• Why I Chose this Business

    Posted on July 19, 2014 by in Air Cargo to Nigeria, Cargo Rate

    I  decided to make this business of cargo my own business because I felt I could do better than some previous providers. Why did I thinks so? In 2008 when I was planning to go on holiday to Nigeria, I had more than enough excess baggage. I inquired from the airline how much my  extra excess  luggage was going to cost me.  In fact my jaw dropped when I got the cost of sending these items, not even a door to door service but to Lagos airport. I thought to myself,  there is no way I was going to take the stuff  through by airline excess luggage . The rate I was given was far too exorbitant.

    My Friend Recommended a Company that Does Cargo from London.

    Way back in 2008, the thought of jumping on the internet to search for a freight company was not that rampant. I was confused I didn’t know what to do and I have just 24hours to travel, and me being me, there is no way I would use the  airline excess baggage. I told my friend about my predicaments, he then suggested this freight company in Peckham, South East London to me. I  took my stuff in my car headed over to the company in Peckham. I told the bloke, probably the owner of the company what I wanted and asked him how much it would cost me to cargo my four bags to Nigeria.  He asked me to put the stuff on the scale, he checked the weight and he was telling me some funny and strange language that sounded foreign to me. He went,  each of your bags has volume in it. What does that mean ? I question him. He said although each of your bags weighed 30kg but the volumetric weight is 45kg each. Meaning that I would have to Pay way more than what the airline excess baggage team had billed me previously.

    Dilemma of a Traveller.

    I was trying to explain to this gentle man that what he had charged me was far more than what I was expecting to pay, he replied and said I should blow my luggage into the air maybe it will meet in Nigeria. Poor customer service I retorted . He hissed and asked me to give way to a genuine customer. I was not surprise at his approach as his appearance spoke volume of him. Anyway to cut the long story short, he earned my patronage as I was running out of time.

    At least anyone would have expected such a pricey service to at least be quick and efficient due the price tag attached to it? No way, it was a total snail service with no regards for customer at all. I was in Lagos for eleven days before the cargo arrived, I was even asked to come to the office at Ladipo to come and collect my stuff . All the clothes that I had expected to wear during my two weeks stay in Nigeria were in that luggage. I ended up searching for where to get some good quality clothes in Oshodi. I went to Ikeja Allen Avenue, no luck I couldn’t get a better quality clothes. I was being told by the some retailers  that in Nigeria, nobody buys clothes when they are too expensive. I felt like I have been thrown to some busy war front.

    On getting back to London after my holiday to Naija, I had in mind to start a freight business. I researched and got some good contacts and I was fortunate to meet one kind hearted brother from my church who shown me everything I needed to start a freight business. I was more than grateful to this brother.

    So far so good, this is what led to the birth of this second but none freight services of cargotonigeria.com .

    You are reading the true life story of the beginning of this company, so if you have any thing to send back home give our service a trial. Don’t take my word for it, watch this youtube video
    and see the raving testimonial from our past customers.