• Air Freight Service Companies in London

    Posted on June 9, 2014 by in Air Cargo to Nigeria, Freight Forwarder

    International Business Flourishing Using Air Freight Service Companies
    The speed of globalization and the swiftly progressing retail and production practices have become major factors to the exponential growth of the air freight industry today. Businesses utilize both sea and air freight services because of their indispensability.
    Today, there are countless airfreight companies which offer various goods delivery services which are the reason various economies are now thriving when it comes to their export and import sectors. Here are some of many services that air forwarding companies in London such as cargotonigeria.com offer to businesses and individuals:
    • Door To Door Delivery Services. A freight service checks the availability of in airlines and ships and their departure and arrival schedules to guarantee the timely delivery of cargoes. There are instances when companies require the delivery of their goods at the door of the recipient. If this is the case, airfreight services would include car freight in addition to the air freight forwarding. This door to door service is available for both full container loads (FCL) and also less than container loads (LCL).
    • Logistics. Reliable air freight services companies maintain vast networks of similar and linked service providers. They understand the value of having excellent logistics to make sure that cargoes are delivered on time. They coordinate with other shipping companies in other countries to guarantee the conveyance of goods. With a solid and reliable global network, possible delay and misunderstand is greatly reduced. This boosts the relationship between trustworthy freight forwarders and their clients.
    • Value Added Services. Air freight forwarding companies in London also offer other services associated with international shipping such as legal documentation, marine insurance, door pick-up, cross docking, and a lot more. You can also ask if they offer on-demand courier shipment services.
    • Customized Services. Freight forwarding companies can personalise their services based on the shipping requirements of their customers, especially delivery is urgent. They offer different types of freight and you can choose what’s right for you based on the type of goods that you have to ship and the speed required in its delivery. There is also the regular day-to-day delivery option which is ideal for non-biodegrable items. Special air freight options are generally used in the transportation of pharmaceuticals that require special handling and attention.
    So, if you are looking for a freight forwarding company in London, choose the one the offers these kinds of services.

    There are companies which have been in the freight forwarding and door-to-door business for so many years. Because cargotonigeria.com provides such service and the fact that we are reliable means that you do not need to travel any further.