• How to handle fragile item when shipping

    Posted on May 4, 2014 by in Cargo Rate, Freight Forwarder

    Making Sure That Your Fragile Items Are Protected During Shipping

    Expert freight forwarders are experienced in shipping and handling fragile and difficult to ship items. If you have delicate materials to ship such as glass and other equally flimsy products, you have to look for reliable freight forwarding companies which provide specialized shipping requirements.

    How to handle fragile items when shipping

    Freight forwarders are required to inspect the items being shipped in order to assess packing, cushioning, and crating requirements. Experienced freight forwarders fully understand the risks involved in the shipping process and in order to eliminate the possibility of item damage during the transportation of the goods, they pack and crate the item in the best way possible. This is done to guarantee safe and steady goods transport.
    Some freight forwarders also offer various types of insurance coverage for fragile shipments and this include:
    • Full cargo insurance coverage which will be based on the declared value of the cargo
    • Or limited liability insurance which provides coverage only when the item being shopped becomes lost
    Generally, when a client decides to sign up for insurance coverage and the value has been declared, the freight forwarder will insure the item from the time of pick-up, during the packing and crating process, and up to the delivery.

    Fragile shipping will apply for the following items:

    1. Delicate electronics items require extra special care and handling. The freight forwarding company will assess the packing requirements of the electronics items and build custom packs complete with moisture barrier and anti-static materials, and place the item in a custom secured container.
    2. Art galleries and art dealers place their trust on dependable freight forwarders to handle their very fragile artwork shipments. Some companies offer crates and corrugated containers that have been custom built and cushioned specifically for artwork shipments. It does not matter if it is a priceless piece of painting or an artistic rock sculpture, shipping specialists will be able to handle them with the care and respect. Look for freight forwarders who have mastered the art of shipping delicate items.
    3. Appraisers and auction houses also depend on reliable freight forwarders to pick up, custom pack, and crate all types of antique items. You can ship uber-delicate antique items such as furniture, jukeboxes, and other collectibles with these specialty freight forwarders.
    Some of the features of items that are considered in the packing and shipping process include:
    • The item’s value
    • Insurance requirements
    • Pick-up and delivery needs
    • Fragility dimensions and weight
    • Cushioning and packing requirements
    • Container requirements the samples of which are corrugated boxes or wooden crates
    • Transportation options
    • Other specialized requirements of the item to be shipped
    • Destination delivery requirements.

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