• Nahco Strike Ended…But ?

    Posted on December 17, 2014 by in Cargo Handling in Nigeria, Cargo to Nigeria News

    The Nahco strike ended but it left a trail of  hassle and discomfort for airlines, customers, shipping agents and clearing agents alike in the UK and in Nigeria. This strike by far is the worst one ever embarked on as it came at a very sensitive time of the year . Why?  customers were left disappointed.  Cargo agents were made to undergo too many stress. Good cargo agents became incompetent overnight. Doubt and Distrust overshadowed the freight business which has to do with Naija.

    Are cargoes being cleared even as the strike ended? The images of Nahcol cargo tarmac below have a lot to say about that.



    Strike Backlog




    Strike Backlog

    strike Back log

    LAGOS 16DEC14 4LAGOS 16DEC14 6


    These images explained it all.  We do share the pains of some of our customers. Many sent down their cargoes with the intention  of either  selling or as gift for their love ones for Christmas.  Undoubtedly, the primary reason of sending these stuff have been defeated.  This is a not  good for the sake of business continuity. Some customers  have now vowed to put an end to anything that has to do with sending goods to Nigeria. All the mutual business loyalty which exist among customers and their shipping agents have been seriously affected. In fact this is not the time to retain  new customers at all, whatever you tell new customers at this time seem to  fall on deaf ears. They took  your  whatever reasons of not being able to deliver their cargo at the expected date as you not being good at what you’re doing.

    Can we continue to carry on doing business in this sordid manner?

    Something needs to be done to avert all of these.  It is only in Nigeria I see shutting down Nahco as a tool for hiking imported goods duties. When similar strike occurred couple of years ago, on resolution we were told duties  payable on imported goods have increased by 25 Percent. The outcome of this 2014 Nahco strike was not differ , again, duties payable on imported goods  has been increased.  Can someone explain this, whether closing down Nahco and Sahcol for weeks is the  best tool that could be used to hike duties payable on imported goods?  If all these things continues to carrying on like this, many small business owners both home and abroad would struggle to find their feet in doing business in Nigeria. Ahh , oh ok, I understand the solid reason why Nigeria doesn’t seem like a safe haven for foreign investors. If indigenous citizen of Nigeria have to go through all sorts of pain and pressure,  I don’t see how  people from far and wide would want to opt for Nigeria as a business mecca . I am sorry, I am not being negative towards my country but it does frustrate me over and over again. Habba ! business and the pain that comes with it.


    I  as an individual  with the right to exercise my human right to free speech, I am pleading with the people at the helm of affairs in the cargo handling and clearing sector  to please see the bigger picture.  The Federal Government of Nigeria should please intervene on this matter. Although cargo handling  sector may not be the down stream oil and gas sector that brings in most revenue but it is a sector that speak very loudly of the way people in other parts of the world see the country.  Besides, the cargo and shipping sector is very instrumental to everyday routine of  average people with no third leg to stand on in Nigeria. Please something in form of long term solution to Nahcol closure today- Sahcol closure tomorrow has to become a thing of the past.

    May I use this time to wish all of our customers, here in  the UK as well as in Nigeria Merry Christmas and happy new year in advance. All of our losses business wise will turn multiple profit in the new year and beyond. I pray that 2015 will  meet us in good health and we pray for peace in the world in the new year.

    On behalf of cargotonigeria CTN   Cargonaija I wish you all good luck and remained blessed.

    Thank you . Esee! Daalu! Nagode!