• Packaging your Cargo for Shipment

    Posted on March 30, 2015 by in Cargo services, Shipping

    Safety arrival  of any cargo begins with proper packaging. Both the shipping agent and the customer doing the shipping have a role to play in this. It is customer prime responsibility to make sure the goods to be shipped is well packed. An improperly packed cargo gives room for argument , most of which could be avoided if the items to be sent had been properly packaged.

    Below are what customers need to do when getting their goods ready for shipment:

    1) Adequate preparations before the shipper collects the goods. Lets face it, here in the UK everyone is busy.  We come back from a  Nine or twelve hours shift, and we hit the bed straight away. We do this probably for 4 to 5 days in a week. Off days, loads of outstanding stuff to catch up with etc. Unarguably , we have  less time to get everything done. To send your cargo overseas the best way to go about this is to get the goods ready bit by bit. We could  apportion  two to three days to get everything rolling all depending on the amount of goods to be shipped. Maybe one day for  arranging the shipment and confirming and agreeing a date when your shipper will come and collect the shipment. Most people arrange with their shipper to collect goods on Friday, which obviously is the day when the shipment is expected to be delivered to airline. Day 2 for labeling the shipment. Labeling is equally important as this will make you as a sender of a shipping/Cargo item to know who gets what in Nigeria when it  eventually arrives.

    2) Create a Packing List. Packing list most people don’t bother to create. You’re familiar with the content of your cargo, your shipper may not. Back in the day cargo forwarding agents have to check everything to be sent as cargo. Meaning that whether you’ve covered wrapped your stuff, you must declare the content of your shipment to your shipper before he or she will agree to send it. By emailing a complete packaging list to your shipper this will help him or her to be familiar with what you’re sending through his or her company.

    3) Write your name or the consignee’s name  on all your bags or boxes.-For easy identification the rule of thumb is to write your name on all the bags you’re handing over to your shipper. In case of someone else receiving the goods in Nigeria. Please always try to write the name of such consignee on the bags or boxes too.  Our number one headache in this cargo shipping business is for you as a shipper to receive a consignment from your customer and you are clueless as to where such item comes from. We have seen many of this cases. Some customers will send their cargo through courier and they will not even put their name anywhere on the item. As a shipper who understands the nature of the business, you would rather not ship such item in other for you to avoid any trouble. As a shipper, you had concluded not to cargo this unidentified item for that week, then  some days later may be the following Thursday  someone then ring your phone and say “Hey Mr Ola, did you send my cargo last Friday”?  Your probable response would be I did not due to the inability to know the source of the cargo. To avoid unnecessary delay of your consignment, it is extremely mandatory to put name on your cargo.

    When everyone does their part in the aspect of packaging of cargo, then the whole process go smoothly. Customer then becomes repeat customer and the shipper becomes happy to earn himself or herself a returning customer. On the other hand, if both parties fail to carry out their own responsibility then shipper faces customer nightmare and customer could end up loosing his/her stuff. So please don’t take the issue of packaging with a pinch of salt!

    Ola is the Ceo of cargotonigeria.com (CTN) . Since our field of endevour is  centered around providing cheap and efficient cargo and shipping services to Nigeria from the UK, we have not deviated from this in anyway, rather, we are waxing stronger by the day because we believe strongly in getting referral from all our customers both here in the UK as well as those who reside in Nigeria. Give our service a trial today, we are sure you will refer a friend. Thank you.

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  1. Aderonke says:

    Hi, please I have about 4-5 bags to send to Nigeria. I want to use sea cargo. The problem I have now is I am unable to weigh the bags myself hence I don’t know the weight. Can you tell me your rate and if you can weigh for me during pick up? if it’s favourable, we’ll arrange a pick up soonest. Pick up would be from Grays, Essex. Thanks

  2. ade says:

    i have some home decorations i needed to ship to nigeria. probly like 5-6 boxes. my question now is that i resides in ATLANTA, GA.
    do u guys do pickup here too?