• Nahco Warehouse Closure in Nigeria 2014!!

    Posted on November 30, 2014 by in Cargo Handling in Nigeria, Nahco News


    Incredible! Yet another Nahco warehouse closure  in 2014?  Honestly this is becoming a joke. How on earth would government agency such  as Nigerian Customs not come to terms with the fact that Nacho or Sahcol Warehouse should never seize to carry out clearing operations, especially when festive season is drawing closer? Seriously I don’t get it. People have no prior notice about the warehouse closure whatsoever. Goods worth billions of Naira remained uncleared. Time sensitive goods are stuck in the warehouse. One customer who bought a very expensive casket to pay final respect to her deceased aged mother had the casket  unreleased due to Nahco Closure. Business owners in the supply chain sectors who export some valuable goods into Nigeria had the goods stopped and they could not meet up with their supply targets. Hunnn!Not to mention the loss of revenue to  Nigeria government. This begs the question as to  why innocent citizens should pay the price of some few individuals stupidity. Things like these need to stop now, we have had enough.

    Lets face it. Everybody who’s conversant with the news of  Nacho warehouse closure  in Nigeria is curious and begin to ask as to why this  warehouse closure should stay this long. The ruthless battering of Custom boss Mr Tajudeen Olarenwaju by an unidentified clearing agent is  indeed out of order.  This act is a huge disrespect to the custom boss and it’s a shameful thing to do to an individual who is executing his job. Obviously, the smacking of this man shows the level of maladministration in the way the Nigeria customs  handle cargo clearing activities and how vulnerable people in key positions are in Nigeria. As we gathered from some of the agents that the boss was prevented by just one clearing agent in a bid to stop him from accessing Nahco warehouse. The situation went beyond control and this was later escalated by customs guys as they resorted to shooting and battering of everybody in the warehouse.

    This horrible scene which is not first of its kind has to stop as we  stake holders in the cargo shipping sector are usually worst affected. We can’t do business, innocent customers have to wait endlessly for goods which were expected to be in Nigeria within days.

    This is a clue or rather a quick fix to prevent all these shameful and meaningful development retarding nonsense from reoccurring in future.

    1) Get a functional CCTV  installed in every nook and crannies  of Nahco and Sahcol warehouse. This will help expose any individual whether Nachol staff, Customs officials, Nafdac officials  and Clearing agents exhibiting unacceptable behavior.

    2) Proper consultation  rather than confrontation as a way of crisis management. This should involve Customs, Nahcol staff, Nafdac with clearing agents in mind during such consultations.

    3) Imported goods clearing rate  tariff  should be made known to everybody via Customs and Nahco websites.

    4) Clearing agents should be made to have their say on sensitive matters.

    5) Corrupt officers should be named and shamed!

    Although the above suggested opinion may sound impractical and elusive in our own Naija but I want to believe it is doable, is just that some corrupt individual would have to be brought to book for these things to come to stay.

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    God bless you.