• False Representation of Our Service

    Posted on March 23, 2015 by in Cargo to Nigeria News, Uncategorized

    As the CEO of CTN website, on a  frequent occasions I have my personal identity mistaken for somebody else. This is indeed strange to me. Couple of months back I had a lady accusing me of taking delivery of her cargo even confirmed to the fact that I promised to get it delivered to Nigeria for her within a week and now it’s taking longer than two months. As a matter of procedure I did a thorough look into our booking diary, database  and archive but no name as such appeared to be there. I asked her if she did sent her goods through us and the answer was a resounding yes. I was a bit puzzled as this lady  wasn’t going to accept the fact that she was speaking to the wrong company. As part of my investigation I asked her whether we gave her any proof to justify her claims, the answer was no.  She said her friend recommended us to her that we are very reputable and the reason she didn’t query our integrity; which in any case I shouldn’t have no cause whatsoever to disagree with her. This is indeed a  scenario of a mistaken identity that is beyond me. Anyway, I had to agree to disagree with her I requested her to send me the telephone number of the (Ola ) shipper in question, which she did. Obviously the telephone number she sent  to me wasn’t one of ours at all. At that point in time I realize she was speaking to the wrong person or company.

    Our office in Lagos Nigeria usually  experience exodus of strange people claiming to come and pick up some unidentified cargoes which their relatives have sent to them from the UK which in fact some of these people have got nothing sent to them at all…….Mistaken identity!!!

    In clear terms, there are many people called  “Ola” in this cargo shipping business as far as UK is concerned. Your shipper  could be Ola olu, Ola mide, Ola dayo and so on. As you know, especially  if you are a Nigerian from the South West part, you will understand what I am on about.  Please customers should be clear and be familiar with the person (Shipper) they’re dealing with so that we both are not tossed out of the proverbial Sokoto  and So ko to.

    As a way of clarifying things and to avoid further conflicting circumstances, we are advising our first time customers to email us with a packing lists comprising the list of all the items they will be sending to Nigeria through our company. Once trust and confidence is built between both of us , we and the new customer, then the issue of packing list could then be optional.  Once a packing list is completed, the customer should then email this to any of these three email addresses: Info@cargotonigeria.com, info@cargonaija.com or olasureman@gmail.com.  At least confirming this packing list via email would then serve as a proof that we have accepted responsibility that we have such customers goods. Please customers should check with us that we have confirm the packing list they have email to us especially if we or our courier partner have collected their cargo.

    Are you searching for where to find manufacturers, suppliers or online wholesalers that would fit into the Nigeria market? You may find our Resources page useful. Once you find your choice of either Manufacturers, Suppliers or Wholesaler in the UK , we at CTN can then make the process of shipping your goods to Nigeria simpler by  assisting you with cheap but efficient  air  or sea transportation strengthened with timely delivery.