Are you by chance looking for international manufacturers, suppliers and wholesalers Or UK Auctions ? The list below are UK and global database. Important! Please mention cargotonigeria website when contacting any of the manufacturers, suppliers and  Wholesalers. If time is of essence to you why not contact us to source for any product for you!!

General Clothing Manufacturer, Suppliers and Wholesaler  Including Auction Places here in The UK.  (Our Highly Recommended used clothes supplier. Mention our site, they will give you huge discount! Star2      (Manufacturer and Wholesaler of Ladies  Suits, Jackets, Coats, Skirts  Trouser)

Baby and Children Clothing Manufacturer, Suppliers and Wholesaler


Designer Clothing Manufacturer , Suppliers and wholesaler (Bridal Designer Manufacturer)


Bags Manufacturers, Suppliers and Wholesalers


Machinery and Equipment Manufacturer and Wholesaler


Forklift manufacturer

Engine Manufacturer


Tractor, Construction Equipment Spare part Manufacturer


Supplier of Crane and Equipment


Auctions Places and Website in the UK

Wellers Auction

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  1. Edward west says:

    Hi Please mention in “Bags Manufacturers, Suppliers and Wholesalers” data

    Acess Wholesale also is leading wholesale handbags supplier in Uk.

    • cargotonigeria says:

      Hi Edward,
      We will include your website on our resources page. We do hope our customers will get a good deal visiting your store? Thanks

  2. deen says:

    Good morning
    I need to send household items sofa beds baby guards car seat, Whirlpool jacuzzi bath bath mixers, personal items clothing,numeous house hold items, electricals crockery etc. please can yougive me an idea of the prices for the container and when the next 2 dates for cargo is. many thanks

  3. Anthony Oboh says:

    Hi CEO Ola,

    My name is Anthony, from London.
    I have used your service door to door London/Lagos several times and find your service very safe and fast.

    My business is: supplying of all new and used items to exporters and importers to Africa.All used Electrical/Electronics items, Computers,TVS,Home items,working and non working items spare parts,Solar Energy products,Security and more we procure any parts and products for export. Containers items.We are happy to supply items to CARGO TO NIGERIA to customers in UK and Nigeria.

    Contact: Anthony Oboh, Tel:+44 7438635484
    Request for list of items avialable or send us your list we source for the items for you.

    • cargotonigeria says:

      Hi Anthony,
      Thanks for the honest reviews of our service. My company doesn’t believe in soliciting for customers reviews but we believe that when a customer is happy with what we do, they will willingly and happily commend our service, that is our core business philosophy!


      We implore customers to carry out their diligent search before using the guy’s outsourcing services. We are not in any way affiliated to the service but as a service of gesture, we had to post this comment. This doesn’t mean that we are recommending Anthony Oboh’s services . With that said, if people use the outsourcing services and find it trustworthy and reliable, then good luck.

  4. CN CLOTHINGS says:

    hello, please i am about purchasing 10 bales of clothing to be shipped to Nigeria. Is the pallet method better in delivery? Also,these 10 bales am about purchasing will be from one of the listed resources (secondhandcreme), do you do free collection from their office if i used your services as means of transpoertation? If not, how do you collect goods for your customers from other places? thank you