• Exporting to Nigeria from the UK

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    Export To Nigeria from the UK Hassle Free

    Nigeria has a massive language, historical and constitutional link with the United Kingdom. In fact, Nigeria ranks as the UK’s 2nd largest African market for goods and 33rd largest overseas market. The amount of UK export goods to Nigeria is more than a billion pounds every year. And, if you intend to ship your goods to Nigeria, you would need a reliable freight forwarder that can move your cargo from London UK to Lagos Nigeria or any other port of destination, a company that can give you the peace of mind.
    The unprecedented speedy globalization, thanks to the internet, and the evolving industrial and retail methods being applied today had been very important factors in the swift growth of the air freight industry. Nowadays, there are a lot of airfreight companies that offer dependable delivery services at very reasonable prices. Here are some of the additional services that air and sea freight companies provide if you want to export to Nigeria from the UK:
    • Door To Door Services. The freight company of your choice should be able to find available space in the earliest flight to Nigeria available to provide perfect and timely delivery of your cargo. A lot of exporters want their items to be transported right at the doorstep of their intended recipients. This means that aside from sea or air freight, there is an additional car freight service to make sure that the cargo reaches your customer wherever he is. With door to door delivery, the consignments are handled with utmost care and delivered on time and at the appointed place. There are companies which offer door To door services for both full container load or FCL and also less than container load LCL.
    • These companies also offer other value added services such as custom clearance, shipment permits, marine insurance, address pick-up, cross-docking, and a lot of important documentation.
    • Because most freight forwarding companies have already forged links with a lot of other companies creating a huge network of suppliers and resources, they are able to offer various logistics services as well. They fully understand the importance of good of logistics in order to make speedy and timely cargo delivery. They can coordinate well with the organizations in their network and this helps them provide a comprehensive cargo delivery program for all their customers who want to ship to Nigeria. Because of this healthy relationship with other delivery companies, misunderstandings and delays are greatly minimized.
    • Customized delivery services. Most freight forwarding firms are able to customize their services based on the exact requirements of their clients, and this is especially relevant in urgent delivery cases. For example, there are different freight type options that you can choose from depending on the speed of delivery that you desire. There is the express air freight forwarding service which is ideal in delivering goods that are urgently needed. Day to day regular deliveries is tagged as general air freight forwarding service. There is also the special air freight forwarding service intended for the delivery of goods like pharmaceuticals and other medical items that require special handling and attention.

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