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    Posted on April 26, 2015 by in Resouces Page

    CTN customers have a lot to benefit from on our resources page. Anyone can visit this page as it is loaded with vital information that will benefit you and your business. In fact the page is updated from time to time. As a promise to all our loyal customers, anytime we find any information that is worth passing to you, we won’t hesitate at all.

    Here is a brief recap of what you’ll find on our resources page:

    Access to Global and UK manufacturers, suppliers and wholesalers.

    Website direct links to UK Auctioneers database

    And many more…. and still counting!

    How we can help you make the most of this resources if you’re based in Nigeria.

    The answer to this is simple. Lets take for an instance, you’re looking to buy an agricultural equipment for your own use or for a government agency  in Nigeria. You now said to yourself, “I’m not living in the UK plus how  do I get someone to ship for me”

    Or as the world is now a global village and people around the world are becoming more and more integrated so as businesses. You stumbled upon  this famous UK site called Ebay. While you are on this site you come across some items you like but you’re then hold back by your inability to pay from Nigeria. Hey, not that you’ve got no money to pay but because you can’t pay using paypal and your bank card is not accepted here in the UK. While you were pondering on these buying limitations, Voila, someone else snapped up the biding stuff from you. What a waste of time!

    We are the first hand solution to these two burning questions above. For example we can help you source for any item of your choice, make payment on your behalf and ship  for you straight to Nigeria. Alternatively, if you have relatives who can bid on your behalf, once  the item is delivered to them anywhere they are within the UK, we can collect from them and ship or cargo it to Nigeria for you, depending on your shipping preference.

    How you can use our service to build a business for yourself.

    Now guys don’t give me that excuse that you can’t find a job or a business to do in Nigeria. Listen good, right? Put  a small advert on some popular site such as Nairaland or some other popular local websites or blogs. State there that you can provide procurement service for companies from the UK. Make your profile shines, you will be shocked at how many leads you will gather within months of continuous dedication and perseverance.

    Once you get any customer, you just keep in touch and leave the rest to us.

    You can visit our resources page to have a glimpse of the useful stuff we have there. Plus we will continue to update the page for our customers benefit.

    As a note of caution though. Please I am not writing to say I have the time resources at my disposal to take on some time wasters. Please if you’re reading this and you’re one of those people who is least interested in the service we provide but you’re just looking for a way of feeding your curiosity please I am not in for that.

    Thank you!

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