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    Car Shipping to Nigeria by Roro Or Containerised Method-Know the right one for you!

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    When seeking for the service of a car shipping company to Nigeria, many people are always asking their friends, relatives and acquaintances as to which is the best, the cheapest yet the safest way to send  cars.  Some people have had to lived with the pain of having to lose all of the stuff they put in their cars by the time it arrived at the destination and they wonder why this happened? The simple reason  for this could boil down to the car shipping method they choose. In other not get things mix up. The two conventional methods of shipping cars overseas the world over is either by Roro or by containerised method. Roro method means the car or vehicle is driven unto a vessel. On the other hand, containerised method is when the car or vehicle is put in a container for shipment. The Roro method is known to be more cheaper when compared to the containerised method, especially where the car or vehicle to be shipped is an expensive one. With the former method(Roro) the shipping cost is determined by the amount of space a car/vehicle occupies on the vessel. While the cost of a containerised  car shipping method is combination of both the space a car occupies plus the container shipping cost.

    The Downside Of Roro Method Of  Shipping Cars To Nigeria

    The major setback encountered by most shippers or customers when using Roro method to ship car or vehicle to Nigeria is this. People feel it is a money saving idea to load other personal effects unto their cars or vehicles when using the Roro method, they think to themselves that they could resell these personal goods in order to recoup the associated freight cost incurred in shipping their car. What most people do not come to terms with is security of their belongings.  As most shippers or even insurance companies wouldn’t take responsibility for the content loaded to a car to be shipped by Roro method. So it’s not money wise decision to load personal goods in the car anyone is shipping to Nigeria via the Roro option. Ironically, it is not prudent enough to ship a car of a  low value aka Banger in a full container, except by groupage or LCL method.

    Groupage Car shipping Method is the Way to go.

    Groupage or LCL (Less than a container load) shipping  is ideal for sending aged cars to Nigeria. How does groupage  or LCL work? It is simply putting your car with other people consignments, especially those people with under- sized shipments. It could be personal goods not necessarily cars, the whole idea here is for the goods and car to make a complete container load. This will then be shipped together as one lot into one container. The major benefits in this method is the time saving and the fact that the goods as well as the car are more secured.

    The owner will then charge you based on the space allocated to  your car in their container which is in every sense cost effective.

    On the whole, if you’re going to send a car home, you want to put some of the key  points highlighted in this article into consideration as you would eventually save yourself a lot of unforeseen cost that could result from the activities of some individuals called “Port Rat” at the port of destination in Nigeria.

    If you’re looking to send your car back home, we have vast years of  experience in this field. Please don’t hesitate to give us a call. We do monthly shipping, please check here to know our shipping date  You  can also contact us via email ….

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  1. KJBenson says:

    Please how much is it to send a large container to nigeria (lagos)#


  2. Ifeanyi says:

    Please let know how much to ship Volvo XC90 2.9 T6 SE
    to Nigeria


  3. Remi says:


  4. Modupe says:

    Good day to you, I have been reading all the comments on your site and I’m really impressed. Now my question ? I want to ship a car Toyota avensis 1999 model to Nigeria through the groupage or LCL method that you mention above. Please how much will it cost me in total and you will also have to pick it in Manchester. Taking the following into consideration

    – the car will be delivered to an address in ikorodu
    – the car is over 15 years which is above customs requirement
    – won’t there be any problem in clearing due to the age of the car?
    The car is drivable but no MOT,ROAD TAX AND INSURANCE
    – can I also put some suitcases containing children clothing and other house hold materials in the car?

    Please if all the above is possible,kindly give me the total cost and cost breakdown. Because I want to do it by the end of this month. THANKS.

    • cargotonigeria says:

      Thanks for your comments. Yes we can deliver your car to Ikorodu. No problem with the car age. No issue with clearing the car in Nigeria, don’t worry about custom clearance. If the car has no Road Tax, Insurance or MOT, we would have to recover it or you can arrange your own recovery to get it across to us. Thanks