• Lagos Cargo Backlog Update

    Posted on December 26, 2014 by in Freight Forwarder, Nahco News

    To all the customers of CTN who had their cargoes with us since the middle of November this year, we sincerely apologize for all that happened. When we collected these cargoes from you guys we were of the view and we indeed speculated that normal business activities would commence after the Nahco  strike has ended late November. Nobody would have thought otherwise. Going by the records of similar Nahcol and Sahcol strike in the recent past, all cargo were cleared within three to four days of strike but that of this year was indeed a challenging one.

    The state of Lagos Cargo Tarmac

    LAGOS 16DEC14 4

    All cargoes that were flown to Lagos by major airline could not be cleared due to the persistent backlog which resulted from the strike action. The major reason for the ongoing congestion was due to the method of clearing which was introduced by the cargo clearing body in Nigeria. A cargo clearing system in which  the local clearing agents guys are not permitted  into Nahco and Sahcol premises to do their job. Instead, casual workers who are limited in numbers were the only one allowed to do the work of the clearing agents. They are the only ones permitted to have access into the warehouse and identify cargoes for the agents. This approach which is seriously slowing down free flow of  clearing activities within Nahcol and Sahcol. Appalling!

    Due to this poor  and slow clearing system as mentioned above, some airlines have since then put embargo on the movement of cargo to Lagos until they are rest assured that these congestion is eased.  The decision which have spelt serious stress on we shipping and cargo agents operating from the UK.  We have been getting all kind of emails, text messages and even we have seen a serious u-turn between we and some of our loyal customers in this cargo to Nigeria business.  Some customers  have been criticizing our customer service. Some think we are not doing enough to get their goods out on time. The fact remains that we can only do what are capable of doing. We cannot influence the way airlines operate, neither  do we have the magic push button to fix Nigeria. Even if we could, on this instance we believe the airlines are acting on our own and our customers interest. This is because if cargo were left uncleared we could be asked to pay demurage which some of us the shippers have been asked to pay whenever our cargo get stuck inside the strike. Also when goods get missing this could lead to airline owing up for the lost cargoes.

    The good News

    We have been notified by some  of our airline partners that they will be lifting the said embargo by the year end. We can only hope that this will remain unchanged. We also hope that speedy cargo clearing at the Lagos Nigeria end will be more facilitated to allow for smooth running of this business.

    To our Customers…….

    We sincerely apologies for all that have been happening. All individuals and businesses that have been affected so far.  Those of you who can’t have the  lovely Christmas  souvenirs delivered to your love ones back home. The costly dresses that got stuck in the process. Suppliers which reputations have been ruined due to this….. The list goes on. We share your pain. All we can say is sorry for all the stress, financial loss you have experience in this process, God almighty will reward you.

    You are not the only one in this, we also suffered a serious financial set back. The huge demurage we have been subjected to pay in a desperate attempt to get our goods out in time.

    The unprecedented increment in duties payable to Nigeria customs on all of our goods which must be cleared out anyhow, not to talk of the emotional and physiologically pains we have to live with, some of our loyal customers that are not likely to come back to us, some that have even vowed not to have any thing sent to Nigeria again.

    All of you, we are ever so sorry but please we want you all to come to the understanding that it is not our making.

    On this note, we want to wish you all compliments of the season and by God’s grace we shall see you all in 2015 and beyond. (Amen)



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  1. Jide says:

    I need to freight household items (listed beleow) to Lagos this month. I would most probably need a groupage and would like to know the following;

    1. I live in High Wycombe, does this area qualify for free pick up?
    2. Do you pick up on weekends?
    3. As these items can not be packed into boxes, what needs to be done to protect and prepare them for pick up?
    4. Would a door-to-door service be available to Ogudu?
    5. I would like to have the items picked up in the next week or two at most. Is this possible?
    6. Can you give me a rough idea of freighting cost as well as cost of clearing?

    2x Double bed and matress (Rolled up)
    2x Bedside drawers
    4-seater Dining Table and chairs
    3-Seater Sofa and Single seater
    Book shelf
    Under-counter fridge
    Under-counter freezer
    Washing Machine