• Guides for Motor Vehicle Shipment

    Posted on March 8, 2014 by in Shipping

    What are the guidelines for shipping motor vehicles from the United Kingdom

    There are considerations that you have to mull over in case you are planning to ship a car anywhere in the European Union or other continents.

    These are the requirements in case you want to ship a UK-registered automobile out of the country for one year or more (permanent export):

    File a notification of permanent export (V5C/4) registration certificate with the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency. Send this to the DVLA and keep the rest of your registration certificate. This may be a requirement for vehicle registration overseas. You will need to secure one using the V62 Form if you do not have the V5C. You need to obtain the V561 certificate of permanent export if you are not in the UK. The Form V756 is used for this purpose.

    However, you do not need this certificate if you are shipping the vehicle to Northern Ireland. All the exporter has to do is accomplish the change of address portion in the V5C certificate and dispatch to the local office of the DVLA.

    If you are sending the car abroad for not more than 12 months (temporary export), special document is required. The UK-registered vehicle is subject to all laws of the country which means that it is taxed in the UK even if it is in another country. Requirements are the certificate from the Ministry of Transport and insurance certificate. It is also imperative to comply with international or national prerequisites for licensure and taxation.

    In case you acquire a brand new vehicle and transport it from the UK, the system is known as Supply of a New Means of Transport. It is not mandatory to pay the UK Value Added Tax or vehicle registration fee. Likewise, there is no VAT if the vehicle will be brought to any country in the EU as long as the period covered is within two months. Make sure not to drive the car unless it is registered. Automobile dealers can help you out with the VAT 411 form.  Declare the vehicle and pay the Vat in the country as soon as you get there.

    It is possible to utilise the Personal Export Scheme to export new or used vehicles outside the Union. Purchase the new car and send it under this process. Again, there is no need to pay the VAT but registration fees and taxes for motor vehicles are still obligatory. The scheme is permissible if you are not in the EU or a Union resident leaving the EU for a minimum of six months. Ask for assistance from the dealer for filling out the form VAT 410 and return it to the merchant. Owners are allowed to drive within the UK for up to six months after delivery date. For non-residents of the European Union, the limit is 12 months before it is exported.

    Make it a point to understand the provisions contained in all these guidelines. This is one way of avoiding problems and penalties.

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