Car Shipping to Nigeria from UK

As one of the leading shipping companies to Nigeria in the UK, CTN  also offer car  shipping to Nigeria from

anywhere in the UK. We can ship any car which includes Toyota, Mercedes Benz,  Peugeot, Ford, Nissan , Range Rover, any kind of Jeep, vans of any kind, whether it’s Mercedes Sprinter, Ford Transit Van, Volkswagen Van etc. We can also ship trucks, equipment as well as plant and machinery. Ours is a reliable car  and vehicle shipping services which leaves customers with a satisfactory experience afterward. The process of the car and vehicle shipping is simple and straight forward, nothing complicated at all. Customers can deliver the car or vehicle to be shipped to our loading point in Tilbury upon completing our car and vehicle booking form. Alternatively, we can collect the vehicle from your door step  from anywhere you are in the UK.

Cars/Vehicles Shipping Prices to Nigeria (Tin Can Island, Apapa, Lagos)

Vehicle Type Roro (Price/Cost)

Saloon Car £480

4X4 & Jeep £770

Max Dim 25 CBM)

Van (Short) £880

Max Dim 30 CBM)

Van (Medium) On request

Van (Long) £1680
Container car or vehicle Shipping cost/price to Nigeria  (Tin Can Island, Apapa, Lagos)

20FT £1280

40FT £1800

Please note that the price and cost above is from Tilbury port, London UK  to Tin Can Island Apapa, Lagos port only. This does not include loading,repairing, vehicle recovery and clearing cost. If you would need this extra service please ask for a quote. Customer should be reminded that prices above is subject to change at any time. Please see out terms and conditions. Any business transaction with Sure man Ventures Limited  owner of is carried out under strict terms and conditions.


How cars  and vehicles shipping works

Basically, the two methods of car or vehicle shipping are Roll on roll off (Roro) and Container car and vehicle shipping method. By Roro, the said car or vehicle is driven unto a ship . While the Container car and vehicle shipping method is when the car or vehicle is put in a container for shipping. Depending on the car and vehicle method you choose, if you opt for the Roll on roll off option(Roro) that means you would need to  pay for the cost of shipping only. This means you  would have to look for your own clearing agent to assist you with clearing the car in Nigeria. We can recommend some few clearing agents in Nigeria who can as well assist you with the clearing process but we are not directly involved or  responsible for the business transaction between you and the agents, just you know.

On the other hand, if you decide to go for the container car or vehicle shipping method. There are two things you can do , the vehicle can be cleared by your own chosen agent or if it is a car, we can put the car as part of our consolidated freight. In that case  we will ship the car for you and as well being responsible for the clearing back in Nigeria.

Kindly take note that if what you have  to ship is a long wheel based vehicle, such as Mercedes Sprinter Van or the long wheel base Ford transit van including Volvo van and Volkswagen van, your best option is Roro. This is simply because of the reason of space and cost. Luxury and Exotic cars such as Range Rovers, Bentley, Mercedes Jeep, Ferrari car etc attract a higher duties charge and the cost of their clearing is relatively high.

Terms for Car or Vehicle Shipping to Nigeria

We accept full payment from customers shipping their vehicles

Vehicle ownership document ( Log book) is required  from  customers.

We require customers name and address.

Consignee’s name and address also required

Customers must provide the car/vehicle chasis number.

We require 48 hours notice for booking your shipment in.

Non runner cars are not accepted for Roro shipping .

Customers must notify us if other stuffs are loaded in the car.

Our liability is limited to £195, customers shipping their vehicle are advised to take adequate Marine insurance on the vehicle to be shipped.

Customers are to deliver their vehicle to the port of shipment. Any vehicle  to be shipped by RoRo method must be a runner, non runner vehicles are not accepted. In case of containerized vehicle shipping, such vehicle must be runner if not, customer shipping the vehicle will bear the cost of recovery from the port.

This link provides detailed guide on what Nigerian government is required of any company and individual importing vehicle into the country.

Please contact us if you still have further questions.

Please be aware that we provide vehicle pick up from anywhere within London and fuel surcharge applies if we are to collect from Manchester, Coventry, Milton Keynes, Southampton, Portsmouth, Northampton and Birmingham, Norwich, Leeds, Newcastle and Liverpool.

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