• Advice on Goods When Shipping to Nigeria

    Posted on December 14, 2013 by in Air Cargo to Nigeria, Shipping

    It is often controversial as to who is responsible for proper packaging of any item to send to Nigeria. It’s usually the question of whether it is the cargo or shipping  agent or the person sending the item. To be quite honest I believe it is the responsibility of both the freight agent and the customers shipping to Nigeria from UK.  Most  importantly customers.!

    Let us ask ourselves this question. Say  you’re  travelling to Nigeria by say Virgin Atlantic Airways, you are on the check -in queue and while you’re in the queue, you probably saw another passenger that is  travelling on the same  flight as you , you saw their check in luggage properly wrapped and sealed,  and you are  about to check in a torn baggage with also all your belonging falling apart. The next thought that would run through you mind is “hey, what a check am I doing?” You would literally rush for the sealing  area within the airport premises to get your luggage wrapped and secure and then pay a whooping £15 to £20, won’t you?

    This is why  we at cargotonigeria stands out. As a way of ensuring that customers shipping to Nigeria have extra value for money services, we have voluntarily assisted more than 1000 customers with less secured bags  to secure their luggage. Please, please and please don’t expect us to do the same thing for you. We are not being harsh in anyway but it is  written in our terms and conditions not to assume the responsibility of  providing packaging for customers. Our cargo and shipping services is to help customers send their items to Nigeria.

    This page on our wesbite which contains our  Price list is a valuable page that will explain what you will pay and the extent of our service to individual customers. Feel free to contact us should you have any question on how we operate to all part of Nigeria over the years.