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    Timely delivery of customers cargo all over Nigeria  as promised . It is often at this point in the aspect of cargo and freight business when men cargo forwarding agents are separated from the boys. The point which proof whether all the raving noise by companies are to be heard over and over again. This determine if a potential customer becomes a returning customers or never come back to that freight company again. However, delivery times can be somewhat awkward if it is continually bastardize at  the back end (Nigeria) . No one providing a cargo service would like to put his or her customers playing a waiting game while waiting to receive their cargoes.  Given that the business involves Four virtual circles .Cargo agent delivers cargo to  Airline, Airline delivers cargoes to clearing agents, then clearing agents transport goods to the end receiver (Consignee)


    What if there’s a slight break in the smooth flow? Then shippers should be ready to face the consequence of this.   Some of this bridges in the gaps could come from airline, clearing agent or even the customers themselves.

    From Airline : Occasionally airline do have backlogs.  A situation where the space  allocated to cargo agents is not adequate, a situation that are usually caused by excess luggage demand by air passengers customers.   When situation like this arises, airline gives higher priority to Excess luggage.

    Clearing Agent:  Clearing agents face a lot issues in Nigeria that may hinder getting goods out speedily. Some of these common situations ranges from unprecedented duty hikes to technical hitches at the  Nigerian customs computer network systems. No matter how efficient a clearing agent is, if customs computer crashes, obviously there’s less an agent can do to clear out goods.  In such  a rare occurrence,  both the shipper and the consignee (Customers) would not belief the agent. Although there are agents from hell who hide under the guise of intermittent  custom computer network  to feed  their own greed and inefficiencies which consequently hinder delivery times.

    Customers Themselves: Many cargo customers are fond of equating freight business to Nigeria to that of the UK.  While we cannot make comparison with the freight business in the third world with that of developed economies. Customers needs to consider the fact that many  things come into play as far as cargo delivery to Nigeria is concerned. Haphazard traffic situations on Nigeria roads, hash whether condition and police check points etc. While  all the previously mentioned unforeseen  contingents can not be avoided but delayed payment is a major scenario that can militate against cargo delivery to customers. Some customers always opt for payment for their cargo and shipping when the consignments get to the destinations. No shipper would authorize the release of any cargo except a customer has made payment.  Delivery is less expensive and economical when all goods to delivery areas are all done in one go. The major and common issue with delayed payment is when customers thinks their goods has to be delivered immediately after they have made payment . These customers are of the firm believe that it is payment that matters. It doesn’t work like this. Customers goods will be happily delivered with promptness in a situation when customers make an early payment not necessarily payment whenever!

    Except  from all the unavoidable  unforeseen delays as written above which a shipper has no control over, CTN will deliver your freight to Lagos  Nigeria within a week . We have done this for over three thousand customers yours will not be an exception.


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