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    Suggested helpful tips for customers shipping to Nigeria from the UK.
    Shipping abroad can be one of the most easy and also tedious process, depending on customers choice of  shipper. Some of the main issues that customers face with shipping goods ranges from goods being lost in transit, lack of accurate information on the status of  customers goods, the list goes on. Although some shippers provide tracking system on their website yet these tracking are by no means useful to customers especially if the tracking system is not continuously updated. This is why we at Cargotonigeria(CTN) is providing our customers with the best and exclusive top tips to avoid any unnecessary delays, haggles and worries that may seem attributable with  sending goods.
    Tip #1:
    Scam: Shipping scams come in all shape and sizes nowadays. Scams in the shipping industry does not necessarily mean that the shipper will do away with your goods. Shipping scams could be in the way of misrepresentation of your cargo weight, excessive price quotes, it could also be in the aspect of untold delays of customers cargo by the shippers.These unscrupulous behavior by some shippers has caused unprecedented loss of revenue to small and large scale medium enterprises in no small measure according to research. It is therefore an essential factor to find out if the shipping company is genuine before customers make a decision about using a shipping company to assist them ship abroad. Most customers make the mistake of trusting companies based on the following: Companies that offer unrealistic prices for shipping goods and shorter estimated delivery times. To avoid such mistakes, customers should always research on the company. Companies could have a lot of reviews on their website but an important pointer is whether these reviews are based on true customers experience of using the service of that particular shipping company or not.  It is  therefore note-worthy to verify these so called reviews before making informed decision on using the company.

    Tip #2:
    Packaging: customers should always ensure that all items are packed properly and neatly, with no sharp edges sticking out of the bag to avoid damages to your goods and other customers as well.  Always insist that your shipper use high quality  packaging material for your cargo and don’t tend to haggle too much on the price of packaging of material quoted by your shipper.  Most customers  often think  that providing standard packaging materials is the responsibility of the shipper.  A good example of this is a wooden crate and Bubble wraps.

    Wooden crate

    Wooden crate

    bubble wrap

    bubble wrap

    Tip #3:
    Information: customers should always write their full information ( both sender & receiver details) on the goods that are being shipped to ensure that the shipment gets to the accurate destination. With that said, we would advise customers to refrain from the habit of writting  the delivery address and the telephone number of the recipient  in Nigeria on the cargo, this is only a view on  security adherence at the receiving end. We had a strange experience few year ago, a scenario when airport touts in Lagos would copy the telephone number written on consignments and then begin to solicit money from customers in other to help them clear goods from customs even if the customers had paid all necessary  shipping fee to their shipper.

    Tip #4:
    Damaging: customers should always secure the packaging of food or beverages in their shipment to avoid leakage which can cause damages to other customers goods and lead to the shipment not being processed.

    Tip #5:
    Content: Please it is of uttermost necessity  that you notify your shipper about the content that is  to be shipped because of Customs & Excise Logistics.

    Tip #6:
    Fee Charges: customers should always ensure that they get the accurate fees for the shipment of their good to avoid unnecessary dispute about the price or an unexpected charges.

    Tip #7:
    Timing: customers should always ensure that they get the notification for the arrival of their shipment to its destination in other to avoid demurrage.

    Tip #8:
    Booking: customers should always enquire about the shipping quote from any shipping company they decide to use e.g, inform the company whether you want them to collect your goods or you prefer to drop it at their office, the available days that goods can be collected and the estimated time we need to collect goods to be able to meet up with our deadline of sending it to its destination. By asking and meeting up with this enquires, customers can avoid  the shipment of goods being postponed and late delivery of the goods to its destination.

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