Cargo from Nigeria

Cargo from Nigeria to London

CTN offers cargo and shipping from Lagos to London. Do you have stuff to bring toNigeria flag the UK  from Nigeria? If yes, let us take the stress off you as this is part of the services we provide. As you know that we won’t be beaten on price, you can be sure of getting this done for you at a reasonably low price. All those Aso Ebi etc., hand it over to us and get it delivered  straight to your door step in London.

Cargo from Nigeria to London Price

                                      Lagos to London £3.50  per kg plus £10 handling charges


What you need to be aware of

At the moment this service covers Lagos to London,Luton and Milton Keynes only. Customers that are based in outside London needs to collect from  any of our offices in London. You can either collect from our  Woolwich , East London( Shoreditch) and North West London office.   If you stay outside London  except from the places mentioned above, you will need  to come collect your cargo or shipment yourself.

Cost of delivery to door step

Please customers should be aware that additional surcharge applies if we are to deliver to your door step anywhere withinthe London axis. Again, the door delivery charges is dependent on where you’re based in London, Luton and Milton Keynes. Generally, the minimum delivery charges to an address in London  is £10.


CTN Terms for Cargo Shipping from Nigeria to the UK

  1. The minimum we can accept is 15kg or £60 minimum charges.
  2. We do not collect from home in Lagos. Customers are to deliver their cargoes to our office in Lagos for security inspection and scanning.
  3. It is the responsibility of the customers to check and enquire that their shipment is allowed into the United Kingdom.
  4. If  you’re shipping or Exporting foods stuff of  a container size to the UK from Nigeria, you will require some export documents. These are : End user Certificate, Clearance Certificate from NAFDAC and Clean Certificate of Inspection(CCI)
  5. Customers and their consignees are responsible for what they are bring in . Please see our terms and conditions  on this website.
  6. Daily storage cost applies to cargo not collected within 24 hours of arrival.

If your cargo is a personal effects you’re not responsible to clear  through UK customs, we will handle this for you. However, some freights require that the shipper pay additional duties and surcharge if the nature of the consignment doesn’t fall under personal effect categories. In that case, such customer are responsible for any  duties chargeable.

Restricted Cargo into the UK from Nigeria

Not everything freight or cargo is allowed to be shipped into the UK.  Fish, Crayfish and dairy products are not allowed into the UK. For full list of stuff that are restricted into the country please the see complete Prohibited List   of stuff not allowed in. If you’re not sure please contact us for a professional advice.

How to Make Payment

You can either make payment in Nigeria or make payment  here in the UK. Please be sure of what sort of goods you’re bringing into the country . There is no excuse for ignorance in law and just you know that Sure man Ventures Ltd (CTN Team) Here in the UK and our team in Nigeria does not accept responsibility on behalf of any customer.

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