The purpose of this frequently asked questions is to provide instant answers to some of the common  questions our new and existing customers may have. You may still contact us if there are questions relating to our freight services which you need to ask us. Contact us via email or phone call. You can also reach us through the contact page on this website. The email is info@cargotonigeria.com or olasureman@gmail.com .  It is most likely that this FAQ  page would answer some basic questions relating to the service we provide. God bless you.


BLUE_STAR  How long does it take to get my stuff to Nigeria ?

It depends on where your cargo is going to. For example Cargo get to Lagos fully cleared between 5 to 7 days. To Abuja, Port Harcourt and other parts of Nigeria is 10 working days.

BLUE_STAR  Who does the  cargo or  shipment packaging?

Customers are responsible for packaging their cargo. However, if goods are to be sent through air cargo  we use black pallet wrap to protect the cargo from rain. For sea freight, customers are responsible for their own packaging, all we do is to label the shipments.

BLUE_STAR Are your cargo collections free from anywhere in the UK?

No.  We  only collect for free from anywhere within London for 20kg and above. Any shipment less than 20kg  attracts collection charges. Collection from Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds, Milton Keynes , Luton, Northampton, Southampton, Reading, Watford, Coventry and Portsmouth are free if your cargo  is up to 100kg or more. Any freight less than this attract collection charges.

How do I proceed with my cargo booking for collection?

Getting  Cargo ready for collection.

Send the following  details to


or info@cargotonigeria.com

Your name as written on your luggage .

Your telephone number

Your full address  including  the  postcode.

Receiver details:

Receiver’s name , address  if door to door delivery.

Receiver’s telephone number.


BLUE_STAR  How do you accept payment ?

We accept payment via bank transfer before we ship goods.

BLUE_STAR  How often do you cargo or ship goods to Nigeria?

Air cargo is weekly (Fridays) . Sea  freight is monthly. Please with Sea freight give 21 days of transit time to the destination.

BLUE_STAR What are your collection days?

London  cargo collection is  Monday to Thursday. Collections from outside London is Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Any shipment collected on Thursday and Friday are not guaranteed to go with our Friday shipment for that particular week . We do not collect on Saturday and Sunday.

BLUE_STAR  Do I or my consignee have to make any extra payment when my shipment arrived in Nigeria?

Not at all. No payment is required apart from the one you have paid here in the UK.  Also no customs duty payment is required by you.

BLUE_STAR Can I track the progress of my cargo?

Yes you can, we provide you with a tracking number on request for you to know the progress of your shipment.

BLUE_STAR Do you do procurement or product sourcing?

Yes we do. In fact you can buy your goods online and ask them delivered to us and we will deliver straight to your door step in Nigeria. Our minimum procurement is a £1000

BLUE_STAR Do you cargo from Nigeria to the UK ?

Yes we do export from abroad .

Are there any other Charges Apart from the Freight Cost?

Yes we do charge handling fee, our handling fee  from London is £2o. Handling charge from Manchester, Birmingham, Portsmouth, Leeds, Liverpool , Milton Keynes and Luton is also £20.  Handling charge is a single payment on the item (s) you are sending irrespective of the number of the item.








37 Responses so far.

  1. ade kunle says:

    would my car be to my door

  2. Dayo says:

    Pls can someone buy from online mail and ship to your address, then you ship to Nigeria, do you accept this ? Tx


  3. Aruleba kehinde says:

    Hello, please how much will you ship 15 shirts down to nigeria from UK?

  4. Ovii Ama says:

    I want to send my 40 inches tv. Will i be charged duty on it?
    or does your price include duty.

    • cargotonigeria says:



      Yes the price includes duty. Nothing else to pay in Nigeria after you have paid here in the UK.

  5. yinka says:

    Pls ow do u weigh items?I mean ow many items make a kg and so on

    • cargotonigeria says:

      Hi Yinka,

      We calculate in kgs, 1000g makes a kg. The number of items that make a kg all depends on how heavy the individual item is. You could have 1 item that weighs 1 kg or 2 or more items that weigh a kg and so on.

  6. Adamu Alhassan says:

    I live in abuja Nigeria, I want to buy online precisely from sportdirect.com I want to know if I can have it delivered to you people then have it shipped to me in abuja. If it’s possible I want to know the procedure and how much everything would cost me, I would be glad if I can get the charges in Naira equivalent.

  7. Freddie says:

    Do you deliver (air freight) to Onitsha. Interested in using your service.

  8. Obi says:

    Hi, please I would like to know if you can collect from Bristol, and I intend to send 2x 2seater sofas, 1x 3seater; TV wall bracket, 42inch TV and Home Entertainment System. Also how do I know how much this would cost? Thanks

  9. Mutiat Ilori says:

    Hello please do you ships from Nigeria to UK?how do you charge and is it in Naira or pounds. Thank you.

  10. ANN IHIMEKPEN says:

    I have goods in italy worth 100 KILLO, I would like to know how much it will cost to transport it to Benin in Edoch state, Nigeria, Further more I will also like to know how long it will take

  11. ANN IHIMEKPEN says:

    Sorry I mean Benin city, Edo State in Nigeria

  12. temilade adekeye says:

    Pls,how would like to know if you have a branch at Edinburgh(uk)..about 4kg worth..and if yes,how to I go about that..frm Edinburgh to lagos Nigeria..thanx

  13. Stella Onafowokan says:

    Hi wanted to find out what your current charges are per kilo to Lagos by air and by ship for 50kg and above thanks

  14. Balogun says:

    Can I ship a good of 1kg, if yes how much will it vost

  15. Michael says:

    How can I get my parcel delivered to Nigeria.

  16. Mercy says:

    Hello there,

    Just wondering if you can ship fragile items to Nigeria. Items like glassware and vases. Also, is there any guarantee of its safety?


  17. asse omua blessing says:

    Pls want to ship 20kg to lagos from Bedford what is cost of sending it to lagos

  18. Temitope Onifade says:

    Please which of your addresses is closer to Altrincham, Cheshire. Thanks

  19. Endurance says:

    Do you collect items from Glasgow, Scotland and can I get goods from Nigeria through you company?

  20. vincent says:

    hi pls do u also ship from UAE? And can u ship just one item(like a phone)?

  21. Olajumoke Gold says:

    Please I would like to know if you still ship to Nigeria from UAE, I have some shoes I’d like to buy from Souq but it can only be delivered to Dubai
    Can you procure and deliver to Lagos Nigeria, Goods might not be up to 20KG

    Anticipating your reply, thank you

  22. Paul says:

    Please, I want to buy a tv in Spain. Do you ship from Spain to Nigeria?

  23. Yahaya Sani says:

    how much would it cost to ship a car from belfast to lagos (RORO shipping)