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Clear message on our cheap Air cargo services to Nigeria.

In the UK there are close to 200, 000 Nigerians living in the UK and this amount for the rate of increase in the demand for cargo to Nigeria. Based on this fact, it is mandatory for cargotonigeria(CTN) to offer affordable rate on cargo service to Nigeria as we are originally from this country.

Our services is a top notch one that delivers peace of mind. We are not only fast in the aspect of delivery we also understand that goods by means of air cargo to Nigeria should meet the possible deadline that is required by the sender.

When you’re ready to send your personal effect with our cheap Air cargo services to Nigeria,  please send us an email , you can as well call us and we will be more than happy collect from anywhere within UK and across Europe.

In most situation, it is very likely that you’ll be charged actual weight for your cargo to Nigeria and not by volumetric weight. However, customers need to be aware that extra custom duties need to be paid on cargo categories as plant and equipment freight to Nigeria.

Below is the rate to some popular destination in Nigeria

Price Per Kg———————————————— Duration (ETA)

Lagos State       £3.50  ———————————————–5 Days
Abuja                 £4.50 ————————————————7 Days
Port Harcourt  £4.50    ———————————————-7 Days
Osun State        £4.00   ———————————————–6 Days
Oyo State          £4.00————————————————- 6 Days
Kaduna State   £4.50————————————————–8 Days

Please note : There is  £20  handling fee. The price above is to our various offices in Nigeria. Delivery to doorstep will be considerably higher.

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