• Why Shipping is Better Than Air Cargo in Summer

    Posted on August 3, 2014 by in Freight Forwarder

    Experience business people know the impact of speedy arrival of their cargo on their business. The idea of waiting for three to four weeks for your goods to arrive fully cleared is a major hiccup on businesses.Traditionally air cargo arrived in Nigeria within 5 to 7 working day. Well, not always the case during summer season. Virtually all major cargo carriers in the world has a strict policy of giving priorities to their air flight customers. Then if there’s any available luggage space this is what they allocate to freight agents like us. As a reference point on how it works with airline excess luggage allowance read more here to know British Airways excess baggage allowance operational procedure.

    The point I am trying to lay emphasis on here is this. As the nature of our business, we freight agents all over the world, we rely heavily on the cargo booking space allotted to us by airlines since we don’t have our own cargo plane. During summers period we have very slim chances of getting our customers consignments to Nigeria within one week as we usually specify.Any cargo agent bragging to get it right by guaranteeing delivering your cargo to Nigeria in 4 days in summer is nothing but a lair!. Although cargo forwarding agents will tell customers all sorts all in the name of getting freight from customers but why the lies when you rightly know that getting customers stuff to Nigeria within that one week is not always achievable during summer. If you’re a regular reader of my freight write ups, you would know that I do this business borne out of my passion not necessarily for profit making, hence why I always call a spade a spade, I reveal all the hidden unethical practices associated with this line of business without holding back on anything.

    Most importantly,If you are going on holiday to Nigeria and your stuff are not urgent it is advisable to use air freight during summer season, and always makes sure you leave plenty of time to send your cargo at least three weeks before travelling to avoid disappointment.

    Shipping option will work more for business people

    Business People should consider shipping their goods as supposed air freight. Two reasons for this are:
    a) You save more money by shipping
    b) Peace of mind.

    …But before you dabble into shipping your goods, it is extremely important to come to terms with the fact that shipping takes longer than air freight. Averagely, for a less busy shipping company, it could take up to 8 weeks from collection to arrival of consignments to Lagos port if not more. But for we busy shipping agents our collection to delivery of cargo shipping take a period of 5 weeks. In fact we do ship to Nigeria twice in some months. So this premise is worth considering before deciding to choose between what method of freight to go for in summer.

    Many customers put unnecessary pressure on their shippers, which seem to be out of order. How would anyone expect a shipper to send your 40kg stuff for you via the shipping method within a week. Habba! Some customers do not even weigh the logistics at all. They opt for shipping option right away when they make their enquries. They only consider the cheap prices associated with the shipping option without the thought of how slow and delayed that is inherent in it. Please always put yourself in your shipper’s shoe. If you were to be him would you hire and ship a container that’s quarter full? Off course not. Please give the poor shipper some reasonable time for him/her to load the container before bombarding him with endless phone calls. The funny thing is that the story is not different if you decide to get your stuff from one shipper and give to another shipper. In fact the later could even be the worse according to shipping customers survey.

    To clarify things. When it is summer, why would you want to pay the high cost attached to air freight only for your goods to get to Nigeria at almost the same time as it would take to get there by sea freight method?

    So, sea freight in summer and air cargo in summer if you’re not in a hurry to get your things to Nigeria but ideally air cargo in winter is advisable, end of.

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