• What you should know about Air Freight

    Posted on April 2, 2014 by in Air Cargo to Nigeria, Shipping

    Majority of enterprises in the export-import industries understand the importance of transporting products or goods from one destination to another in any part of the world quickly.

    Air freight is a reliable way to implement this. It can be classified as express consignment, accelerated services, cargo delivery in high-volume commercial lanes, and chartered flights carrying assorted goods. The air cargo sector is a crucial engine of economic growth. It sustains trade and investments, facilitates connectivity, enhances efficiency and boosts competition. 

    Exporters who wish to transport commodities by air must examine the merchandise carefully before it is loaded to the aircraft. Understand your product properly and look for the appropriate packaging for your consignment. You can save a lot of money on space if your goods are packed properly. Air freight has distinct benefits that export companies or individual exporters should be aware of.

    This option can spare you of the hassles in coping with regulatory documents, insurance coverage and permits.Experienced air freight forwarders have extensive experience which means that you can get your consignment through checkpoints easily. Forwarders manage practically your entire operations. Without these specialists, you will have to contend with the backbreaking process of hiring multiple transport companies separately to transport your goods from port to port. You will need another group to pick up your cargo at the loading dock and bring it to the airport. You may need to find another air freight provider as well.

    However, this mode can be very costly. That is why air transport for freight delivery is less prominent as against other methods of freight services. This option is used primarily for cargo which needs to be sent to distant destinations or goods which are quite light and have higher value. Air freight service is now used globally because business owners realise that is the safest manner of conveyance. The cost factor does not prevent entrepreneurs in choosing air cargo companies.

    Most of the merchandise transported by air is harmful chemicals, medical equipment, perishable medicines, food items, vehicles, machineries, and livestock. The goal of exporters is to transport these commodities promptly and without risks of getting damaged. Cargo planes have been modified and are now fitted with special equipment to carry fragile goods.

    It is important for you to check the background of the freight forwarder thoroughly. You will need someone who can handle shipments properly. The company that you contact must be reliable and carry a proven track record so you get the desired results. Try to get hold of at least three quotations from reputable air cargo firms. Study the provisions stipulated in the proposals carefully and make a thorough comparison of all the proposals sent to you.

    Using airfreight accelerates competitiveness in different aspects of business operations which include sales, customer support, logistics, management inventory, and production. Air freight stimulates innovation thereby increasing sales and profits. It also allows businesses to utilize economies of scale. All these can be accomplished by expanding markets that can be serviced.

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