• Update on Our Shipping and Cargo Prices

    Posted on September 27, 2014 by in Cargo services

    Dear customers of CTN, we sincerely apologize for the confusion which our recent pricing has been causing you.  We feel it is of utmost importance that we clarify this to avoid further conflicting situations.

    When you make bookings of your cargo from outside London, please be aware that the cost per Kg to Lagos is £3.70 and £30 handling charge.  Cost to other destinations still remain as it is on our website. However, if you are based in Aberdeen , Wales and Northern Island, we don’t offer free collection. Customers will be requested to make payment for fuel surcharges apart from the £.370 per kg and the £30 administrative charge.  Collection from these areas  are subject to fuel surcharges that are billable based on  miles. You can ring us if you’re not clear.

    If anyone rings our lines and asked us if we do cargo to Nigeria, the first question we ask them is where they are calling from. This will make us know whether they are in London or they’re based in other parts of the UK .

    Most cases people ask us to update our price list on this website because  it could be misleading.  As much as we would have loved to update the price list, at the same time we thought leaving them as they are now is more practicable. At least customers would ring us first before making the decision to patronize us.

    It is our core mission to provide a quality and a cost effective service to our customers nationwide but at the same time we need to balance the book, and we would love to strike for continuity. All we ask for from all our customers far and wide is their total cooperation on this matter.

    Communication is the Key

    Lately due to our price update, some of our old customers are not finding it funny at all. They are most furious  due to this  20p  price increase .  We do understand that times are a bit gloomy but at the same time we don’t want to compromise on providing quality service to you.  You get what you pay for as the saying goes.  One thing  which  all of you know for sure is that we run this business with absolute integrity at all times.  I have heard a lot of things about this cargo shipping to Nigeria business. We have heard about some cargo service providers who will do shipping for cargo price for £3.20. All they do is to advertise this ridiculously low price and then send your cargo by sea, which is why air freight which should take one week to arrive to its destination takes 6 weeks even longer in some cases.  CTN will not take your air freight and ship it to Nigeria as  a sea freight.

    Our Discount is still Available for Students

    As for student customers nationwide , we are still keeping the price for you for as long as your freight in over 100kg and you can provide a satisfying proof of evidence that you’re truly a student  we can assure you that you will always get our discounts.  We cannot shy away from this promise but at the same time we do not want a situation where everyone reading this will suddenly put on a self acclaimed student regalia in order to qualify for a student discounts.

    CTN  will continue to focus on bringing cheap and efficient cargo services to all Nigerians, including friends and business associates whether living here in the UK or abroad. That is our mission and we will never shy away from this, so help us God!

    On this note, Sureman Ventures Ltd and its management is using this opportunity to wish every Nigerians happy Independence comes 1st of October.

    God bless the Queen and God bless  Federal Republic of Nigeria.



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  1. Jacobs says:

    wow thanks cargo to Nigeria, prices is good and your service is so nice no regret.