Price List

Cargo Rate to Nigeria

Door to Door  Rate (£) Office Collection  Rate (£) Minimum Weight in (KG) Average Delivery Time in (Day)s
Abuja 5.40 5.00 30 10
Lagos 4.10 3.70 20 5-7
Delta 5.40 4.50 30 10
Ondo 4.80 4.80 30 10
Imo 5.40 5.00 30 10
Anambra 5.40 5.00 30 10
Abia 5.40 5.00 30 10
Akwa Ibom 5.40 5.00 30 10
Adamawa No 5.50 30 10
Bauchi No 5.50 30 10
Bayelsa 5.40 5.00 30 10
Borno No service 4.70 30 15
Cross River 5.40 5.00 30 10
Ebonyi 5.40 5.00 30 10
Edo 5.40 5.00 30 10
Ekiti 4.80 4.80 30 10
Enugu 5.40 5.00 30 10
Gombe No service 6.00 30 15
Jigawa No service 6.00 30 15
Kaduna 5.40 5.00 30 10
Kano 5.40 5.00 30 14
Kastina No service 5.50 30 15
Kebbi No service 5.50 30 15
Kogi 5.40 5.00 30 15
Kwara 4.80 4.80 30 15
Nassarawa 5.80 5.30 30 15
Niger 5.40 5.00 30 15
Ogun 4.80 4.80 30 10
Osun 4.80 4.80 30 10
Oyo 4.80 4.80 30 10
Plateau 5.40 5.00 30 15
Rivers 5.40 5.00 30 10
Sokoto No service 6.00 30 10
Taraba No service 6.00 30 15
Yobe No service 6.00 30 15
Zamfara No service 6.50 30 15



19 INCHES TV 100
24 INCHES TV 120
32 INCHES TV 145
37 INCHES TV 160
40 INCHES TV 180
42 INCHES TV 200
46 INCHES TV 220
50 INCHES TV 300
LAPTOPS  SIZE  “15-17” 20

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  1. Teejay says:

    Hi There,
    Is the price you have for Laptops meant for only one laptop?

  2. oma says:

    hi, i live in birmigham and would like to send some items to port hacourt.i would like to know if you can pick up from birmingham.and also do you deliver direct to recipient? i have boxes approx 10kg, how much would that cost pls.

    • cargotonigeria says:

      Hi there,

      We can help you send your things from Birmingham to PortHarcourt Nigeria. Give us a call and we will explain to you how it works.


  3. Oge says:


    So it is still not clear to me how much you charge per kilo. I will like to know. thanks

    • cargotonigeria says:


      What we charge per kg is dependent on where you want us to send your goods to. For example Lagos is £3.50 per KG from London . Abuja is £4.50 per kg .


  4. fola says:

    Please I WILL like to ship sofa to Lagos Nigeria
    3seater ,2 singles and dining set
    How much is it

    • cargotonigeria says:

      Hi Fola,
      We can definitely do the shipment for you. Although there are some limitations to shipping sofa to Nigeria, please do email us or call us so as to discuss this.


  5. Mrs morakinyo says:

    Do you cargo from Nigeria to u.s❓

  6. Olu says:

    How much will it cost to ship 20kg to lagos

  7. Temi says:

    The price 3.50 pounds per kg on the price list…is that the only amount to be paid to get it at my door

    • cargotonigeria says:

      Hello Temi,

      There is also £20 handling charge to pay. This £20 handling charge is not the same as pick up charges but most of our collections within London are free though.

  8. Grace says:


    Please I have things to cargo to Nigeria and I leave in Scotland,can you do the job.Grace

    • cargotonigeria says:

      Hi Grace,

      If you can ring me, I have managed to work out a better option for you regarding your request.

  9. Efe O says:


    My question is: Could I buy and pay for items online and have them delivered directly to your office/warehouse (London) and then you ship these items to Lagos for me? If yes, would there be a separate charge from the shipping cost (3.70 per kg, I think) and the service charge (20 pounds)? Also, the service charge is fixed, right? Not dependent on total cost? Do I pay in pounds or Naira? Also, if I buy a laptop to ship, I pay the service charge in addition to the fixed item shipping cost?

    Thank you.

    • cargotonigeria says:

      Yes you can. We will not charge you for having your goods delivered to our warehouse. Yes our service charge is fixed irrespective of the weight of your goods it is not dependent on the weight or cost of the goods to be sent.

  10. Ann says:

    Hi cargotonigeria, I have just see your shipping rate £1.70kg. I live in leeds and this is one of the area your company can pickup items. Can u tell me when the next shipping is to Lagos.

    • cargotonigeria says:


      Yes, we do ship from Leeds at that rate but we now charge £35 handling fee instead of our normal £20 fee plus free collection.We do monthly and at times twice monthly shipping to Nigeria. The next container loading is the 15th of October. If your goods cannot get to us by Tuesday 7th of October I am afraid it won’t meet up for that 15th of October slot. But do not worry, we still have another container loading for the end of this month.

  11. Aside from UK you you cannot move item from France or any other place in the European union?
    if you can can you quote to pick up 88KG equipment in France to Nigeria? Details will be sent if you can do this.

    • cargotonigeria says:

      Ask discussed earlier, we can only move stuff from within the UK to Nigeria. If there is any way you can send the cargo to the UK we will send it for you.

  12. Omon says:

    Hello, do you air freight suitcase of cloth from Nigeria Abuja to uk, London and if yes what is the price rate?

  13. ade kunle says:

    how much do ship mini van to nigeria lagos


  14. Amuzienwa Tochi says:

    can we still pay d money in nigeria in respect 4 d person in Uk. Pls 4rm coventry 2 abuja, how much wil it cost 2 send a laptop n others stuff. Total nt up to 10kg..

  15. Funke says:

    Please can you bring a shipment for me from Nigeria to UK?

  16. peter says:

    Would pls let us know if you r able to ship a fridge and cooker to naija.
    Looking forward to hearing from u.

  17. Adaeze says:


    Pls I want to know if you render courier services. You said minimum for cargo delivery is 20kg. What if its below 20kg? How much is Courier services for products (eg handbags)ranging from 10Kg-12kg?
    and most expecially, how long will it take to get to Lagos, Nigeria?

  18. Tope says:

    Hi i would like to cargo excess luggage that’s about 23kg in weight how do I go about doing so and how much pleaseT

    • cargotonigeria says:

      Hi Tope,
      It depends on the destination in Nigeria. See our price list to see how much we charge for respective destination. Thanks

  19. Jadesola says:


    I wanna shop frm a site in uk, can you pay for me? If yes am i paying pounds into ur account or naira?

    Secondly if the goods are less than 20kg, can you cargo? This is beautiful i am buying frm a website and i won’t know the weight till it is delivered to you.

    Thirdly how much is it per kilo to lagos now and how much is handling fees?

    • cargotonigeria says:

      Hello Jadesola,
      Relating to your question “I wanna shop frm a site in uk, can you pay for me? If yes am i paying pounds into ur account or naira?” Yes we can pay for your goods if you shop from Nigeria from a UK website. The conditions applied to this are:
      1) Your shopping must not be above £1000 at a given time.
      2) Your must make payment into our UK bank account before we can proceed with the shopping. You agree to pay the current exchange rate for the particular day if you’re paying into our Nigeria bank account.

      Regarding the accuracy of weight of the item you’re delivering to us , you don’t have to worry as we are honest and our business is done with absolute integrity.

      Our current price to Lagos is £3.70 per kg door to door and our handling charge is £20. Our minimum weight is 20 kg, if you have less than 20kg please you need to speak to us. Regards.

  20. Oluwadee says:


    I purchased some goods (toys) from the UK and would like to know if you can ship these to Lagos. Does the cargo rate of 3.60 pounds include custom clearing?

  21. Tolu says:

    I live in nottingham. I have a cargo of about 50kg to be freighted to bayelsa. When is your shipping date? And where about in bayelsa is your office?

    • cargotonigeria says:

      We always have our shipping date on this website. Although this is occasionally subject to change. The changes in the shipping dates could be from the shipping line. If you’re sending stuff to Bayelsa we can do this as door to door or if you prefer the office collection option, you will collect from Aghofure motor service.

  22. Dotun says:


    I’d like to buy a watch from a british commerce website. How much will it cost to have it delivered by air & delivered to my address in Lagos? Thanks.

  23. Dlexiz says:

    Pls I want to buy shoes and bags of about 30kg in UK, want to know if you can pick it up at the store and send to port Harcourt for me, will like to know what it will cost and how long the delivery will take. Thanks

  24. Remi Bambo says:

    I need to send a 4ft by 4ft smart Board to Surulere in Lagos. How much will it cost me including insurance.

    • cargotonigeria says:

      Hi Bambo,

      Your smart board will cost you £190 to Lagos. As per insurance please speak to us.

  25. chi chi says:

    Hi, pls I want to know if you can ship less than 20kg box. And since I may not know the weight as the items will be send to your address by the seller’s, how do I confirm the exact weight b4 it gets sent to me. Thanks

  26. osayomore says:

    Hi pls I have a set of chair. And it wat 150 kg I base in Italy and taken it to benin city nigeria

  27. kyle says:

    hi….how much to ship a qaud copter to nigeria

  28. Ify says:

    Please I want to buy items from a uk store and send to your for delivery to me in Abuja,Nigeria.How do I address it so it gets to your office?Also,where do I pick up in Abuja.Supposing my items do not meet up the minimum weight what will be the shipping cost? Thanks

  29. Yossie says:

    Hi there,

    I’m currently looking at options for sending a parcel to a friend in Lagos and would like to get a sense of the cost.

    The parcel contains three notebooks, weighing a total of 10kg (approximately).

    How much would I be looking at paying for a door (UK) to door (Lagos) service?

    I hope to hear from you soon.



  30. Ucheoma says:

    I’m a bit confused, above you have price list fixed item by freight shipping rate for specific items and also individual £/kg rates.
    I want to ship a small printer to Nigeria do I calculate the rate based on the fixed rate or on the individual £/kg rates

    • cargotonigeria says:

      Yes, you’re right TV and printer are fixed item by freight. Any issue kindly get back to us. Thanks

      • Ucheoma says:

        Thanks for the clarification, kindly email me your address so I can make my purchase from Amazon and send to you.

        • cargotonigeria says:

          before you start to send anything you buy from Amazon , Ebay or other online shopping site to us, you’re required to do the following:

          If you’re based in Nigeria or in the UK and if this is your first time of using CTN site, we need to verify your identity for security reason. We require you to email us a scan copy of your passport( Personal details page par say) Or copy of your international ID card or Driving licence. You’re also required to send us your full address in Nigeria, you can just put this in writing to us, no proof of address is required. Sending it as email will do.

      • Ucheoma says:

        Please can you send me details on how to address my package when I buy from Amazon. Thanks.

        • cargotonigeria says:

          Before you send anything you buy from Amazon , Ebay or other online shopping site to us, you’re required to do the following:

          If you’re based in Nigeria or in the UK and if this is your first time of using CTN site, we need to verify your identity for security reason. We require you to email us a scan copy of your passport( Personal details page par say) Or copy of your international ID card or Driving licence. You’re also required to send us your full address in Nigeria, you can just put in writing to us, no proof of address is required. Sending it as email will do.

  31. Kate says:

    Hello.. Am in Lagos Nigeria and I intend to buy clothes, shoes and bags from UK online stores, is there any provision to pick up from the seller and is there a different fee for collection apart from the shipping cost and handling charge. also does the £20 handling charge cover the entire package or is it calculated per kg. thanks.

    • cargotonigeria says:

      Yes, the £20 handling charge covers the entire package calulated per kg. We can pick up from the seller. This all depend on the location we are collecting from.

  32. Remyne says:

    Please I would like to know how long it takes for goods to arrive Lagos by your courier also if I will be required to pay any charge for the pick or for door to door delivery. I live in Lekki.

  33. Tosin says:

    Please how much is sea shipping for a 30kg bag?

    • cargotonigeria says:

      Sea shipping door to door to Lagos is £1.99 per kg plus £20 handling charge. Office pick up is £1.70 per kg plus £20 handling charge. Thanks

  34. Cee Jay says:

    How much to send a 60″ TV from:

    a) London to Lagos
    b) London to Owerri
    c) Leicester to Lagos
    d) Leicester to Owerri.

  35. Derin says:

    Pls can you Collect from Swansea, Wales and deliver to Lagos? It can be picked from your office in Lagos (Ajao Estate right?)

  36. Mike says:

    From the reviews I have read, you seem responsible and responsive. Keep it up.

    I have a 13.5kg printer to be sent to Nigeria. The printer is to be sent to your facility in Uk and to be received in your office in Nigeria.

    What is the total amount to be paid? Can I pay in Naira in Lagos on collection of goods?



  37. ikechukwu says:

    hi and good day, i want to buy some laptops from Essex, UK and the total weight is around 30kg. whats the cost of frieght to ikeja lagos?

    Best Regards

  38. esohe says:

    ls i live in italy .how cao
    n i use yur service

    • cargotonigeria says:

      Thanks for your enquiry. We can only send a minimum of 100kg from Italy and we charge £45 aside our £20 handling fee Plus the rate per kg

  39. Ishola says:

    I’ll like to send a 20kg to ibadan from Luton uk. What is the total cost of sending

  40. jan says:

    I will like to send a 30kg carton box containing 1 laptop and lots of books from Brussels, Belgium to Lagos, Nigeria

  41. Doris says:

    Hi please can u guys pick up my parcel at Hornsey I think it’s less than 20k g how can I reach u guys

  42. Olakunle Fakiyesi says:

    Do you do ocean freight from UK to Nigeria? Please inbox me with pricing details for your ocean freight. My email is

  43. Adaramola Emmanuel says:

    I want to ship solar panel to Lagos, Nigeria from Germany. Its about 8okg. How much will this cost me.Can I pay into your account in Nigeria in Naira?
    Kindly respond urgently to my email address
    Thanks and God bless

  44. fidel says:

    Can you quote me on shipping American Fridge Freezer Freestanding from London to Lagos

  45. Nosa says:

    Please i wish to know how much it will cost me to cargo a 49″ LED TV from Leeds to Lagos. Secondly do you do home delivery as well? And please where is your office in Lagos?



  46. Ade says:

    I have a 40 inch tv I would like to ship to Nigeria. Is there a cheaper means of shipping other than the listed tv price. I understand that the above price is for air freight.

  47. Francis EO says:

    Hi please, I want to send a package from malaysia to Nigeria 9 Kg. How much is the price?

  48. Wale Lawal says:


    I am based in Lagos and I am interested in using your shipping services but I am not clear on the pricing. Is the price stated above per Kg?

  49. mark says:


  50. Oseghale Roland Esezobor says:


    I have a cargo with Weight 91lbs, Width and Length 16 inches and Height 41 inches in Watford, England. I would like to know if you can pick up the cargo from there to Lagos(for pick up in your office), and advise total cost.

    Thank you.

    • cargotonigeria says:

      Yes we can pick up from Watford. See our price list for office pick up in Lagos.

  51. chinwe says:

    Please I want to send 24 bottles of wine to Lagos from much will it cost?

  52. DJ idiata says:

    I have a mixed cargo because I need to get my things home. I have just finished my course. Hope it is okay?

  53. izizi says:

    Hello I wish to enquire if you ship suitcases to abuja,nigeria as its not in the list above,i have items in a suitcase of about 30kg,what will be d cost please.thanx

    • cargotonigeria says:

      Yes we do . Do you want it shipped by air cargo or by sea shipping ? Please see our price list, thanks.

  54. Harry says:

    Hi there, I have a curved samsung 49 inch TV which I want to sent to Ibadan Nigeria. Could you please let me know how much it’s gonna cost me.

  55. Miss Knight says:


    I hope you can help. I wanted to find out if you ship new furniture from East London to Lagos?

    Thank you

  56. Kelechi says:

    Hi, I need to send a box of personal belongings from Birmingham to lagos. The box weighs about 10kg. Pls how much will it cost and where is your office in Birmingham. Please I need your response asap.

  57. Mark J says:

    Do you guys ship from China? If yes from which city and how much per KG?

    Your urgent reply would be most appreciated.


    • cargotonigeria says:

      We are not shipping from China at the moment but we are looking into that very soon. Thanks

  58. Alex says:

    Hi ,
    I want to ship a container to Lagos including clearing .please how much will it cost and how long will it take can I also ship a car in the container

    • cargotonigeria says:

      Hi Alex,
      Yes we can do, price for that changes frequently. Give us a call when you are ready. Shipping of car in a container could take 5 weeks unlike Roro car shipping which could take 3 weeks. Thanks

  59. Grace says:

    I just finished placing my order, can I go ahead with using your office address in London for delivery within uk?

  60. Zeena says:

    I want to cargo to nigeria , 41kg treadmil. How much willbit cost and how many days ?

  61. seyi shallum says:

    do u cargo goods from italy

  62. Bayode says:

    Good day. Mr. Ola.

    Please I wish to shipp 10bales of used clothes to Nigeria (Lagos). The weight is 500 to 550kg ( each weigh 50 -55kg).

    Please how much is your delievery cost and clearing? How long will it take?
    Thank you.

  63. Anonymous says:

    Hi I would like to know what type of packaging can i send my items in to nigeria can I put them in a suit case,
    Cardboard box,
    Laundry bag.
    My items are mainly baby essentials.

  64. GBENGA says:

    Dear Sir,

    Please kindly give us your best price to pick this order, for door to door delivery from The Summit, Hanworth Road, Sunbury-on-Thames, TW16 5DB, U.K. to Elekahia PORT HARCOURT Nigeria.

    2x cartons (77x66x30cm + 37x33x26cm), 40kg


    • cargotonigeria says:


      This will be freight by kg. That is 40kg x£4.8 plus £20 handling charge. That is £212 for door to door.

  65. Elizabeth says:

    Hi, I would like to shop a 3 seater, 2 seater and 1 seater sofa to Nigeria please.
    Can you deliver directly to the address in Lagos?
    I would prefer to ship by sea?
    What is the cost for this please?

  66. Michelle says:

    Do you ship from Nigeria to Dubai and at what rate. If you don’t can you recommend anyone?

  67. unite says:

    hi, i want to ship to lagos on regular basis but am based in luton. I have two question;
    1. do you offer pickup service for luton
    2. do you charge any additional cost aside of the 3.70 to lagos.
    3.can you ship lower than 20kg or must it be 20kg minimum.

  68. Temitope says:

    Hello, do you send stuff from nigeria to uk

    • cargotonigeria says:

      Hi Temitope,

      Yes we can send stuff from Nigeria to Uk. Please be aware that we only provide this services from Lagos to London only.Thanks

  69. Tosin says:

    How much is the charges to ship per kilo from Lagos to republic of Ireland and how many days is the estimate delivery?. Thank you.

  70. husna says:

    Pls I want u to collect my boxes from amazon. How can we arrenge it pls

  71. Olukunle says:

    I’ll like to get a 65 inch TV from London to Warri,Delta State Nigeria.

    Boxed dimensiona: 935 x 1677 x 255 mm (H x W x D)

    Boxed weight: 31.4 kg

    How much will it cost for door to door service?

  72. Toppmann says:

    My item is about 2-3kg how much do you charge and how long does it take?

  73. Joke says:

    Please I would like to know if the cost per know covers the customer clearance. And I can pay in naira. And if yes at wat rate.

    • cargotonigeria says:

      Hi Joke,
      Yes it does cover customs clearance. You can pay in Naira. We usually apply daily exchange rate on

  74. Maddy Hollick says:

    Hi, I am looking at getting a case of wine to Nigeria, is this something you could do? Weight is about 20kg and size 40x30x40cm.

  75. Sarah Jackson owen says:

    I want to cargo things from Germany to lagos and benin

  76. SALLY says:


    I WANT TO SHIP ITEMS FROM LAGOS TO NIGERIA.(FRUIT DRINKS) ABOUT 100 kg. how much will it cost me.

  77. Soji says:

    Hi,please do you handle air freight from Dubai to Lagos?

  78. Khadijah says:

    hi, Do you send from Malaysia to Nigeria? I have 20kg i want to send to lagos…how much will that cost me? Waiitng for reply ASAP

  79. emmanuel says:

    i want to send 4 mobile phones to lagos, how much will that cost me and how many days before its delivered? thanks

  80. Bukky says:

    Hello,how much to cargo from Nigeria to uk 20kg

  81. segun says:

    pls my sister wants to send Samsung Galaxy s6 edge to me from the u.k to lagos and the phone weighs 130g…and this is the only option I know, but it seems it is below the weight your company would freight, pls is there any thing that can be done ….pls

  82. Ola says:

    Do you still ship from Leeds? If yes, Is it door to door or do you have a collection office in Leeds? I also want to know the current handling fee?
    If I decide to send clothing items weighing 40kg to Lagos by air freight. Can you give me a quote?


  83. fadron global services says:

    please i would like to know waht your air freight charges wouod be from lagos to denmark
    quantity 500kg of dried hibiscus flower and another 100kg of same dries hibiscus flower to barcelona

  84. Ed says:

    Need to ship solar panels to calabar. Is this a service you provide

  85. Michael says:

    Dear Ola,

    I want to know how much it will cost to deliver a bag of foodstuff weighing 20kg for me to London door to door.

    • cargotonigeria says:

      Hi Michael,
      Are you interested in delivery from Lagos to London ? If yes this is £3.5 per kg plus £10 handling charge. Prices goes down according to the weight of the cargo.


  86. Dan says:

    Do u ship goods from Manchester to Delta? If yes where is the collection point?
    Thank you

  87. Lateef says:

    Pls I want to take a television and 2 luggages to lagos.Want to know the cost and where to pick up.Thanks

  88. Lateef says:

    Pls I want to take a television and 2 luggages from brighton to lagos.Want to know the cost and where to pick up

  89. Innocent says:

    Please let have an item to be shipped from uk to Nigeria but it is less 20kg. Your minimum is 30kg. Is there a way you can assist me?


  90. Mohammed Dahiru says:

    Please I want to shift a 55″TV to Bauchi Nigeria from Newcastle, how much will that cost?

  91. James says:

    Hello, i want to ship just 1;laptop form sharjah UAE to Lagos Nigeria, how much will it cost me?

  92. peace says:

    I will like to know how much to send a 30kg suitcase from london to port Harcourt Nigeria? And how long it takes to arrive?

  93. Dee Dee says:

    Hello… would like to know the shipping procedures and cost of about 50kg of clothes from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to Kaduna, Nigeria. Thanks

  94. Phillip says:

    Hi, I’m relocating to Nigeria with the family and have a lot of personal effects I want to ship from Wolverhampton to my address in Abuja. My goods are certainly more than 500kg, perhaps closer to 1000kg. What is the best way to package/box them so it is cheaper for me, and how much will it cost. I’m also assuming you will take care of all the clearing with customs, rtf before delivering to Abuja. Thanks.

    • cargotonigeria says:

      You can put in cartoon boxes, but it all depends on what you have. If you have things like furniture, we will handle the packaging of that for you. Please let us know your preferred shipping method , whether air or sea. Thanks

      • Phillip says:

        Thanks for your swift response. My preference would be by sea as air freight would be too expensive for the amount of things I have to ship. What size of cartons do you advice and what is an estimated cost for say 750kg. By the way part of the items include an old 40inch TV, TV stand and a collapsible sofa bed.

  95. Sanusi Yusuff says:

    Please do you pick up Things from Bradford I have a Ghana must go bag of clothes wanted to ship to Nigeria please reply if you pick from bradford thanks

  96. Music says:

    I hope 20GBP is the fixed price for shipping a laptop from UK to Nigeria, and no additional cost?

    I’m looking forward to hearing from you.



  97. Adeniyi says:

    Pls i will like to ship my order from malaysia to port harcourt worth about 10kg,, pls wat is the rate for it.
    Reply pls

  98. Maxi says:

    How do you ship cars from Germany to Nigeria? Do you calculate by weight or how?

    • cargotonigeria says:

      There is a fix rate for car shipping. Although there is weight restriction in case you’re putting stuff in the car, thanks

  99. Yi-Fan says:

    I live in Taiwan, and I’m in desperate need of informations of Cargo ship journey throughout West Africa; my journey will be from 2018/1/13 to 2018/2/25, wondering whether there is any route available during the duration, thanks for your assistance ~


  100. austin says:

    I INTEND TO SHIP 25kg of children clothes to my son from Dallas Texas to lagos nNigeria, how much in total ,will pick it up in your office.

  101. Josiah says:

    Good day,
    Please how much do you shipped car to Nigeria from Italy Genova and other good. I have car to shipped to Nigeria immediately and my friend have backs of shoes to Nigeria as well and please can you deliver the car in portharcourt for me as well.

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Josiah Michael,
    Genova- Italy.

  102. Leo Oni says:

    Please permit me ask maximum load I can put into this vehicle that I will like to ship from Tilbury to Lagos TinCan Port next month.

    Length = 4655mm
    Width: = 1695mm
    Height = 1855mm
    Weight = 2510kg (Hochst zulassig Gesamtgewicht)

  103. Ugochukwu says:

    Pls what will be the approximate cost to ship a side by side refrigerator to Abuja, ordered from Amazon to U? How long will it take by sea? Do u do anything to prevent the dents?

  104. ifeanyi says:

    Please I want to air cargo a machine from Paris to Lagos

  105. ifeanyi says:

    the machine weighs 20kg the dimensions are 65cm x 55cm x 45cm in LxWXH. I want to air cargo from Paris France to LAGOS Nigeria

  106. Divine says:


    I want to cargo the items list below to Nigeria: – From Preston UK (PR1 8PS) to Port Harcourt city Nigeria.

    How much it will cost to cargo them.

     Two 32” TV
     Two 43” TV
     One 65” TV
     One Home cinema system.

    Kind Regards

  107. Bisola lawal says:

    If I want to send things up to 20kg from Kuwait to Nigeria is how much.

    Looking forward to ur respond

  108. Precious says:

    I live in South Shields tyne and wear I called the office earlier for my pick up and I was told it’s 15pounds to pick my luggage from my house. And can’t I send more than 30kg as stated in the list above
    Thank you
    Waiting your response

  109. Tapo says:

    what is the cost of shipping, 65, 75, 78 inch tv to Nigeria Delta State..


  110. 2slym says:

    Please advise me on the cost to shipping / cargo an iMac 21” desktop.

  111. 2slym says:

    Please advise me on the cost to shipping / cargo an iMac 21” desktop to Lagos, Ajah!

  112. Adeyemi says:

    I want to cargo my car Corrolla 2008model to my home at akure. How much will it cost

  113. Marcin says:


    I would like to find out what would be a cost of shipping a euro pallet (about 1m in height) – weight approx 350 kg with electronic equipment to Lagos (door to door preferably).



  114. I am about to open an online store from Dubai UAE to Nigeria and I need a cargo company can I rely on You

  115. Oliver joshua says:

    Do you guy ship cigerrete(Benson) and creams like Caro white

  116. Daniel says:

    Hi there

    I am Daniel , I am the managing director of Interafrica express , an international courier company , we do express cargo from china and Dubai to Ethiopia, I would like to extend our service to Nigeria and I am looking for partners , I see you are experienced in shipping to Nigeria and if you already have and Office in Nigeria and interested in working together , please contact me


  117. Oluwaseyi Oyemade says:

    Do you handle air freight from Nigeria to UK mostly vegetables and hot peppers

  118. I am FAVOUR how can i contact your company I am about to start an online store from Dubai to Lagos Nigeria I want to know if you can help me to bring the goods from Dubai to Lagos Nigeria my goods weight from one KG to 20kg and the minimum weight. And I will like to talk to you In a private chat can I have your contact

  119. Val Okoroma says:

    I want to do soap shippment from malaysia to Abuja….pls can i have your number, address where to drop the goods in malaysia and where to pick it up in Abuja.

  120. Raymond says:

    My cousin is having difficulty sending a cargo to mme simply because he’s in Northampton and most cargo companies are inondon, pls how do i gett the cargo to Naija?

  121. Johnson says:

    Please, can I know your price list for different pallet size as well as the price per kg for sea freight? I am planning to send up to 150kg of items and the price for air freight would break my back.

  122. Raheem says:

    Please how much will it cost me to ship like 20 laptops from Dubai to lagos

  123. Idowu says:

    I have herbal supplements to cargo from Melaka, Malaysia to Abuja Nigeria. Can you please send an email with details of what to expect,timelines, price,etc. Thanks

  124. Adewale says:

    Hi kindly send ur mobile cos i want to send 25kg to nigeria.want to know the cost from Dubai here

  125. Uzoma Edozie says:

    Hi do you ship from abuja nigeria to the UK..please let me know..thanks

    • cargotonigeria says:

      Hi ,

      Yes we do please call our UK to Nigeria team and they will assist you with your enquiry. Call Steven on 07036170902, thanks

  126. Please I want to take two luggage to Lagos from united Arab shld I get you here in Emirates.. And the office in Nigeria says:

    Am in fujairah all qurayyah,near al ahbab supermarket

  127. Muhindo Allen maliro says:

    Please I want to take two luggage to Nigeria,from united Arab Emirates.. Am in fujairah all qurayyah. Near al ahbab supermarket

  128. Ayomide says:

    Please i need to ship from Dubai to Lagos Nigeria how much will it cost me to move a 7kg packed item

  129. Joe says:

    How much will it cost me to send a 55 inches television to Nigeria?

  130. Lynda Oji - Ukomadu says:

    I need a small suitcase with my kids stuff and laptop sent to Nigeria from the UK. How do I go about it. How much will it cost

  131. Dot says:

    I live in Hatta Dubai
    I want to send some goods like Refrigerator, plasma TV and clothes to Nigeria.
    Can you come to Hatta club dubai and take the goods and send to Nigeria?
    I will pay for the services

  132. Ayo says:

    Hi, I’d like to know if I can ship fabrics from UAE to Ibadan, Nigeria

  133. Fariba says:

    Dear sir,

    I have 45Kg goods to Lagos Nigeria. please let me know and please send to me an email.

    Warm Regards,

  134. kelvin says:

    i want to ship 20 kg item to Edo state,Nigeria from dubai please what is the cost,you seem to be more focus on uk

  135. MARY ALEMU says:

    I want to ship from Lagos Nigeria to Dubai.

  136. ade says:

    i have some stuffs to ship to nigeria 22boxes of various things.
    can you mail me process of collection and cost

  137. Lanre says:

    Pls have a bag around 20-25kg to ship to naija. Any branch office in Abu Dhabi?

    • cargotonigeria says:

      Hi Lanre,
      Yes we have a branch in Abu Dhabi . Please send us an email at info@cargotonigeria and we will send you more information.

  138. Folarin says:

    Pls I want to know do you have any branch in Hungary.
    I needed to send some appliances like fridge, TV, gas and other stuffs to Nigeria (Ondo state)



    I want to send phone y7 from al ain Abu Dhabi to abuja Nigeria by door to door service how much is the charging pls

  140. Emmanuella says:

    I want to ship a complete sofa of 7 seater with centre coffee table with 2 small chairs for kids

  141. Michael Odibeli says:

    I have Cargo of more than 200kg which are Solar Power Inverters and Dry Batteries for delivery to my office in Lagos. Items can be in Pallets. The Seller wants an address in UK where the goods can be delivered and a telephone number. Please provide these so I can foward these to the Seller.

  142. Emmaunel says:

    I need to send 27kg To Abuja Nigeria from Dubai inbox me ASAP

  143. Yusuf says:

    Please do you ship from USA (Florida)to Nigeria and how much is per kg because I have like 45 of shocks absorbers?thank

  144. Usman says:

    I want to freight a car from Abu Dhabi to i Ibadan, nigeria

    How much does it cost

  145. Charles says:

    Hello please I will like to enquire if I can send half kg of cocoa beans from Nigeria to Dubai and what is the cost shipping, how long will it take to get to Dubai?

  146. Hammed Olamide Adeola says:

    I want to send goods from Nigeria to Dubai

  147. Alabi Abiodun says:

    How much does it cost to cargojust 1 Samsung phone from UAE to Lagos(NIGERIA)