• Fuel Shortage in Nigeria Affected Our Cargo Delivery

    Posted on May 26, 2015 by in Cargo Handling in Nigeria, Cargo services, Cargo to Nigeria News, Nahco News
    No Fuel

    Fuel Shortage scene

    Many times we boast that our door to door delivery to Lagos is 5 to 7 days guaranteed. However some unforeseen scenarios just like the issue of fuel shortage in Nigeria make those delivery promises unattainable. It is no longer news that there is currently no fuel or maybe should I say shortage of fuel in Nigeria at the moment. Imagine  an average Litre of  petrol that used to be less than 300 Naira is now being sold for 600 Naira. Even it is a huge struggle to get it at that price in a black market.


    The issue of the fuel shortage which has been going on in Nigeria for up to three weeks now is rather getting worse by the day before it was called off today. People were prepared to pay five times more than what they used to pay, even with the readiness of paying high for the commodity, this essential product is still not in adequate supply.  Banks were made to feel the pinch and thereby cutting down operation as their staff could not make it to work as there was no fuel to run their alternative source of power supply through the use of generator. Children can’t make it to school for reason of no fuel!

    The fuel shortage seriously affected our cargo delivery to our customers

    Due to the unprecedented disruption caused by the fuel shortage CTN still kept to his promises to make sure our customers cargoes were delivered. For the past two weeks now, most of the deliveries we have been doing were no doubt costing us a lot of money as a result of this  fuel  scarcity saga yet we did not ask for an extra money from any customer in order to assist with our deliveries. Places like satelite town, Agbara,  which could ordinarily cost about  seven thousand naira cost us 20000 Naira per delivery, since we are not deal breakers we didn’t even contacted any customer to demand further money from them, we still managed to do uninterrupted deliveries.

    Customers , please accept our apologies

    Now that agreement has been reached to end the fuel scarcity woe , we want to send our apologies to the customers which their freight deliveries were hindered by the issue. I believe strongly that  thing will come back to normal by the close of business today or by tomorrow.  By Friday without ifs or buts, delivering freight to Nigeria will come to normality as we have been experiencing  since the beginning of this year.


    We want to assure you that our door to door freight is still as reliable as we have promised. Whether fuel shortage or no fuel shortage our service still remain unchangeable. Unless if things are entirely beyond our control.

    Hey! The strike has been called off

    On a positive note, the Nigerian government and the Nigeria Union of Petroleum and Natural Gas Workers (NUPENG) and other bodies involved in the strike action have now reached an agreement  and the looming strike has now been called off.

    Strike Has  Ended


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