• Are you Scared of Using an Online Cargo Company ?

    Posted on November 2, 2014 by in Cargo services, Shipping

    In this 21st century many people are still skeptical of sending their cargoes to Nigeria through a company they found on the internet.  Most certainly not all internet cargo companies are illegitimate as some people had thought.  Especially here in the UK  I don’t think any company or “Cow boys” would get away with scamming innocent people whether they reside in Nigeria or in the UK.  I have heard people said it to me loads of times but I have not seen it or  read about anything like that. Maybe a lot of people like myself would have stumbled upon it, if victims of cargo scandal had written about their ordeal and post it online. I am pretty sure and anyone who is willing to send goods abroad for the first time nowadays would want to read about other peoples experience so as to make informed decision on which cargo company to go with.

    Without any gain saying we cannot ignore the fact that sending your cargo through a company you found on the internet  could be somehow daunting especially if the freight company has not been recommended to you by someone else. All the same time  business nowadays has gone beyond seeking third parties opinion before making a business decision.  Most of us just want to  get things done without having to resort to clinging on the wall fence of our neighbors. We haven’t got the time resources as such at our disposal.

    Choosing a good cargo company to send goods to Nigeria using the amazing power of the internet technology  has helped people to get some good deals which they ordinarily wouldn’t have had in the 80’s and in the 90’s. Some of the other benefits include speedy delivery and better quality service. Rather than having to keep ringing your shipper, you could literally track the status of your cargo on the go online.

    Some Demerits of online Cargo Companies to Customers and Shippers

    As it is with everything good in life, there may be times when our spouse, family or friends would blame us for doing something silly owing to the decision we make without involving others.When someone makes a decision of using a freight company they found online and their goods takes longer than expected before been delivered. May be due to some unforeseen circumstances that are beyond the shipper’s might. Ninety-five per cent of the people  you speak to would tell you that you shouldn’t have. They would blame you for sending your cargo through some company which no one had recommended to you. On the other hand if the shipping company delivers it promise and the goods got there without any problems or delays, obviously  such shipper has struck a gold mine.

    Possibility of weight rip off from the shipper. Not everyone in the freight business are honest as they have written on their websites. Some shipping companies would  overly increase the weight of their customers goods in other to swindle them, this could be due to the fact that the customer trusted them to check the weight in their absence. This usually happen when the customer lives upcountry .

    We have the trust factor#

    CTN can only  speak  for itself. We are not just saying or writing this in other to fulfill our flair for writing. We are one of the most reliable freight company to Nigeria in the UK. You can always trust CTN to give you accurate weight reading on all your cargo whether you are in Manchester or Birmingham, or if you live in Nigeria.  What we check weigh is what we will give you, and that is what you will be asked to pay for on all your goods. Let us be your preferred choice and you will be glad you did.