisely abuja airport how much will it cost me from UK

  253. Sam says:


    I will like to ship a box to Lagos. Looking at the 42″ one. Am I correct to think that this is £82? Also, will the carton be 42″ square or is there a max width?




    if i want to buy a laptop from ebay (uk), can you help me to ship it to nigeria

  255. Michelle says:

    Good morning,

    Are you able to provide a cost to collect X2 printers from Abuja, and X2 printers from Lagos, please? All printers would be return to Doncaster, UK.


  256. CHIDINMA says:

    How much will it cost to ship a slimline 45cm dishwasher?

  257. Seun says:

    I want to ship special feeding bottles to Nigeria , Not sure of the weight but its very light. should be less than 5kg. How much will it cost?

  258. EDWIN says:

    kindly provide shipping cost to Lagos(sea shipping)

  259. Usman says:


    How much do you additionally charge for shipping to Kano, in comparison to that of Lagos?

  260. Ayoola says:

    I have some personal effects (books, clothing etc) which I would like to ship from Brecon in Wales to Port Harcourt in Nigeria. It will weigh a little under 30Kg. Can you please confirm modalities for shipping this for me.

    • cargotonigeria says:

      Hi Ayoola,
      We have shipping option and air cargo option. Air cargo to PortHarcourt is £4.20 per kg plus £20 handling charge. Collection from Wales is £20. Sea shipping takes 6 to 8 week and cost £2.99 per kg plus other charges as listed above.


      • Khadijah says:

        Hello jst came across your website,there are some stuff I want to buy online from UK,wnt it to be shipped to Nigeria,can it be sent to your address so that you can shipped it to Nigeria?I sell kids stuffs will be your regular customer😉

        • cargotonigeria says:

          Hi Khadijah,
          Yes you can send your stuff to our address , there is a code and address to give you before you begin to do that for security and fraud prevention, thanks.

  261. Freeman says:

    £20 handling is involved in all shipping

  262. Rem says:

    Hi, I would like to ship a jumbo Ghana must go to Lagos. Do you have certain Collection days, I am considering 2nd wk in July

  263. Mark Rhima says:

    Good day ola plz I ve a 40inch tv in Leicester I want to air freight to Lagos
    Plz kindly quote me for the weight & dims below
    Height 117cm
    Width 37cm
    Length 103cm
    Weight 72KG

    Wall bracket
    Height 23cm
    Width 23cm
    Length 117cm
    Thanks and hope to hear from u soon

  264. Doris says:


    I want to buy uniforms,to be shipped to port Harcourt. Can I have them delivered to your warehouse for shipping to PH?

  265. Adamu says:

    We have fire alarm panels , and public address system accessories weighing over 500kg . We require them in Kano or Abuja
    Can you provide us with a cost implications.

  266. Mary Foy says:

    Hi, how can I get you in Newcastle under- Lyme. Wants to ship some clothes to Lagos.

  267. Abby says:

    Pls do you pick up from Luton and how much is it to cargo a large Ghana must go bag or about 35-40kg. Do you also have administrative charges or other charges

  268. micah says:

    do you deliver to bayelsa state

  269. Daniel says:

    How long does it take you to move a parcel from Manchester to London for collection by relative?

  270. ade says:

    how often do you have container sharing,
    how much does it cost to lagos

  271. Maxi says:

    Pls do you ship from Germany? If yes, how do you ship saloon cars?

  272. ade says:

    still waiting for the cost of sharing container and how often do you have people doing that

  273. Celestine says:

    Please Mr. Ola,I want to know what it will cost bring down item with the following details from Turkey down to Nigeria.

    Diameter 60
    Width 100 mm
    Kg 15

  274. Ijeoma says:

    I want to cargo a storage bag with regular/daily household items of about 30kg to Lagos. I am currently at the University of Reading.

    How much will that cost?
    How do I get it to your office?
    How long in days will it take to get to Lagos?
    Where is your office in Lagos or will it be a door-to-door delivery?

    Thank you, await your reply.

    • cargotonigeria says:


      Kindly see our price list. It takes 5 to 7 days .our address is on our address page on our website. I hope this answer your question ?

  275. Mohammed Daya says:

    Hello Ola

    Do you ship to Kano and at what cost say 30kg? I need More info about how you carry your services.


  276. Doyin ayoola says:

    I have a 55 inch tv I want to ship to portharcourt. How much will it cost

  277. JOHN says:

    I want to buy 65inch TV ,40KG in Manchester and send it to Abuja,how much am I going to pay?

  278. Madonna says:

    Hello. Please I would love to know how much it would cost to ship 2 ghana must go bags weighing 65kg from london to an address at port harcourt.

  279. Musbahu Muhammad says:

    do you ship van to Lagos that are non deriveable? if so at what cost?

  280. tommy says:

    do you shipped goods from philippines to nigeria? call us +2348177775962

  281. Maleeka says:

    Hello, I’d like to know how much it costs to ship door to door from Sheffield to Abuja? If possible what is the price per box (regular 610x457x457mm). Thanks

  282. Charles says:

    Please I have a package 1 Kg for air flight from Lagos to South East London. What is the cost if my agent dropped it in your Lagos office. Please confirm your Lagos phone number for him to call please.

  283. Chidinma says:


    I would like to ship from a London storage Unit to Abuja, Nigeria. Please let me know how much it will cost to ship things in a 25ft. container, containing boxes, foldable bed, bags and several luggages etc. How much is price for the container according to the size I mentioned above?

    Please get back to me as soon as you can. Thank You.

  284. Ademola says:

    Please i want to confirm if i can book you guys for collection for an item from Milton Keynes , U.K TO LAGOS NIG

  285. Wale says:

    I have a set of sofa (2 seater & 3 seater) to ship to Abeokuta. I live in the GU52 post code area and saw your details online while researching about shipping to Nigeria

    Could you advise how much it’ll cost for door -to-door shipment.

    Thanks for your help.


  286. aaron says:

    I have a 28kg box [contains non perishable food, like tinned fish etc].
    Can you kindly give me an estimate of cost from Hull to Abuja please.

    • cargotonigeria says:

      Hello Aaron, we charge per kg for this. The chargeable amount depends on whether you will require office pick up in Abuja or door to door service. Also you may incur additional charges since your cargo is Nafdac related cargo, thanks

  287. aaron says:

    Having read the other questions on the forum, i thought i would re-phrase my question to give you some more info.

    A box 28kg [ containing non-perishable food] to be sent by sea freight to Abuja.

    I live in Hull.

    If i could kindly get an estimate.


  288. Victor says:


    please how much is it to cargo american fridge freezer double door to Nigeria.


  289. Ella says:

    I want to ship bale of used clothes from UK to Lagos Nigeria. I want to enquire about the freight cost.

  290. David says:

    Hi, how much to ship four 15 inch alloy wheels to Lagos and what sort of timeline is delivery? Thank you.

  291. Saad says:

    Hello, i have a box with Mac desktop and A dell Laptop and accessories, the box is 62cm by 52cm by 22cm and weight 20 kg, how much will that be and how long is the shipping. do you have other in country shipping like from lagos to Jalingo Taraba state

  292. aishat says:

    how much will it cost to send a small ghana must go bag about 10kg to lagos? and how long will it take for delivery?

  293. Ade says:

    Please could you tell me how much you will charge for 50kg box going to Ibadan? Also if I have two boxes is the price going to be the same (X2 of the 1 box)?


  294. Ade says:

    The cheapest option

  295. Catherine says:

    How much would it cost to deliver two items toaster and teaset to Lagos from Walthamstow?

  296. Ezinne says:


    Please how can one be rest assured that their goods will reach intact and safely? What happens in the event that goods get missing? I have had very terrible experiences with some shipping agencies in the past with goods worth thousands of pounds missing.

    I am looking to ship to Abuja by sea. About 30kg weight.

    • cargotonigeria says:

      Hi Ezinne,
      We make every effort to make sure your freight arrive intact without any of it missing. However, in case of any mishap which we believe it’s inevitable in the entire life of any business no matter the size. we recommend that you let us know the content of your freight before handing it over to us by completing our packing list, If the goods are worth a lot of money , we advise that you take additional insurance to protect your interest. Thank you.

  297. David says:

    Hi, I am buying four alloy wheels and need them shipped to Lagos. Kindly let me have a quote with options. Thank you.

  298. Habilaz says:

    Pls i want to know how much it can take to ship an items of 2.27kgs/5lbs from Mississippi to Nigeria. Just phones.

  299. Ikem says:


    I have school uniforms at Hemel Hempstead (HP2 7LW) Can it be picked from Hemel and shipped to Port Harcourt by sea? If yes how long will it take to get to me?


  300. Tolu says:

    Hi, I’d like to send some clothes, shoes and other items to Lagos, need them to be ready for collection in Lagos by 3rd May. Is that possible?

  301. Gabriel says:

    I would like to send a Ghana must go bag that weighs about 20kg to Abuja. The address is ‘Federal housing lugbe.. kapou junction baby love’. How much is it gonna cost me roughly?? By the way, I live in Luton uk for pick up.

    And please do leave your contact number so I can call within the week.


  302. sharon says:

    please can you cargo from Nigeria to malaysia and what’s the charge

  303. feyisayo says:

    I will like to know if you ship from Nigeria to Turkey. Thanks

  304. Onyii says:

    How much will it cost to send 37kg and 39kg goods (tools) from Dubai to Onitsha,Anambra state, Nigeria? And where is your office in Dubai, I need to send today. I have already bought the goods

  305. HVC says:

    Hi, if I want to ship 5-10 suits. how much will this be?

    Just suits in suit bags so slim and not bulky.

  306. Anthony OG says:

    Hello Ola,

    I want to know how much you can help me ship a cooking range and a microwave to Lagos from Atlanta.

    404 824-9422

  307. Kemi says:

    Please when is your next shipping date to lag

  308. Hana Hashim says:

    Hello Mr Ola,

    I was wondering if i could kindly get a quote for a door to door shipment for some boxes that add up to 90kgs from Sheffield, UK to Abuja, Nigeria.

    Also, how long would it take to get there?


  309. Wunmi says:

    Pls do you ship from italy to Nigeria? And pls send cost per kg for air and sea shipping

    • cargotonigeria says:

      Hi Wunmi,
      Yes we ship from Italy to Nigeria. Complete our online form or better still call our office number, thanks

  310. Peter says:

    Please what is the price of shipping clothes to lagos?

  311. Mrs Unyi says:

    Good evening,

    Please I would want to know sea freight for 2 boxes total 70kg from leeds to abuja, door to office please.

    Thank you

  312. Anyin Sylvia says:

    Please howlong does it take fright shipping to get to Lagos

  313. bukola says:


    Please, I will like to know if you ship from Dublin to Lagos and how much is it per kg.


  314. CN says:

    hi, i just bumped into your site and am quite impressed. I have 10 bales of 55kg each of clothings to be sent to lagos, how much could that be if by pallet delivery or the sea cargo? Also, will i have to pay any fee at your lagos office prior to collection? Thank you

  315. Victoria says:

    After going through your website, I must say that am impressed, kindly avail me the necessary information I would require to ship from my supplier in the UK to your office in UK, my desired means of shipping is via ocean to Nigeria. Your prompt response will be appreciated. Thank you.

  316. Eric says:


    I am trying to ship a 25kva generator weighing about 640kg and will like to know if it can be delivered to South East (Anambra State) and the estimated cost.


  317. Chi says:


    I have a little parcel, for delivery to Lagos Island- about 1.5kg.
    How much would this cost please?
    Thank you.

  318. Hadiza A.K says:


    I wanted to make an inquiry regarding the minimum amount of kgs that can be sent to Nigeria. I want to ship some baby and children’s clothes which dont weight much, im not sure i’ll be able to have the minimum of the 20kg or 30kg listed. Can i still send what i have even if it’s just about less than 10kg?

  319. Lisa says:

    I have 23kg bag to send to Lagos. How much would that be

    Which part of North London do you collect from, i am in North West area of North London.

    Thank you

  320. Ola says:

    I want to ship an extension ladder to Lagos, Nigeria

    Closed Height : 3.70m (12’2″)
    Weight : 13.4kg.

    Kindly advice on rate.


  321. Tosin says:

    Please i will like to ship some items weighing 15kg from Carlisle UK to nigeria. I would like to know how much it would cost and the next shipping date. Thanks

  322. Ebube Chukwujekwu says:


    I have some clothes i want to ship from Newcastle to Lagos. How much are your charges per kilo, also how long will it take to arrive in Lagos. Do you also do air freight?

    • cargotonigeria says:

      Hi Ebube,

      Please see our price list. Just you know we charge both handling and collection fee too.

  323. Charles says:

    What would it cost to ship a 100kg of personal used clothing from London to Lagos and could you pick this up from South West London? Kindly include all charges in your quote.